24 Times Designers Had Our Backs

Diply 14 May 2018

What separates really well-designed stuff from merely handy things is that we often don't realize we needed it. It's like someone anticipated needs we didn't even know we had.

It's amazing just how much well-designed stuff is even out there. For all the junk that litters our lives, there's just as much that has real thought behind it — but we could still use more of it. The good news is that things are always evolving, and it's only going to get better and better.

1. For all the lovers of crispy golden brown waffles out there, here's a waffle iron with an "a bit more" button, just to achieve piping hot waffle perfection.

Reddit | Dantzzzz

Totally worth it.

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2. These medical gloves for paramedics double as notepads.

Reddit | Reddit

It has to be so much easier to just write vital statistics down on the back of your hand — these must literally save lives.

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3. These door handles have been designed so that anyone can open or close them with ease when their hands are full.

Reddit | weeteuchter

Pretty sure everyone would love these on grocery day.

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4. This restaurant put out Mother's Day cards in the bathroom for anyone who forgot to get their mother a card.

Reddit | chillaxitout

That's how you get repeat customers — by looking out for them. I wonder if they do it for Valentine's Day as well.

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5. This sign shows how high the UV index is every day.

Reddit | Chap82

Seen in Australia, but these should be everywhere — there's no way of knowing how nasty the sun is by temperature alone.

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6. This shopping basket at a souvenir shop has a handy currency conversion table in the bottom.

Reddit | midoree

No idea how often it gets updated, but tourists must feel a bit more comfortable with that in hand.

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7. This elevator gives a graphic display of how close it is to reaching its capacity by using a scale. 

Reddit | bgrafnation

Note that filling up the scale won't make the elevator fall, it just won't move at all.

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8. College students must love this printer, which rotates separate jobs as they come through so they don't all get mixed together as they print.

Reddit | p50cal

Where was this when I was in college?

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9. For those who have a hard time resisting chewing on their pencils, this one is made of cinnamon wood.

Reddit | Reddit

At the very least, its soothing scent has to be a pleasant accompaniment to any meeting/seminars/classes you have to take notes in.

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10. Assuming that pickpockets won't want to steal a map, this wallet looks like a map of New York City.

Reddit | karmapringle

Which also assumes that people still use paper maps — which I'm sure some older folks, who might be targeted by pickpockets, still do.

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11. A thing every beach should have: a free little library, complete with a plastic cover to keep water and sand out as much as possible.

Reddit | humanlab

Because you can't just lie on the beach without a good book, can you?

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12. Who would want to fish around in a jar of olives for a snack when they could just pull them all up?


This gets even handier as the jar gets emptier.

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13. This computer lab's monitors can drop down into the desk to provide more space to studying students.

Reddit | vapenewell

The keyboard stows away alongside the monitor, too, maximizing the amount of space you can create.

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14. This meat packaging includes a meter that tells you how close your meat is to spoiling.

Reddit | vegakiri

It takes all the guess work and sniffing out of the equation — when it hits zero, throw that meat out.

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15. This fork/chopstick combo is a great idea for those who are still learning to use chopsticks.

Reddit | Skylarina

When they're ready to graduate, they can just break it apart for proper food pinching.

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16. Every fitted sheet needs these tags that show which end goes where.

Reddit | semiterrestrial

The struggle is real. Every dang week on clean sheet day I have been suffering needlessly, never realizing these were a thing.

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17. This bathroom mirror has a heated square that won't fog up during a hot shower.

Reddit | Generalm44

If I had one of these in my house, I would definitely shave more often.

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18. Probably every weary traveler on an extended layover has dreamed that one day, someone would install nap pods at the airport.

Reddit | SchaarMax

Well, at long last, someone brought that beautiful dream to life!

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19. An ingredients list on packaging that actually explains where all the ingredients come from and what they're for!

Reddit | Hna7

Because how often do you see some strange chemical name on a package and have to wonder why it's even there? All the time.

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20. I would like to nominate whoever redesigned wristbands to taper at one end so they won't tear out chunks of arm hair for a major award.

Reddit | LordNoddy

Maybe not a Nobel, but considering the pain and suffering this will save concert-goers, a Grammy wouldn't be inappropriate.

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21. This elevator has an alarm button at floor level.

Reddit | DopeyLabrador

Which will come in super handy if, say, an elderly person has a fall and needs help, or the elevator fills with smoke.

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22. This public staircase has a small ramp to help cyclists get their bikes up and down stairs with ease.

Reddit | TheDaveEveryoneHates

If cities want to be more bike-friendly, they could do worse than these.

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23. I don't know how many times I've wished I had a toothpick as handy as one built right into a spoon. 

Reddit | pies_at_the_zoo

Now, if only it wasn't single-use plastic, it would be perfect.

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24. Many dishwashers display the time remaining in a cycle along the top, which gets obscured by the edge of the counter top.

Reddit | mekc8

This one projects the time onto the floor below instead, which eliminates a problem and is cool.

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