12+ Things That Lowkey Convinced Us We're Living In The Matrix

Diply 14 Aug 2018

It took some spiritual fortitude to not kind of freak out about the possibility that we're living in a computer simulation after watching The Matrix. It's like watching Jaws and going straight to the beach right after.

Although, since I saw the movie at age 9, I was really just wondering when I was gonna get the cool jumping powers.

But anyway, even after you shake off that Matrix scare, you might still run into a couple of things that'll make you think Morpheus is gonna show up and flip your world upside-down.

1. Either that car is way stronger than I'm giving it credit for, or the hole in that wall seems suspiciously clean.

Reddit | iheartcatzz

I'd watch that cop because it seems like any moment now, he's gonna turn into an agent and punch through the rest of it.

Just because.

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2. Look, we've all been in this situation. You try to enter the jetpack cheat only to realize you just spawned a random car onto somebody's balcony. 

Reddit | oknp_

I've gotta admit that it's...a little weird to see that happen in real life, though. Can the Matrix be modded?

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3. No matter how sophisticated of a virtual world you're dealing with, there will always be glitches.

Reddit | Kamilokk

And because of that, one hungry customer will never learn the terrible truth behind why they didn't get their food.

Nobody's questioning this mysterious statue dedicated to taco delivery, though.

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4. The Matrix never mentioned what happens to agents on their first day, but I'll bet it involves a lot of awkward teleporting.

Instagram | @will_ent

Maybe Agent Smith was so grumpy because he had to watch the new guy jump into a bird for the third time that day.

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5. Just because the rebels are trying to save Zion from the machines, that doesn't mean they can't pull a prank every now and then.

Reddit | H20Much-XTG-

It probably took some awkward jumping to get this cow up here, but it looks like it was worth it.

Just don't tell Morpheus.

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6. Uh oh, it looks like the machines have figured out that instead of chasing people down the highway, it's a lot easier to give their cars allergic reactions.

Reddit | SyKrysus

Unless somebody finds a way to invent vehicular Benadryl, our hacker buddies better start stretching their calves.

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7. This is why you never want to see an agent mid-transformation.

Reddit | IBegYouToStop

Not only will it haunt your dreams forever, but it's kind of a bummer to learn that The Teletubbies was just brainwashing us so we'd get used to life in the Matrix.

It's not that surprising, though.

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8. But you know what? Maybe life inside the Matrix isn't so bad after all.

Instagram | @kalesalad

Sure, we're being lied to on a grand scale while the machines use us as batteries, but at least they'll turn the clouds into adorable animals every now and then.

That's something, right?

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9. While we're at it, there are some pretty easy ways to actually make us OK with this crazy simulation we're living in.

Instagram | @will_ent

For instance, if the machines made it so every animal waved when we took their picture, nobody would want to leave.

Hire me, mechanical overlords!

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10. Gah! OK, forget everything I've just said. All the waving animals in the world aren't worth dealing with this on the regular.

Reddit | Lux_9

If the machines are recording me while I'm on the toilet, get me on the first train to Zion immediately.

Zion forever...or whatever they say.

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11. I've proven my knowledge about the subtle ways the Matrix works, but there are some things even I can't figure out.

Reddit | Marvibun

Like, what is the connection between controlling us and hidden caches of Easter eggs?

Wait, why were we getting eggs from a rabbit anyway?

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12. You might think this is another wacky glitch from our friendly neighborhood machines, but this is how the rebels are jumping out of the Matrix now.

Reddit | retrah

After all, they were using payphones before, and good luck finding those nowadays. Gotta change with the times, folks.

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13. Remember those twins with the dreadlocks who could float through walls?

Reddit | keenobi_1

They may have been a serious problem for our heroes, but I have my doubts that their replacements will put up much of a fight.

Just run screaming at them from opposite sides and you win!

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14. After Neo ran into some trouble escaping the agents to get to Morpheus, the Resistance came up with a better way to sign up new recruits.

Reddit | luv1138

I mean, the karate lessons part is kind of a giveaway, but it's worth a shot.

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15. Ever wonder why you don't see as many arcades as you used to? Well, it looks like that's because the machines have an easier time rendering PC monitors. 

Reddit | KungPowKarma

So, yeah, you've got them to thank for having to play Fortnite with a bunch of screaming 12-year-olds.

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16. This man got a little feisty while the agents were questioning him, and this is how he turned out.

Reddit | GallowBoob

Neo may not have enjoyed getting his mouth all closed up, but asking for his phone call was apparently a better idea than hitting them.

Who knew?

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17. You know, having a bunch of agents chasing people and causing havoc may not be such a great idea after all. 

Reddit | semjazaa

If someone starts to hear about Zion, the machines should just make an angry cat appear in their drawer.

Things'll just take care of themselves.

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18. If the machines are gonna control our existence and trap us in a simulation, they should at least get our history right.

Reddit | G3nes3ct

I'll admit that I do kind of like the idea of this castle's dungeon just being a normal Ikea, though.

I mean, nobody's escaping that.

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19. Has anybody actually tried to fool the Matrix's facial recognition systems like this? Because if it works, that's a little embarrassing.

Reddit | kris10amanda

Although I can definitely see it backfiring when the machines send agents to figure out what's with all these skeletons running around.

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20. "Tell me, Mr. Anderson, what good is an elevator if you're not able to go up and down?"

Reddit | Gammaroid

It's a tough choice, but I might actually prefer having my mouth closed up to being trapped in an elevator for as long as the agents want.

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21. Look, it takes a lot of processing power to run an entire society. Sometimes the machines have to cut a few corners.

Reddit | Lawlkitties

When only the pilot and co-pilot are real people, there's no real point in giving all of the passengers unique character models.

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22. So with that in mind, weird glitches like this become a lot easier to explain.

Reddit | janx2k1

These four obviously got off that plane from earlier and decided it was easier to pretend to be identical quadruplets than choose another form.

They never said machines were imaginative.

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23. Well, isn't this something? It looks like somebody actually managed to defeat an agent.

Reddit | Marriedtosleep

Normally, that would mean they just turn back into a person, but this one thought it would be funny to jump into a store mannequin instead.

Not so clever now, is he?

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24. Yeah, if the machines don't want people to question why certain buildings exploded for totally non-combat reasons, they should just add some nice fish to the flooded remains.

Twitter | @scixpmas

The more colorful they are, the less people are inclined to ask what happened behind that chained-up door.

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