4 Things We All Wish We Could Say In A Job Interview

Diply 15 Dec 2017

Job interviews have to be one of the most stressful things a person can go through. If someone tells you otherwise, they're definitely lying.

Whether you're currently on the hunt for a new job or have found a workplace you can see yourself with for the next few years, everyone can relate to the collection of funny memes below.


1. This could not be more accurate.

Careers 24 | Careers 24

How am I supposed to gain experience if no one will hire me to earn it?!

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2. Are you sure you want me to answer that one?

Jokideo | Jokideo

I'd love to see the look on an interviewer's face if someone actually answered the question like this.

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3. Game, set, annnd match.

Twitter | @bobvulfov

*Sigh* If only it were that easy.

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4. In a perfect world...

Facebook | Viral Motion

Give me all of the puppers, please!

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