15+ Tiny Tattoos That'll Have You Booking Your Next Appointment ASAP

Diply 14 Sep 2018

Tiny tattoos are the best solution for fans of minimalism. They stand out in their simplicity, and they challenge every idea of what a tattoo should be. Plus, they hurt less! Well, in my experience, anyway.

The delicate lines and intricate shapes are nothing short of art, especially paired with artists that understand how to pack in maximum detail into a minimum amount of space — no tattoo fails here!

Here's a whole bunch of tiny tattoos to inspire your next ink. Also, I want another tattoo after writing this article. In case you were wondering.

1. Watercolor and lightning. 

Instagram | @pinto.piel

This tiny lightning bolt is a fun collision of opposing forces. With the careful splash of the colors, the tight lines of the bolt giving way to the middle of the piece, the whole thing comes off as a little slice of art.

Plus, for Harry Potter fans, it could be a nice and subtle nerd tattoo, for those times when you wanna geek out without being really obvious about it.

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2. Speaking of Harry Potter...

Instagram | @ashley_bennett11

If you're up for something a bit more obvious, this small and delicate black pair of Harry's glasses are neatly contrasted with the red of his iconic scar. Mad respect for getting this on a foot, because that would be very painful — and there's no Madam Pomfrey around to help ease the sting.

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3. A rose by any other name. 

Instagram | @samanthaelich

Fun fact: a lot of tattoo artists won't ink your fingers unless you already have a tattoo. Finger tattoos are some of the most painful in the world, but are also some of the most delicate, gorgeous tattoos out there.

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4. Drop your location. 

Instagram | @mailyseven

If a particular city has a special place in your heart, why not preserve that love on your body? This particular tattoo is in honor of Montréal and done in a shaded gothic font, which is a total MTL vibe.

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5. Make like a tree. 

Instagram | @leftytattooer

I'm obsessed with the shading on this tiny little palm tree! You can't help but think of a peaceful beach and gently waving palm trees in a tropical breeze while looking at this tattoo.

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6. No mascara needed. 

Instagram | @mariechristine23

Whether you're a makeup junkie or someone who just loves a cute set of lashes, this one is an easy and simple piece that will have people blinking to get a good look at it.

Oh, we're starting in with the jokes. Strap in.

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Instagram | @remington_wrinkles

Look. At. That. Face. And its mom got a finger tattoo to match the markings on its tiny, little, perfect paws! Does this dog know that I would die for it? Because I would.

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8. Arm candy. 

Instagram | @coolcoolpikka

Do you like candy? Do you like neon...pastels? Then this is that tattoo for you. It may look large, but this little piece is actually just off of an elbow! This is bold as heck, man.

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9. Keep it 100. 

Instagram | @joannamroman

The artist that posted this wants everyone to know that this tattoo was done for a fellow artist and won't last (the oils in your skin break down the ink quickly), but that doesn't mean you can't draw inspiration from it.

Pick your fave emoji and get it done!

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10. A sprinkling of stars. 

Instagram | @vivotattoo

The minimalism of this both tells a story, and is unbearably cute. Stars and galaxies are a classic tattoo staple, but that theme is turned on its head by adding in a hand to help scatter the universe across the skin.

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11. M-I-C-K-E-Y...

Instagram | @tattooistkunal


And if that little chant is now stuck in your head, I am only partially sorry! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go google it and then see previous apology.

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12. This detail is crazy. 

Instagram | @obvious182_tattoo

This tiny velociraptor is great for people who just like dinosaurs, and for people who can recite every single line from Jurassic Park without looking at the screen (it's me, I can do that).

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Instagram | @kaya_tattoo

Tiny! Dog! Portrait! On! Your! Leg! The lack of outline makes this pup so special — it looks like it was painted on. Would it be out of control to get a portrait of my cat like this? Let me know.

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14. Sweet and simple. 

Instagram | @nastya_sha

The tiny dove is wonderfully minimal, and it makes for a perfect selfie accompaniment. Not sure how to pose? Throw your tiny dove in there and bam — you look fly AF. Get it? Fly? I'm just wingin' it with these puns. You're welcome.

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15. Turn yourself into art. 

Instagram | @tattoo.art.love

Guys, look at the perspective here. Not only is this deconstructed face absolutely out of this world, it's so small that the fingers next to it look giant. Not only does this face look incredible, but the bulk of it is all one line. Now that is true art.

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16. Love on the water. 

Instagram | @tattoo_li

This small heart wave is special for many reasons. It makes a great tattoo to get matching with a friend, and...maybe I also have it on my wrist. Plus, look at the detail in the waves! You can see the ocean spray!

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