14+ Tiny Details In 'Avengers: Infinity War'

Diply 19 Sep 2018

Straight up: My eyes are terrible. Thanks to my poor genetics (I don't wear glasses because I'm stubborn), I miss a lot of tiny details in movies — important movies like Avengers: Infinity War.

Thankfully, both screengrabs and the internet exist, and in cohesion, they solve this dilemma.

1. During the battle of Wakanda in Infinity War, Thanos fires a white beam at Thor from his Infinity Gauntlet.

Reddit | mlarb

Pulling from my tenth grade knowledge of how light works, white light is the combination of all colors within the spectrum. Therefore, Thanos is using all of the Infinity Stones against Stormbreaker and it still hit him in the chest.

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2. The complete and utter look confusion on Spider-Man's face when Star-Lord describes Thor as "not that good-looking."

Reddit | Reddit

Spider-Man's expression basically says, "Um, we are still talking about Chris Hemsworth, right?"

Nice try, Star-Lord.

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3. As Doctor Strange helps restrain Thanos on Titan, the Cloak of Levitation can be seen assisting the sorcerer. 

Reddit | Minerex

By pulling back on Strange, the Cloak may also be helping steady Strange's stance.

It's kind of like a two-man tug-of-war situation if you think about it.

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4. When Iron Man first suits up in Infinity War, his glasses meld into the suit, proving that they're made of nanomachines, too.

Reddit | Gruntykins

Beneath all that lovable snarkiness lies a brilliant inventor.

...Aren't you glad I didn't say Starkiness? Well, I suppose I did, now. Sorry.

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5. While battling the Hulk, the Power Stone doesn't light up in Thanos' Gauntlet, proving that he won the fight fair and square.

Reddit | foolkiller

Let's be honest, this moment was a real ego-killer for Marvel's Green Giant.

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6. After Cull Obsidian loses his hand in a Sling Ring portal, he's later seen on Wakanda with a prosthetic claw. 

Reddit | JustAwesome360

Huh, just when you thought Cull Obsidian couldn't possibly get any cooler.

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7. When the Hulk crash lands in the New York Sanctum, the markings of the Bifrost can be seen around him.

Reddit | quivorian

Let's just say the Sanctum's going to need a few renovations following Infinity War.

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8. Infinity War cowriter Stephen McFeely cameos in the movie as one of General Thaddeus Ross' U.S. government buddies.

Reddit | LeftWingScot

You can catch McFeely's cameo when Colonel James Rhodes takes a hologram call from Ross.

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9. In the Infinity War post-credits scene, Nick Fury and Maria Hill are driving an Infiniti vehicle.

Reddit | georged47

I mean, come on, you'd have to be silly to think this one was a coincidence.

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10. The actors who play Peter Parker's classmates in Spider-Man: Homecoming are the same actors seen in Infinity War.

Reddit | devon7y

This is the kind of detail that my inferior eye would have never known without Reddit.

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11. In Scarlet Witch and Vision's Edinburgh apartment, the lamps correlate to each of the heroes' superpowers.

Reddit | davidkalinex

The red lamp ties in with Scarlet Witch's palm magic, and the orange lamp represents the Soul Stone in Vision's forehead.

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12. In the scene depicting Gamora's death on Vormir, old blood stains can be spotted around her.

Reddit | comrade_batman

This could possibly indicate that others have attempted (and failed) to acquire the Soul Stone.

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13. Thanos' universe-altering snap not only scorches the Infinity Gauntlet, but also the left side of the Mad Titan's body.

YouTube | GoodOrBad

Yikes, that looks like it hurts!

Huh, I guess deleting half of the universe's population isn't all it's cracked up to be.

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14. In Infinity War, you can see Iron Man select a weapon in his heads-up display screen moments before he launches it.

Reddit | FootballMan15

You can catch this in the Iron Man movies, too, but I thought this was a great screenshot example.

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15. In Guardians of the Galaxy, Star-Lord says Nebula doesn't know how to lie. In Infinity War, Thanos admits that he never taught Gamora how to lie.

Reddit | comrade_batman

Both are adopted daughters of Thanos, so basically, the Mad Titan didn't teach his kids to lie.

That's probably the only good parenting decision Thanos ever made.

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16. And finally, when Thor approaches Gamora on the Guardians' ship, she's primed to attack with her left hand on her sword.

Reddit | astnzzz

It doesn't matter how attractive Chris Hemsworth is or how soft that blanket looks, Gamora don't trust nobody!

Sigh. You know what? Let's close this one out with a moment of silence for Gamora.

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