16 Times Life Served Up The Unexpected

Diply 15 May 2018

It's so easy to get stuck in a rut in life. Hey, if it weren't for routines, how many of us would be absolutely adrift by Wednesday? But there can definitely be too much of a good thing when it comes to your regularly scheduled programming.

Surprises shake things up! You can't always get exactly what you expect or else you'll go crazy from boredom. Mind you, there's a risk with the unexpected — you might get a little more than you bargained for.

1. Fuel prices have definitely had an impact on the cost of shipping, but this seems a bit out of whack.

Twitter | @lisaxy424

Yeah, I think I would wait a few extra days for the free shipping, too. It's not like Jeff Bezos needs the money.

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2. This drink doesn't know whether it's in a bottle or a can.

Reddit | Mayflex

It sure is novel, but I don't know what the point of it is. You can't reseal it like a bottle, and you'd have to take it apart to properly recycle it.

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3. It's hard to blame companies for wanting to cut costs, but it looks like this greeting card company cut corners, too.

Reddit | HooptyDooDooMeister

The baby image it used for these birth announcement cards is the same for a girl as it is for a boy.

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4. I've heard of crazy deals before, but if you can get ham for $1.28 a yard, I don't know how you'd pass it up.

Reddit | kodex1717

That's a good price for three feet of ham, no matter how you slice it. Hey-o.

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5. When the angle is juuuust right to make the waiter look like he can reach the kitchen without leaving the dining room.

Reddit | wehocub

Have to think that would be a pretty big advantage when serving tables.

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6. Somebody bought a display chocolate thinking it would have chocolate inside, just like every other container. It didn't.

Reddit | honsworth

Nope. Plywood. On the bright side, it's low calorie, so there's that.

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7. So...anybody want to hazard a guess as to what direction she's facing?

Reddit | hanni_bal

Because I have no idea what's going on. I've already thrown out my back trying to recreate whatever her pose is. Be careful out there!

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8. It only took this woman two hours of frantic, hair-pulling searching to find her engagement ring buried in a bowl of onions she'd been chopping.

Reddit | bobthebeast_12

You can just imagine the tears that would bring.

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9. This pic has a weird before/after thing going on, where it looks like a serious alley fight has gone down at some point.

Reddit | zoeebee

It's really just two cats that look remarkably similar, except that one has lost an eye.

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10. Nice to see that Windows can crash things other than my laptop when I'm mid-sentence.

Reddit | Ziurch

Still, it's pretty unusual to see a billboard with a blue screen of death.

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11. Some visionary inventor out there decided the world needed food-grade toilet paper.

Reddit | 60svintage

If you feel like you need more fiber in your diet, well, I guess you don't have to wait.

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12. Hold this teacup up to the sun and you'll get a nice surprise — an image of a lady.

Reddit | wibze

It's fine craftsmanship, and much more refreshing than reading tea leaves.

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13. For those occasions when...um...no, wait, I really don't know what occasion you'd want lace-up Crocs for.

Reddit | JustMullins

It's like a Kid Rock/Michael Bublé mash-up — a bold attempt that was never going to work.

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14. Did anybody want this? Was the candy-buying public clamoring for Skittles to add spice to their tooth-weakening sweets?

Reddit | NickCageIsAWoman

Why not just eat spoonfuls of Mike & Ikes soaked in Tobasco?

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15. Looks like a poor choice, lining the room with a row of open flames.

Reddit | Darkj

Except that it's not flame — that's an effect created by water vapor accentuated by orange lights.

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16. Back in my day, you just got a prize inside a cereal box — getting a free walkie-talkie in a bag of frozen chicken is amazing.

Reddit | Am_Without_Cheese

I wonder if it still works.

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