These Tweets About TV Shows In 2017 Got An Outrageous Amount Of Likes

Diply 5 Dec 2017

Guys, let's admit it — it has not been an easy year.

So, with 2018 just around the corner, let's take a moment to enjoy one good thing that came out of 2017: really funny tweets.

All of these tweets got thousands of likes and retweets, so I personally guarantee that at least one of them will make you chuckle.

1. This tweet about Game of Thrones that is too accurate. 

Twitter | @boywithnojob

Everything about this photo is perfect. I'm sure the actors are friends in real life, but all I see is Jaime Lannister and Euron Greyjoy looking super awkward.

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2. This tweet about Bran Stark's new look that has got me screaming. 

Twitter | @Arr

I can't handle how spot-on this tweet is. Bran looks like he could single-handedly headline a Beatles reunion tour, and it's weird AF.

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3. This tweet about Jughead from Riverdale that literally every person can relate to. 

Twitter | @YeliLDN

Who among us hasn't had this exact interaction with an artsy white boy? Jughead needs to tone it down a peg.

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4. This tweet about the loving moms on Stranger Things. 

Twitter | @luulubuu

Of which Steve is obviously the most important.

I need Season 3 to focus solely on Steve taking care of all of the Stranger Things kids, or I'm rioting.

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5. This tweet about Stranger Things that is honestly pretty believable. 

Twitter | @sexologii

This wouldn't have been the most imaginative route to take the show, but the entire world definitely still would have watched it because Stranger Things owns us all.

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6. This tweet that uses Elisabeth Moss' characters in Mad Men and The Handmaid's Tale to describe exactly how we all feel right now. 

Twitter | @sarahpr

We left 2016 feeling like Peggy Olson, and we're leaving 2017 feeling like Offred.

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7. This tweet about Beth and Randall's relationship in This Is Us that speaks to me on a personal level. 

Twitter | @crissles

This show has ruined me because now my expectations about love are astronomically high.

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8. This tweet that gave us the 13 Reasons Why and Grey's Anatomy crossover that we didn't know we needed. 

Twitter | @ItsGreysHumor

Why am I just realizing that Hannah Baker's mom on 13 Reasons Why was played by the same actress who played Addison Montgomery on Grey's Anatomy?

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9. This tweet that finally put that whole Time cover controversy to rest. 

Twitter | @JillPantozzi

I am so here for Bob from Stranger Things being chosen as Time's Person of the Year, but even that wouldn't make up for what happened to him.

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10. This tweet that perfectly captured how all of us reacted to that line in Westworld. 

Twitter | @chikmma

I screamed when Westworld finally confirmed Bernarold.

"What door?" was Westworld's answer to "Hold the door!" in Game of Thrones, and it was everything.

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11. This Twitter user that should immediately be made a lead writer for the next season of The Defenders.

Twitter | @teamrred

Matt Murdock was rocking that shirt, and Twitter could not contain its thirst. It's time to toss that Daredevil costume, Matt. This is your new outfit forever.

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12. This tweet about House of Cards that is one of the best things on the internet. 

Twitter | @ditzkoff

Thank you for taking the time to photoshop Christopher Plummer into House of Cards. We all needed that laugh this year.

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13. This tweet about BoJack Horseman that will hit fans right in the feelings. 

Twitter | @ruff_bluffs

BoJack Horseman confronts so much emotional subject matter, but because we're all emotionally stilted we'll just keep pretending it's just a goofy cartoon.

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14. This tweet that throws some serious shade at Rick & Morty fans. 

Twitter | @iamtherog

McDonald's employees deserve all of the money for the amount of Rick & Morty fans they probably had to deal with after this episode aired.

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15. This tweet that imagines the Justice League cast that we truly deserve. 

Twitter | @JordanApps

There is nothing that the ladies of Big Little Lies can't do, and I would watch this movie in a heartbeat.

I say we cast Nicole Kidman as Batman and be done with it.

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16. And finally, this tweet that dragged Iron Fist... 

Twitter | @MCSeft

...and, at the same time, pitched a version of it that sounds a lot better than the one we got.

What do you think? Let us know in the COMMENTS, and TAG someone who binges just as much TV as you do.

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