24 Smart Ideas That Really Should Have Caught On By Now

Diply 3 Jul 2018

Don't you ever just want the future to hurry up and get here? Me too! The good news is that, little by little, we're getting there. And here are a few of the sweet, smart innovations proving that the future looks awesome.

1. This escalator turns into a moving walkway in the middle before escalating again.

Reddit | Reddit

Apparently these are more common overseas, but I think North America would welcome anything that reduces walking or stair climbing.

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2. Parents must be more than ready for this: a check-out lane that won't tempt kids with candy.

Reddit | KrazoaSpirit

Because we all know that checking out is easily the most annoying part of the grocery shopping experience.

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3. This bus seat is upholstered to show that it's a designated courtesy seat.

Reddit | wheezy11

And frankly, I think we can all applaud every single reminder about having courtesy on public transit.

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4. This car wash has soap cannons the kids can play with and help clean the car while you wait.

Reddit | Leon_117

And, let's be honest, a lot of the grown-ups probably have a blast with the soap cannon, too.

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5. These parking spots have their lines painted on the barriers in front, making it easier to see where you are when you're pulling into a spot.

Reddit | ebflaherty

And removing excuses for line-straddlers.

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6. This swing can accommodate both a baby and a parent for maximum bonding time at the park.

Reddit | Bearat

And hey, if you want to put your dog in the baby swing, I won't tell.

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7. The back of this car seat has indentations where you can stash your knees!

Reddit | murphofly

Long-legged folks finally get to have a taste of comfort if they're too slow on calling shotgun.

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8. The sink in this public bathroom actually makes sense — it has soap on the left, the faucet in the middle, and a dryer on the right.

Reddit | msmomona

The perfect order, right in front of you.

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9. This cup comes with a mustache guard!

Reddit | jimbobbillybob_

Mo' bros and hipster beardy lads ought to drive demand for these brilliant cups that prevent annoying lip foam from tasty lattes and cappuccinos.

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10. This park bench has slots where cyclists can park their bikes.

Reddit | Monsterpiece42

Might not be an ideal location to actually lock up a bike, but would be wonderfully handy for water and bathroom breaks.

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11. This restaurant's system for selling brownies needs to catch on: green dots for corner pieces, red dots for center pieces, and blue dots for edge pieces.

Reddit | longboarder116

I don't know what the purple dot means.

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12. Furniture that comes with all the parts packaged by their assembly steps.

Reddit | Village71

Is there anything worse than not being able to find the screw you need to put your bedframe together?

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13. Public, monitored meet-up spots for online purchase exchanges so you don't have to worry about Craigslist jerks.

Reddit | queen0fmars

They're certainly growing and spreading around the country, but they can't get everywhere fast enough, amirite?

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14. This short story dispenser provides free reading material for people stuck waiting and needing a diversion.

Reddit | KirbyCookie

Until phones have unlimited batteries, some electricity-free options for bored shopping companions and folks on layovers at airports are more than welcome.

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15. This highlighter has a clear spot in the tip so you can actually see what you're highlighting as you go.

Reddit | chillin_krillin

If they had these back in the day, I might have used a highlighter instead of underlining things in pen.

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16. This phone base has its ports labelled in braille.

Reddit | Arthur_Dent_42_121

Accessibility is always a win, and I have to imagine that not every port is all that different just going by touch.

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17. A pizza size chart that includes area as well as diameter and slices.

Reddit | bradenkw

Someone is on the path to sainthood here, letting us know which size of pizza gives the most bang for the buck.

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18. These freezer drawer handles are also ice trays.

Reddit | HonkersTim

Just a brilliant use of space — no worrying about floating ice trays that clutter up the freezer, and no loud and obnoxious automatic ice maker, either.

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19. The tip of this pencil contains seeds.

Reddit | ImFreakingAlefi

When you've sharpened it as much as you can, you can just plant the stub and grow a tree! Guess you need a separate eraser, though.

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20. The label on this soap package also contains seeds.

Reddit | wyattlee1274

It's the ultimate in biodegradable packaging — not only does it completely break down, but the garbage grows something new, too!

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21. Push-button activated heating for transit shelters.

Reddit | Coolingritu

It's certainly welcome on a brisk, cold day, and I would probably lean on it while waiting for a train during a bomb cyclone.

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22. These shopping carts come with magnifying glasses on the handles.

Reddit | Leading95

As the population ages, these will become more needed — it's not like labels are going to start coming in large print!

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23. A complimentary mouthwash dispenser at a seafood restaurant.

Reddit | medeamoon

Anybody on a first (or second, or third) date would love to see this in any restaurant, not just seafood! especially if they love garlic.

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24. This office building has a slide from the second floor to the ground.

Reddit | Bob_Om

Nothing says 'Friday' like literally sliding out of work and into the weekend! Could only be better if it was a log flume.

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