16 Thrifty Upcycles That Take Less Than A Weekend

Diply 6 Jun 2018

Let's face it: We all want cute home decor and functional designs, but that stuff costs more money than we're willing to spend. When it comes down to it, we'll spend our hard-earned cash on Starbucks, nights out, and our pets over everything. And that's fine! No judgment here — you should see how many gold stars I've got!

But how do we live the way we want and have a cute place to come home to? Upcycling.

1. Farmhouse Kitchen Canister

Houseful of Handmade | Houseful of Handmade

These super simple, customizable canisters from Houseful of Handmade are adorbs. Grab some empty peanut butter jars and DIY away. Use them in the kitchen for utensils and the bathroom for makeup brushes. #chicandsweet

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2. Chic Savings Jar

Pillar Box Blue | Pillar Box Blue

I'm the worst when it comes to saving money for vacations (which is probs why I never go anywhere). This cute mason jar DIY from Pillar Box Blue makes it seem worth it though! BRB, gonna check Expedia.

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3. Homemade Headbands

eHow | eHow

All those old shirts you've outgrown (or totally regret buying in the first place) can easily be turned into awesome headbands. eHow shows us that all it takes is some cutting, looping, and gluing, and you're good to go!

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4. Popsicle Stick Playing Cards

Instructables | Instructables

I can't tell you how many card decks I've ruined by spilling drinks or shuffling like a fool. These Popsicle stick playing "cards" from Instructables are much more durable. Perfect for party nights.

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5. Reusable Book Bag

Free Tutorial | Free Tutorial

Men's shirts can be upcycled into so many amazing things. So hit up the thrift store (or your BF's closet) and get to DIYing! My favorite, from Free Tutorial, is this adorable and practical book bag.

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6. Pocket-Sized Planters 

Gomi Style | Gomi Style

Don't throw away those old mint tins. Gomi Style shows us how to make a mini garden in just a few minutes. These make for great party gifts and desk decor.

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7. Record Wine Rack

Recyclart | Recyclart

Apartments and tiny kitchens need all the extra wine storage space they can get. Recyclart crafted a crazy cool wine rack out of old records, and I'm in love. Here's to many more great nights filled with records and wine.

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8. Hairbrush Holder

The Creative Imperative | The Creative Imperative

Recycling tin cans is great, but upcycling them is even better. The Creative Imperative details how easy it is to turn a tin can into a super cute hairbrush holder. Maybe this means I won't keep misplacing mine.

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9. Grocery Bag Holder

My Unentitled Life | My Unentitled Life

Who else has a dozen too many plastic bags cluttering up their lives? Seriously, these things drive me nuts (and yes, I try to remember my canvas bags, but I'm only human). Thankfully, My Unentitled Life came up with a great solution made out of chip cans.

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10. Match Holder And Protector

Newz Magazine | Newz Magazine

Old gum containers can be upcycled into almost anything. Newz Magazine upcycled gum containers into snack containers, match holders, earbud protectors, and more. The best part? This DIY can be done in seconds.

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11. Storage Tote

The KimSix Fix | The KimSix Fix

All your money goes to your pets anyway, so may as well make it do double duty. The KimSix Fix makes upcycling your kitty litter bin into this super chic storage tote so easy even I can follow along.

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12. Bouquet Holder

Home is Where the Boat Is | Home is Where the Boat Is

Home is Where the Boat Is shows us that a little bit of mesh goes a long way in taking your bouquet to the next level. The holes create instant structure and organization for your beautiful flowers.

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13. Citronella Candles

Garden Therapy | Garden Therapy

Nothing ruins a night on the balcony faster than mosquitos. These citronella candles from Garden Therapy upcycle tin cans and old chunks of previously melted candles. I'm making a bunch and bringing them with me everywhere I go this summer.

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14. Rain Catcher

The Thrifty Couple | The Thrifty Couple

This DIY from The Thrifty Couple makes collecting rainwater for your gardens so easy and affordable. Like, why spend upwards of a hundred dollars on something that can be made for so much less?

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15. Homemade Magnets

Unoriginal Mom | Unoriginal Mom

It doesn't get more personalized or adorable than this. Unoriginal Mom shows us how to make mason jar lids into one-of-a-kind magnets. TBH, I'd just toss a pic of my cat and some fresh tacos in there, but to each their own.

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16. Dog Toys

Pillar Box Blue | Pillar Box Blue

For those of you lucky enough to have a doggo running around, treat him right with these upcycled jean dog toys from Pillar Box Blue. They're durable, adorable, and let's face it: You haven't worn real pants for so long you won't even miss them.

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