16 Things That Made Our Brains Reboot

Diply 16 Apr 2018

I'll admit that I always get irrationally angry when my computer stops working. I guess the fact that it usually does it when I'm busy doesn't help, but I get just as mad if I'm just watching a video of a kid yodelling over and over again.

But maybe I've been too hard on my tech. Maybe it just comes across some code that makes it glitch in the same way that our brains do when we see pictures like these.

1. I'm sure whoever did this will tell me they just wanted to paint a nice mural of a shark on this perfectly-shaped rock.

Instagram | @will_ent

So, it's a coincidence that it looks massive and angry right where it feels the least safe to encounter one?

What about those teeth?

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2. This handshake's kind of weird, but picturing this person snaking their hand through their pants while someone waits patiently is even weirder.

Reddit | TheBambuh

That's the type of thing that would make someone regret being too polite to tell you your fly is open.

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3. I could be wrong, but I don't think anyone owns this tree.

Reddit | Senthe

So I'm not sure what's stranger, the thought that someone spent hours carving a seat into it, or the thought that it wasn't this lady who did it.

What's going on here?

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4. I know some spaghetti will stick when you throw it against a wall, but why isn't the rest sliding down?

Reddit | corsolababy

Unless...could it be that the Flying Spaghetti Monster actually existed all along? Were the joke beliefs somehow the true ones?

I can't handle this.

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5. Whoa, I understand they had to lay down the law, but making people hold in their tears until they're done cleaning seems a little harsh. 

Reddit | gudetarako

And if they just finished having chili, it seems downright sadistic. That mess would make anybody cry.

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6. Ugh, this is bringing back too many painful memories of doing all the work in the group project.

Reddit | Jamwillicurl

Come on, guys, you can't just drag two wheels on the ground and say you're helping. At least make some "vroom vroom" sounds.

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7. I took me a long time to figure out what's happening here, but somebody made a little hut out of their truck bed. 

Reddit | Kidarcus

You know, it's nice to see someone be creative and cute with this little door before we get into the really mind-bending stuff.

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8. Sometimes lying on your resumé works, and sometimes you've got someone yelling at you to maintain proper dagger distribution.

Reddit | Trapezoidoid

That's what it says, but I hope someone just put a lot of work into a pun, because the very idea of this machine stresses me out.

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9. I feel like this could only smell either amazing or terrible, and I'm just sitting here wondering why these are the thoughts I'm thinking today.

Instagram | @streetcatto

I just hope that nobody asks if they can have this well-done, because that would probably take like, 12 hours.

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10. So, it was apparently raining inside of this elevator, and I need to know how this happened so we never need to deal with it again.

Reddit | Bartdog

As combinations go, rain and elevators sounds like the exact opposite of chocolate and peanut butter.

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11. I don't know, I feel like a food knockoff telling me to relax kind of has the opposite effect.

Instagram | @streetcatto

Like, does the back of this shirt say, "Now with 33% fewer spider eggs," just to complete the set of non-reassuring reassurances?

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12. I know holy water is supposed to hurt vampires, but would mushrooms that grow from a Bible do the trick too?

Instagram | @streetcatto

If that's the case, I need to send in my script about a team of pizza-delivering vampire hunters before someone beats me to it.

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13. Uh oh, things are obviously getting way too weird if even the snakes are using the thinking emoji now.

Reddit | KourRage

Yes, I'm holding out hope that this is the snake's natural skin and someone didn't just vandalize the poor little danger noodle.

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14. I'm sure there's a reason someone risked climbing a dead tree to tie bikes to it, but I don't have a spare three hours to figure it out.

Reddit | Get-a-grip69

It's not even like someone built a heartfelt monument to the game Uniracer, because these all have two wheels.

I'm stumped.

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15. Well, I'm not surprised that there are so many portions of this stuff left on the shelves, because it doesn't exactly scream "top seller" to me.

Instagram | @meme.w0rld

And that's saying something, because if it could, I'm sure this nightmarish creation would scream a lot of things.

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16. Ah yes, nothing helps the aspiring fashionista paint the town red quite like...NASA chic? 

Reddit | ykarnaukhov

Somewhere, there's an astronaut with a very fashionable lady's hat and a very red face right now. Oh, not because they're embarrassed. They've just been holding their breath a long time.

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