16 Tiny Tattoos Even Your Parents Won't Mind

Diply 25 Aug 2017

Tattoos can be a scary notion because when we think tattoos, we think forever — and forever is a big commitment.

These days it's becoming more and more popular for us youngin's to get tattoos, only they seem to be getting smaller and smaller! If you're like me, you don't want to commit to anything too big, so get your creative juices flowing with these tiny tattoo ideas!

1. Simplicity is key.

Instagram | @thinkbeforeuink

For those of us who love to travel, or love the mountains but despise commitment, this idea is a super cute option!

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2. Namaste

Instagram | @charleen.plum

For the yoga and lotus lovers out there.

This placement may be a bit intimidating, but don't think you have to go big or go home!

Less is more!

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3. Why not match a few hearts!

Instagram | @gabrieladassio

This idea is also quite simple, and putting it just above the elbow gives the option to hide to or show it off on any given day!

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4. Something meaningful.

Instagram | @magdalennamarc

Who says you have to make a big commitment to make your tattoo meaningful?

As long as it's for you, it doesn't matter how big or small!

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5. Decoration!

Instagram | @zero.zero.tattoo

It's okay for a tattoo not to mean anything. And hey, maybe these do mean something!

Or maybe they just look cool and match your jewelry!

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6. Sunshine!

Instagram | @amyemeraldink

This is one of my favourites — the size, placement, and alignment are everything!

It's all about taking something and making it your own!

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7. Collarbone love.

Instagram | @helenavelazquez

This is another one of those places where you can hide it or flaunt it!

This size and font looks quite feminine and intricate.

Just beautiful!

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8. Creativity at its finest!

Instagram | @ricroks_tattoos

Want two tattoos in one?

No problem! Anything close to the hands doesn't appear to be too intense — just right!

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9. More on the wrist!

Instagram | @the_devlintattoos

Decorate those hands, people!

And don't be afraid to get "generic'" tattoos — they've all been done anyway, so just do you.

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10. Finger decorations.

Instagram | @rhyspiecestattoos

This is one of my personal preferences.

And don't think you have to put it on the top of the fingers! Hide them even more by putting them in-between!

That's what I did and nobody knows ;)

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11. Keeping it thin is always a option!

Instagram | @ricroks_tattoos

If the lines are thin, the tattoo won't be as noticeable if you're trying to keep it a bit more private.

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12. It doesn't have to be too detailed, either.

Instagram | @tinie.tattoos

Keeping it light, for all the hipsters who need flowers and plants on their body!

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13. Or maybe you want to put in the details!

Instagram | @skinnedalivetattoo

Your tattoo can be small and detailed, contrary to what we would normally think.

Just take this for example! There's a lot going on but it's still small.

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14. The classic anchor.

Instagram | @small.tat2

On the classic ankle.

I don't care how overdone this is, it never really gets old to me!

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15.  Back of the neck — lovely!

Instagram | @jadechisholmx

What better spot that right behind the neck?

You may not ever get to see it, but other people will enjoy it for you!

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16. Behind the ear.

Instagram | @cixth

A few of my friends rock this tattoo placement, and I adore it!

Half the time, they forget it's even there, but I appreciate it every time.

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17. Minimalist Compass

Instagram | @tattooist_ida

If you love the idea of a compass tattoo, but you don't want one that looks like all the others, then a simplistic version like this one would be a great compromise

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18. Minimalist Sun & Moon 

Instagram | @artbycchris

Suns and moons contain so many different meanings for so many different people. This simplistic take is barely there but totally cute. You could even add a star if you wanted!

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19. Who doesn't love Toy Story?

Pinterest | //www.pinterest.ca/pin/650066527438353292/

This is neat because the meaning of the tattoos isn't complete unless they are together. I like that sentiment; I think it's very cute.

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20. A motivational poster, in tattoo form.

Instagram | //www.instagram.com/p/Bb1Fly4BRNc/?tagged=traveltattoo

If you want to have a personal mantra close at hand, there's no better way to do it than getting a tattoo. Should you travel? Look to your wrist...

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21. This tattoo looks so realistic! 

Instagram | @bluestonebabe

This person could have opted to get a simple heart tattoo, but the two hands that come together to make the heart are just absolutely dreamy.

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22. Ahhh! This puppy tattoo will warm your heart up whenever you're in a bad mood.

Instagram | @masa_tattooer

Look how cute it is. This dog's ears are perked up, and its tongue is out. Safe to say this puppy is pretty happy to see you!'

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23. You can never go wrong with a rose tattoo.

Instagram | @bluestonebabe

It's such a classic flower that it will never go out of style! And the best part is that with the price of long-stemmed roses these days, you can get a sweet little rose like this that you can keep forever.

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24. Ever heard of white ink tattoos? Well, you have now. 

Instagram | @elliegoulding

White ink tattoos are done using, well, white ink, and because of that, they're super subtle.

A while back, Ellie Goulding took to Instagram to show off her white ink arrow tattoo

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