16 Times We Learned Home Is Where The Nope Is

Diply 23 May 2018

There's a phrase you've heard your entire life: "home is where the heart is."

It's supposed to reinforce the idea that home is where you're always happy and safe. However, we've got sixteen people that learned that this is not always the case!

Don't believe us? Just keep scrolling to check out sixteen times that home was actually where the "nope" was all along!

1. When your kid really, really wants to "help"

Reddit | mavwubb

Parents of small children love it when their kid wants to help out around the house. At least, they do until the kid sprays their bigscreen TV with water to "clean it" when the parents aren't looking.

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2. Spilled milk is one thing, but it's okay to cry over this

Reddit | vyporx

Welcome to the paradox of adult life: you need the coffee to help you wake up, but you're too tired while you get the coffee to turn the damn thing off!

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3. Good luck getting back in those jeans

Reddit | dogbuttjesus

Sometimes, finding your old, lost clothes around the house is like a reunion with your best friend. Other times, though, it's enough to make you wonder just how the hell you have survived this long!

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4. Who turned out the electricity?

Reddit | spenkan

Most of the time, we assume that lights not turning on means we need a new bulb or to trip the breaker. Now we have a completely new thing to worry about!

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5. When animal control just isn't cutting it

Reddit | Antropophagus

Look, we know you love your home, but it belongs to the tiger now. You just need to find a new place to live!

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6. When you let your husband pick out the China

Reddit | MyDougs

You need to tell him there is now plausible deniability if he gets mysteriously choked in the night without any warning!

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7. Bad to see when you need to "let it go"

Reddit | slight

The only thing worse than finding out that your toilet has frozen over is realizing too late that your boyfriend thought he could melt it without any tools...

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8. Just one of those days

Reddit | Inimici

This is what was guaranteed to happen when we wished there was a way we could experience the outdoors without having to leave the house!

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9. All he wanted to do was give the roof a new coat of paint

Reddit | zorbix

Some might laugh at this dude, but "trapped in a prison of your own making" is basically our brand, so we can sympathize.

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10. When midnight snacks go wrong

Reddit | MightySuperNoodle

The worst thing about this is that you now have to sit there and take it when your roommate thinks it's funny to call you a "cereal killer."

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11. And this is why we gave up on making our own pies

Reddit | steamysalmonslab

The good news is that you were able to ruin Thanksgiving way before your drunk uncle could get around to it!

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12. Wait, do they even sell insurance for this?

Reddit | runningreeder

Of all the things that you worry could happen to your house, "falling plane engine" is probably the last thing you worry about. Hope you packed a Donnie Darko playlist on your phone!

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13. If you were having trouble going, you won't anymore

Reddit | starseedlove

While people debate whether the roll should hang over or under, can we all agree to kill this particular roll with fire to get that spider?

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14. The high definition of bad delivery

Reddit | Rug_Fish

The only thing worse than shelling out a ton of money for a new TV is see that it broke before you even opened the box!

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15. Too bad your budget doesn't have nine lives

Reddit | mattjh

They say God laughs when we make plans. The truth is that all he had to do was send us cats!

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16. Enjoy those floor-flavored dishes!

Reddit | quixotic33

This person found out if you're not careful, you can wash your dishes with the floor cleaner instead. We think he should use the dishwasher liquid on the floor and make it clean enough to eat on!

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