12+ Times Mother Nature Tripped Us Up

Diply 6 Sep 2018

Have you ever thought about how bomb Mother Nature is? A true queen, my friends — she blows my mind.

Like, nature in general is crazy. And maybe I just think about it too much, but come on, you can't say you've never been at a loss for words from a gorgeous view, or something as common as a really cool bug.

Is it maybe just me? Maybe my nerd is showing? Just trust me.

1. You see life, uh, finds a way

Reddit | Messin_About

Yup, that's a tree growing out of a stump. Which means that the tree is REALLY meant to be there. Like, I think it has earned the right or something. LET THE TREE BE!

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2. Honestly, I could make an entire post about trees and how they shouldn't be messed with

Reddit | MopsikCZE

Because here's one taking over a fence. Trees don't take no for an answer when we intrude on their space, and I respect that.

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3. So I did not know this, and now wombats are my fave

Reddit | onylooo

And it's so they can mark their territory. Which means that they are kinda little rebels with their pooping ways. And that's something I never thought I would say.

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4. This mushroom looks like it's out of a fairy tale, and I want it to stay perfect forever

Reddit | PACHNAR

I have accepted that it is somehow more perfect than I will ever be, which is weird. But not wrong at all.

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5. This watermelon looks like it was squeezed out of a tube

Reddit | ItsDeTiix

That's the only way to explain it, I don't know why it's just so...long. And weird. I know it'll still taste the same, BUT STILL.

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6. Something about sand not being white makes me uncomfortable

Reddit | KarmannosaurusRex

Like, physically uncomfortable. We ALL know that sand gets crazy hot in the sun, but black sand?! That would burn up your feet so fast!

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7. A mushroom by any other name...would smell as sweet?

Reddit | TheMightyNyco

This mushroom looks more like a rose than an actual rose does. I don't know how that's possible, but Mother Nature made it so.

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8. WHAT CAUSES THIS MAGIC??? ? But seriously, what's the science behind this?

Reddit | smasxer

And does it always happen? In a month from now I'll be on a plane to England, and I plan on seeing it for myself. WHAT CAUSES THE RAINBOW CIRCLE?

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9. You could wipe out an entire family of vampires with this bad boy

Reddit | purple_spotted_cow

Or make someone preparing Italian food very happy. Either way, this clove of garlic might be big, but it's sure as heck useful.

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10. So, what do you see — one dog, or two?

Reddit | Embeast

Because I see that this doggo's ear somehow looks EXACTLY like his face. It's like Mother Nature knows there's no such thing as too many doggos.

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11. Well, this flower is more romantic than I am, so that's cute

Reddit | ducksanducksanducks

If someone ever gave this to me I would melt. But I would be just as happy if I bought it for myself, truly.

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12. It's a wonder that this caterpillar is still alive because I would 100% not see it 

Reddit | TerranOrSolaran

It's such a little sneaky fella! Which I guess is good because of nature and all, but also it is huge.

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13. OKAY, does this not look like it should be Sulley's arm from Monsters, Inc.???

Reddit | Fatal_Edge

But no, this is just a man's arm covered in dust. And I am shook about it. SHOOK.

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14. I still haven't decided if moths scare me or not because I mean, look at this thing

Reddit | rockblasties

That cannot be a moth — it has to be a bird. Except birds have lungs and moths do not...the more you knooowwww!

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15. If you ever need decorating inspo, Mother Nature knows what's up

Reddit | Reddit

No matter how hard you try, you will never pull off a gradient as well as she does. SHE IS QUEEN!

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16. And finally some wee little bananas that are so cute they'll make your day

Reddit | ASMRtoastercoaster

Or at least, they made mine. But I'm all about the adorable things to spruce up my life.

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