13+ Times We Had No Hope Of Figuring Out What's Going On

Diply 28 Aug 2018

When things get so weird that all explanations go out the window, we only have two choices: We can either try to keep up our casual whistling as we turn around and walk out of that situation, or we can grab the popcorn and settle in.

Of course, for a weird scene to avoid making us do the first one, it has to walk that fine line between our curiosity and our NOPE sensors.

Hopefully, these odd pictures will scurry across that tightrope with ease.

1. OK, I think even the most oblivious driver would catch on to the fact that they've got more potatoes than passengers.

Reddit | andise

Like, did 100 people get on at once with a big ol' sack of them each? And nothing about that seemed weird?

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2. Part of me wishes I could read what it says on Big Bird's chest, but that would probably just raise further questions.

Reddit | FastGM3

Whatever he's about to do, that look in his eyes tells me that Sesame Street's friendliest bird was born ready for this.


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3. Yeah, this street vendor apparently discovered that one of his crates was full of bees and just decided not to worry about it.

Reddit | rebeccalmighty

Do I at least get a discount for braving the possibility of getting stung? He'd respect that, right?

Is this real life?

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4. Yup, nothing crazy here, folks. Just an attic full of creepy-looking mannequins.

Reddit | Elaflynts

But the weird thing is that this picture was taken by people looking to buy this house. Like, did the owner forget about them or somehow think they were a selling point?

Which is worse?

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5. Unless there's a tour guide just out of frame yelling, "Sir? SIR, you can't be up there," how is this dude is getting away with this?

Instagram | @djbewbz

I've been to this theater, and nobody was allowed anywhere this balcony. Did...did he ruin it for the rest of us?

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6. Yeah, remind me not to have breakfast at this weirdo's house.

Reddit | pixelunit

Let's just say that this would be way too early in the morning to have to check my food for creepy little baby traps. That's really more of a midnight snack thing.

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7. I'm struggling to imagine what this would even sound like, but I'm not surprised this person's making such fat stacks.

Reddit | maustin829

I mean, they've probably been sitting here for hours with a very heavy and uncomfortable TV on their head.

The real ones recognize that bold dedication.

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8. Well, I'm glad these two found each other because I think the list of people willing to do this is pretty short.

Reddit | impossiblefox

Like, most people will stop talking to you if you even want to hold hands, let alone bringing feet into the mixture.

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9. Look, I make no secret about my mayonnaise hate, but I'm still hoping this driver at least has the AC on.

Reddit | MatthewStill97

Not even the most misguided fans of this stuff deserve the ticket to food poisoning city they're gonna get if they eat car-warmed mayo.

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10. I swear, if this is part of some stupid challenge, anybody who even thinks about doing it is grounded from the internet.

Reddit | CosmicKeys

For how long? Well, until they lose interest and one of their friends gets them to dance beside their moving car.

You know, something safer.

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11. Wow, I'm not sure I've ever seen a cat look less excited to take a selfie.

Reddit | Khaleeasi24

It looks like the only reason it's not scratching this person is that it wants to go Super Saiyan first.

Once that fur turns blond, it's over for that homie.

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12. OK, I'm not sure what kind of bizarre concoction mixes cooked noodles with raw eggs, but I'm kinda glad it's not seeing the light of day.

Reddit | toastycrabo

Gravity has a really bad temper and loves raining on our parades, but it still does us some good sometimes.

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13. Yeah, I'm not going to take the risk that I just walked into somebody's elaborate LARP session.

Reddit | CosmicKeys

Mind you, I'm not sure it would matter whether this guy screams "lightning bolt" at me or not. He's seen me, so it's already too late.

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14. Well, an argument could be made that this bold new anti-theft device will make thieves scratch their heads, but it would be nice if it could distinguish between friend and foe.

Reddit | JustSandwich

Bonus points if the lock ends up grabbing that key like it's a finger trap, too.

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15. The only explanation for this I can think of is that he had to bathe in tomato juice after a skunk got him and it opened up a whole new world.

Instagram | @will_ent

Does this smell actually work for his bae, though? That's what's...important, I think? I don't know.

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16. My, how the tables have turned. Everybody's who's ever gotten a parking ticket is probably feeling pretty satisfied right now.

Reddit | Achoo_Gesundheit

Although, I will give this cop some credit if they were the one who put the boot on their car. Fair is fair.

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