13+ Times Clothing Did Us Dirty

Diply 14 Aug 2018

We all have a passion for fashion, but sometimes, fashion doesn't have a passion for us.

Here are some examples of when we've put our hearts on the lines for clothes we love, and in return, they broke our hearts into a million tiny, little pieces.

1. When the picture is a 10 but the product is a -10 (as in you would only wear it if you were totally freezing and out of other options).

Twitter | @Becky_Latham27

Great if you're being a green marshmallow for Halloween, though!

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2. When this sweater broke the news that America had died. And not even recently...like, almost 30 years ago.

Reddit | entredeuxeaux

BRB, writing a super moving eulogy for America.

"You were the land of the free...now your home is the grave."

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3. When someone got a bit fancy with a stapler.

Twitter | @MallyMack_

Did the boss at Balenciaga stutter and say "T-shirt-shirt"? And everyone else was like, "Wow, that's so visionary" because they were hoping for a promotion? Is that how this came to be? Fashion brands need to get it together.

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4. When you were lulled into a false sense of track pant security, only to discover there are track arms in the mix.

Reddit | waskonator

What is this, a tube top? Are the legs shorts? But the torso is so small... How am I supposed to solve this impossible riddle?!

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5. Someone was actually that cheap? Lol, so I guess that's why Shutterstock logo stayed.

Reddit | silverstatus

Or maybe Shutterstock is expanding into clothing, in which case, this is very on-brand for them.

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6. When this Minion bikini was invented.

Reddit | fine_drizzle

Doesn't one of the Minions only have one eye? Does that mean somewhere out there...there's a...mono-Minion-kini?

You know what? I don't want to think about this anymore.

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7. When we thought we were wearing jeans, but really we were getting played by jeans.

Reddit | chrzzl

The only thing worse than wearing a cage on my legs? Wearing a denim cage on my legs.

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8. When the summer fun was cut short by a very specific sunburn.

Instagram | @chikinnagit

Wow, this sunburn really rules out any activities that involve bending your knees for a while. So goodbye...sitting.

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9. When these thigh-highs needed to say bye-bye.

Reddit | Rainbowscratch99

I know you said you wanted "sexy leather stockings," but can I interest you in some "garbage-bag look-alike wrinkly leg sacks"? You're gonna hate them, I guarantee it.

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10. When decades worth of socks emerged from the dryer and wanted revenge.

Instagram | @ellentvshow

Okay, maybe I added the revenge thing for some drama. But this does feel kind of ominous. What else could be lost in there?

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11. When prom season was right around the corner, but this dress was still a few blocks away.

Imgur | Imgur

Becky, you may have the good hair, but you also have the _bad dres_s.

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12. When we think we're looking regal and glam, but we actually look like Disney characters (yes, clothes even do famous celebrities dirty).

Twitter | @alykeves

Yes, that is Prince John aka the guy that always sucked his thumb in Robin Hood. Hopefully Jared Leto is a comparison only in style and not personality.

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13. When your heart is saying "12," but your head is saying "thirteen," and your t-shirt is saying both. 

Reddit | noobkilling

Maybe this top is meaning to say "25"? In a really convoluted, mathematical way?

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14. When it was realized that cute cat socks were never meant to have a foot inside them.

Reddit | KevlarYarmulke

What's the point of a sock if it doesn't look good on? There's literally no other way to showcase them!

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15. When pants tempted us with detachable legs, but don't give us the courage to detach 'em.

Twitter | @boynamedshark

*Everyone around him starts singing "Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson, which inspires him to finally unzip*

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16. When this t-shirt told us to do the thing a lot of us were probably already doing.

Reddit | zapsquad

Finally, someone put the subtext behind every speech given by a teacher/professor/boss ever onto a sweater.

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17. When Mario takes on the form of that one SpongeBob meme.

Twitter | @DMACalvert

iT's-A mE-a, MaRiO!

Honestly, that was hard to type, and even harder to look at afterwards — and quite frankly, so is this poorly made Mario sweater.

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18. When "Star Wars" derps out like this:

Reddit | AC5L4T3R

It honestly took me a minute to figure out what these were supposed to be. They look like terrifying, white robot-frogs.

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19. When your shirt says one thing, but it also says something VERY different.

Reddit | mopecore

"My wife asked me why Kevin Hart is wearing a shirt that has 'pedo' written all over it." —mopecore

That ain't dope, Kev.

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20. When your shirt technically says "Saturday" but circumstances have changed its message.

Reddit | cosmictrousers

I would wear this with pride though, 'cause sometimes it really be like that. #TurdLife

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21. When your little sisters are truly oblivious to the irony of these shirts on the 4th of July.

Reddit | TheAlligatorGar

At least they have the right colors, though. God bless America!

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22. When you randomly twin with not only one, but TWO strangers.

Reddit | utbman

"I guess you are issued a red flannel shirt when you live in southern Oregon." —utbman

I love how the middle guy just went with the flannel coat too — power move.

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23. When you and you boo only have one pair of jeans to spare.

Reddit | mtsseo7

Sharing is truly caring, and these two denim-loving souls have it down to a very real science.

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24. When a third choice is literally printed on the shirt that says there are only two choices.


I truly relish when I see photos of failed bigotry! Yassss, dude. Troll yourself!

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25. When it looked like there was a severe glitch in the Matrix.

Reddit | aslokaa
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26. When a local newspaper calls you out while you're minding your own business.

Reddit | thorb

Sorry for the potato quality, but that was too savage to leave out.

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27. When you leave it to your dad to get it right.

Instagram | @kalesalad
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28. When you accidentally end up lookin' like Slenderman.

Instagram | @ will_ent
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29. When your winter wear is just a total croc.

Instagram | @kalesalad
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30. When Grandpa is lookin' like a snack.

Twitter | @Scottish_Tweets

Ugh, I immediately regret that caption — sorry.

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31. When your dad meets up with "the three best friends that anyone has ever had ♫"

Instagram | @kalesalad
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32. When your clothes turn you from a Legend into a meme.

Instagram | @kalesalad
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33. When your dress has subliminal messaging.

Reddit | rataktaktaruken

Whoever designed this was really dickin' around.

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34. When the flies on your shirt are gettin' buzzy.


Bad pun, for an even worse shirt.

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35. This awful, racistly reminiscent jacket that zips up into a white hood...

Reddit | thegoatiedoodie

No comment. Lol.

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36. Not to assume any cartoon's gender, or anything...

Reddit | weirdBatt

But we're pretty sure Minnie goes by Mrs., and Mickey goes by Mr.

We could be wrong though.

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37.That time Betty Boop became a human centipede.

Bettie Oliveri

This is a crossover we never asked for, yet received anyways.

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38. We're not entirely sure that "real men" love bowhunting ANYONE...


But Jesus? Doesn't seem likely.

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39. When your shorts make it look like you had a messy, messy accident.

Reddit | butterknot

This is a really crappy design, no matter how you look at it.

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40. Okay — if that's the truth, then why are there still sleeves?

Reddit | Tikiho1

Weird flex, am I right? HA.

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41. Perfect example of expectation versus reality.

Reddit | Psilan

At least she does't look that upset?

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42. When this majestic, beautiful robe turned into a sad napkin of a shall.

Reddit | wickedfantasy

This is honestly blasphemy.

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