I Actually Don't Owe Anyone My Time

Diply 15 Dec 2017

Want to know something that really gets under my skin? Other people feeling like they own your time and attention. Not cool!

Listen, I have such a chaotic, busy life — by choice. I fill my schedule with what I want, when I want. So, if I do decide to make some time for you, that is going to be my choice, not yours. I'm not obligated to spend time with anyone, no matter what. Got it?

No one is obligated to change things about their life or schedule in order to please someone else's needs. That is ridiculous, okay? Okay.

Do I look like Betty Crocker?

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Listen, if you want my advice, you want my time — so make sure I'm willing to give it to you! Like, don't just ask me something!

And then...when I do decide out of the kindness of my heart, to give you a few seconds to chat about YOUR issues, don't expect me to filter up and hide my opinion for your benefit. Nope. Unfiltered is the only way I come. Take it or leave it, k?

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As far as I'm concerned, living my best life and doing everything I can to ensure that is the only priority that I have atm.

Everything else falls below that. If that changes, I'll send an update, okay?

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Emphasis on the 'I'. 

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None of us would ever get anything we want if we only did what other people wanted. Life is too short for that, girl! Do you, for you, not anyone else.

I do what I want because I want to, and if that poses a problem, the door is right over there babe.

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Wild, right??

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Mad that I won't cancel my own plans to better suit your schedule? Disappointed that I'm putting myself and my own wants and needs before yours? All going into the cup of care in my hand...

What? Empty? Well, yeah. Duh.

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Not hard of hearing, but choosing to ignore you.

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Being completely honest here, because I chose to ignore you the first time, I'm going to do the same the second time, and the third time, etc.

So basically what I'm implying here is that no matter how many times you repeat yourself, I'm not going to listen. You're wasting your breath.

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