24 Things That Are Straight-Up Confusing

Diply 5 Jan 2018

Whenever there's a story about an evil computer, the hero often wins by being so nonsensical that its cold, logical processor catches on fire.

Sometimes they do it with weird contradictions, and sometimes they start acting like that kid in school who always said, "lol I'm so random." But the question is, which way is more effective?

I think trying to answer that is the only way we're making sense of these pics.

1. Even when I stopped seeing this as an impressive line of spit, I thought it was a big straw.

Instagram | @meme.w0rld

So I just found myself getting even more confused until I finally realized I was looking at a railing all along.

If only I could read Portuguese.

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2. I'm not sure if I'm more bothered by the "how" or the "why" of this picture, but it's definitely keeping me awake tonight.

Reddit | Boring_Old_Orange

Did somebody invent musical Jenga but couldn't find anyone crazy enough to play with them?

You know what? I'm going with that.

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3. Yikes, I think somebody's giving light bulbs way more responsibility than they can handle here.

Instagram | @x__antisocial_butterfly__x

Like, I don't think the store will take them back just because they didn't alter my entire personality. Their only job is to light rooms, people.

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4. Unless the toilet was made of solid gold or something, someone obviously did this for personal reasons.

Instagram | @kalesalad

It seems pretty hard to resell, but it's a surprisingly easy way to ruin someone's whole day. Anyone whose plumbing ever went out knows that struggle.

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5. Even if we were straight-up trying to trick an evil computer into thinking we eat these, it still doesn't make sense.

Instagram | @meme.w0rld

Sure, we finessed it into thinking it just destroyed our whole food supply, but now it's gonna be harder to wash our clothes.

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6. So unless we're watching Mr. Fantastic show off, I'm assuming this is Photoshop.

Reddit | MahatmaGenji

Even so, I can't exactly say that taking my pants off in a forest and trying to wrap myself around a tree is an average day for me.

Maybe that's my fault.

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7. Maybe this is just because I'm not a super villain, but I don't even know how you steal one lake, let alone 11,842.

Instagram | @textpostsfromthevoid

Also, what does the angry little girl have to do with anything? Is she just a Minnesotan who wants her lakes back?

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8. OK, so I guess this kid was going to prom with his...sewing machine and a UPS van crashed, which made him really happy?

Reddit | BananaMan6204

Nope, that still doesn't help me make sense out of this picture.

Was he photoshopped in? It's so hard to trust the internet right now.

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9. I'm not usually much of a rebel, but this is one sign I'm gonna have to disobey.

Reddit | SilentG33

Apparently, there's not even a garbage can in this bathroom, so I'm just supposed to take my used toilet paper with me?

Ugh, no thanks.

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10. I guess this is a good reminder to put the decorations up before you start the party.

Instagram | @memelif3

Otherwise, people will run up and think that your backwards 2018 means they can start asking you to fix their computer.

That's a nightmare I'm trying to leave in bed.

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11. Man, putting this kind of door into a bar just seems like the meanest decision ever.

Reddit | Christineaileen006

Just for the sake of what's left of our humanity, I really hope this doesn't lead to the bathroom. What monster is behind this?

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12. OK, so the confusing part isn't what's going on with this guy's shadow.

Instagram | @memelif3

No, the super sleuths of Facebook have made that a pretty open-and-shut case. The confusing part is why he bothered to lie about this.

It's like saying, "ow, I stubbed my toe. Psyche!"

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13. I don't know why this exists, but I know which auto repair shop I'm never visiting in my life.

Reddit | SalazarRED

I could buy that doing this with one tire is just some weird joke, but all of them? That's the calling card of some weird cult.

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14. This doesn't seem confusing until you try to answer one simple question. Where is this thing's mouth?

Reddit | jerrycat88

Like, the red thing doesn't look like a nose because of the weird line jutting off to the side, but the chin looks too much like a smile.

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15. You'd think that at this point, they'd just give up on the whole "specific price store" idea.

Reddit | Alex_the_White

That red sign was probably added to clear things up, but it does the complete opposite. "99 cents up and less" somehow means less than nothing.

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16. I've heard of a toilet-based art exhibit where someone mistook it for the real thing, but this seems like the opposite of that.

Reddit | robandadog

Even though it's in a bathroom, I feel like using this toilet means I'm defiling some sort of modern-art masterpiece.

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17. I'm not a doctor, but I have a feeling this fortune cookie isn't giving me proper medical advice.

Reddit | ChefXJeff

I mean, I've never had an ulcer, and I spend a lot of my day not thinking about my stomach. Maybe I'm just lucky.

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18. Either cars have gone through a radical design change, or this one's trying to be something it's not.

Instagram | @_im_just_that_guy_____

Look, you're never gonna be satisfied in life if you focus so hard on trying to win the approval of the Range Rovers.

Just be yourself.

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19. I was ready to call this a coincidence, but the spider even got the Pringles guy's hair right. 

Instagram | Instagram

I think that means it's up to something. Like, it's trying to lure me in with promises of potato chips so it can pounce.

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20. I don't know much about this picture, but I do know that it's probably a bad idea to try to eat those cookies.

Reddit | Ibemario472

Especially since I'm not even really sure if those actually are cookies, and I really don't wanna take that chance.

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21. Even if this guy drove by me every day, I don't think I'd ever get used to his car.

Reddit | @repleb

I just hope that he always has that dog riding with him so I have something to guide me through this desert of confusion.

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22. Haha, I think somebody's gonna have to spell out what's wrong with Hannah's "correction" here.

Instagram | @b0mbtweets

After all, they're only going to end up sinking further into this conversation's quicksand if they try to say something like "my welcome what?"

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23. It took me a surprisingly long time to figure out what I'm supposed to be looking at here.

Instagram | @tissuepapergang

So I'll just save everybody from the cosmic journey I just went on and let y'all know that you're looking at the front of this person's hand.

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24. I guess we're supposed to take this to mean that one of these reds is slightly redder than the other.

Instagram | Instagram

The one on the left might be slightly more orange, but I've been looking at it for a while, so I might be hallucinating.

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