15+ Times An Explanation Was Sorely Needed

Diply 25 Oct 2018

When I'm doing something weird, I usually enjoy seeing what kinds of looks I'm getting from my newfound audience. The annoyed ones and the vaguely amused ones are fine and all, but the real gold comes with the utterly mystified stares.

This is especially true if there's a kind of pleading in their eyes. It could mean, "please stop," but it could just as easily mean, "Please, explain what you're doing."

Either way, I suppose the shoe is on the other foot now because these strange sights are probably putting the same look in my eyes right now.

1. This is why the clowns and rats shouldn't be toasting marshmallows down there. Sewers have way too much flammable stuff for that.

Reddit | zivinkxter

Although, this kinda makes me wish that some kid would take one look at Pennywise and light him up.

He wouldn't see that coming.

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2. I get that this guy is being a lizard, but why is the stairwell the right setting for this?

Reddit | Comtpm

I can already picture how this will play out. I trip over him, he hisses at me, and then I threaten to call animal control on him.

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3. Gah! I'm not sure who the main character of this horror movie is supposed to be. Is it me or the cat?

Reddit | tmmyhntn

I don't recall picking up any cursed items or getting any cryptic warnings from creepy drifters, so the cat is on its own.

Sorry, Whiskers.

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4. Ugh. If we were playing Truth or Dare, I think I'd rather spill my deepest, darkest secrets than drink this vile concoction.

Reddit | KagasuSan

They even left the plastic on the cheese just to make sure that absolutely no part of this is enjoyable. The monsters.

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5. Nope, I really don't think there's much hope of us understanding any part of this.

Reddit | cinephile46

Asking why this person is forcing a bug to listen to their mixtape only distracts from the equally important question of why it's taped there in the first place.

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6. J. Jonah Jameson finally got what he wanted. Not only do we have a picture of Spider-Man, but we know his secret identity.

Reddit | lancedescallar21

Still, I'm not sure exposing this guy will be as worth it as he thinks. Those eyes may come back to haunt him.

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7. I really want to believe that this horse used the elevator on its own and wandered into this random apartment.

Reddit | PulaPirata

Although, I'd be more worried about someone who just says, "Oh hey, come in," when something like this shows up. I get it, but I'm worried.

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8. Not only do I not know what this is, but I can't figure out what it has to do with Shaq.

Reddit | drlove30281

Maybe it's a robot that you're supposed to control with that laptop, but that still doesn't answer my burning Shaq question.

So many questions...

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9. I guess it's hard to get a proper explanation when the only question you can spit out is, "How dare you?"

Reddit | Reddit

It's fine if they don't have cheese slices, but they should at least try to make what they do have into a comfy cheese blanket.

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10. Um, sure. Let's put a tree all the way up there. I see nothing wrong with such a sensible plan.

Reddit | MLRADS

I'm not sure how long it'll survive up there, but the important thing is that nobody could possibly steal it.

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11. I'm legitimately not sure if I'm the one who's confused or if this person is.

Reddit | trihard_kkona

Do they know that they're not driving a Ferrari? And do they think putting a spoiler on backward is like turning your hat around to be cool?

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12. I guess we should take this as an important lesson. When it's a full moon, find a place where you can park indoors.

Reddit | Ri-RiY

Although werewolves are great at athletics and keeping their energy up, they really need work at respecting people's property.

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13. Is it just me, or do these two seem way too excited to drink from a toilet?

Getty Images | Hero Images

I mean, I know dogs can have quite a blast doing that, but that's also true of chasing cars, and that would end really badly for us.

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14. Everyone thought I was weird when I shot suspicious looks at every Furby I met, but everybody else should've gotten on my level.

Reddit | Dr_Burbeans

Because now that their eyes are glowing and they're doing dark rituals, we may be too late to stop them. Nice one, everybody.

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15. I guess ants are pretty neat, but I'm not sure how easy it is to watch the road when you have to peer over a giant farm of them.

Reddit | Starnz

This could get a lot more confusing, though. That license plate could say anything other than "ant car."

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16. Yeah, I'm having a really hard time seeing how this could possibly be a convenient phone case.

Reddit | w47thbroadway

Like, a cat that gets too aggressive isn't threatened by the idea of a spray bottle, so that's out. And that was all I could think of to justify it.

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