12+ Times We Were Happy To Let The World Be Wacky

Diply 23 Aug 2018

If you think about it, the world is a lot like those out-of-control kids we saw on daytime talk shows whenever we were sick and stayed home from school.

It has a nasty temper, it keeps slapping us in the face for no reason, and whenever anyone challenges it, it's like it's saying, "Whatever! I do what I want!"

But even those crazy kids will probably do some funny stuff sometimes. And if so, that's another thing the world has in common with them.

You'll have to take my word for it on the kids, but I have proof of the world's comedic chops.

1. Call me crazy, but I don't see not getting a ticket as a reason to hate your city.

Instagram | Instagram

Sure, they'll have to find a stick or something to push that gross corn cob off, but at least they got this...um, generous gift for free.

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2. I salute this man for bravely trying to do this job himself, but I really think he'll need to call for backup.

Reddit | kapwno

That is, unless the Pentagon is testing some kind of super mop. I don't think we'd have clearance to see that picture, though.

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3. Yeah, this is one of those times where you just push the ladder back in and walk away whistling.

Reddit | LMac8806

And I'm not just saying that because the bizarre image of someone casually trying to whistle while forcing a loud, clanging ladder through that hole is hilarious.

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4. I don't know who told this guy that sticking your head in the window makes them find your account information faster, but they did him dirty.

Reddit | Fuzari

You'd think he'd get the hint after the third, "OK, sir, have a nice day and don't do that again."

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5. As much as I appreciate the honesty, you'd think that someone named "Phillyfamousartist" would want to rise to the challenge.

Instagram | @cunform

And if he's famous for taking the easy way out, you'd think that would technically make him infamous.

Maybe the username "Phillyinfamousartist" was taken. Can they do this job?

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6. I was already pretty happy to see that this exists before I realized this steering helm actually has the Volkswagen logo on it.

Reddit | GniloiLebedb

I guess I'm just not as familiar with the Dread Pirate Ricky's cool adventures on the Jolly Jetta as I thought.

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7. OK, this is new. When it comes to securing an air conditioner, my go-to isn't usually what I hope is laundry.

Reddit | Wisdomnugget

Because if that's not clothing, then they're doing this job with literal trash and the appliance that makes summers bearable doesn't deserve that kind of treatment.

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8. The longer you look at it, the more difficult it is to figure out that number on his back.

Reddit | totalinfonet

Did he do it because a shaver was cheaper than an adult-sized jersey? Does he like so many teams that he doesn't wanna play favorites, hence no name?

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9. Well, that optimism is nice because from the way Homer was giving this guy the hover hands, I had the complete opposite impression.

Instagram | Instagram

But aww, does Springfield's most occasionally lovable buffoon have a shy, vulnerable side? They're right — this is a magic moment.

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10. You know, I'll give this cat a little credit for its escape attempt. The execution is flawed, but the concept is there.

Instagram | Instagram

After all, if the area behind that computer was just a little harder to reach, the vet would have one tough procedure ahead of them.

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11. So, I'm pretty sure the driver's gonna sell all this stuff for scrap, but there's no way that all of it is making it to the yard.

Reddit | Growdanielgrow

I just wish I could'be been there for the giant Jenga game they must have played to get this all together.

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12. Apparently, some guy came into this Starbucks just to sit down and polish his freaky, ceremonial knife.

Reddit | zeonchar

The uploader also said that case is full of doll parts, but it sounds like this story is already getting bigger in the telling.

Was he chanting in Latin, too?

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13. I think not taking advantage of these supplies would be the real waste here. 

Reddit | InvisiSpy

I'm just wondering if there are enough materials around the warehouse to make a whole Avengers team. There's got to at least be enough boxes for a decent cardboard Iron Man.

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14. It doesn't matter if it's real or a statue, a cat's gonna do what a cat's gonna do. 

Reddit | stumpy96

Hopefully the can getting knocked off the pedestal is a part of the artist's vision, just for realism's sake. If not, well, it's the best addition you could hope for, really.

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15. "Hello, I'm Dr. Murphy Smurfman and welcome to Smurfanomics 101. Please open your smurf books and turn to page smurf."

Reddit | TommyChez

I'm hoping that this was a Halloween costume or something and that their prof wasn't actually so blue.

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16. breathes heavily Let me play you the song of my people. ("Imperial March" intensifies) 

The Chive | The Chive

Now here's a street performer with some real Force behind him. I get choked up whenever I see him perform.

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17. Alright, well, maybe I'm a little more interested in vegan cooking than I originally thought!

Instagram | @kalesalad

It definitely seems sweeter than it's usually advertised, huh? For some reason, it takes me back to my childhood.

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18. That's one way to do it, I guess. Glad to see these guys aren't too concerned about getting their wires crossed. 

Reddit | adukadu

You know things are getting a bit weird when your wires look like one of those connection mazes on the backs of cereal boxes.

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19. Okay, let me get my Morpheus sunglasses on for this one. "What if I told you...the pineapple is the pizza."

Reddit | v78

I'm not sure if this will end the pineapple-pizza debate or just make it worse.

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20. Just helping an ol' girl out, there's nothing to be embarrassed about, Ms. Liberty. 

Reddit | Eyy46

We all have those moments where we need a little refreshing in the pit region, right? Even if you are an enormous statue that doesn't actually sweat.

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21. This lady is as chill as I've seen anyone act around sudden lizard-jumping, but the real hero here is the photographer.

Reddit | GallowBoob

If they didn't time this so perfectly, we'd just have a vague, green blur that someone would try to convince us is a ghost.

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22. It's good to see that this doggo's extensive experiments are careful, meticulous, and respectful to their test subject. 

Reddit | [deleted]

After all, if they weren't, that turtle would already be in its shell by now. Not jamming their noses into every unusual thing is how dogs get doctorates.

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23. Yeah, I think we're coming to the same conclusion here. That truck is definitely fixing to catapult Big Bird.

Reddit | FastGM3

But since he seems happy enough about it and he's got a crash helmet on, I think the driver's just helping him live out his daredevil dreams.

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24. Ah, yes, I totally believe that this guy is standing on his head. Yup, nothing fishy about this at all.

Twitter | @_jaaackcoleman

And there's certainly nothing fishy about that head-shaped bulge where his shorts are. And what interestingly thin legs and thick arms he has!

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