16 Bizarre But Interesting Things Caught On Camera

Diply 17 Apr 2018

The world is a weird, wild, and wonderful place — and we've got the pix to prove it. Floating bears, pylon camouflage, driftwood animals, literal picture windows. And these are just some of the interesting things that were caught on camera. Imagine all the bizarre goings-on that happen everywhere all the time but just aren't captured for posterity.

1. "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream"

Reddit | mddtsk

The smile is the promise of good things to come, but the Gremlin on the right is how you feel after powering through a pint of Häagen-Dazs. Shame and guilt mixed with sweetness hurts so good.

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2. "Art is not what you see, but what you make others see"

Reddit | modestmau5_

That quote from French painter Edward Degas captures the essence of this "cracker art," which looks like different things to different people. The piece is called "Cracked Crackers." Where's the soup?

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3. "To everything — turn, turn, turn / There is a season — turn, turn, turn / And a time to every purpose under heaven"

Reddit | zxkool

This life cycle of a fallen leaf is pretty and poetic and a reminder that all things, us included, return to dust. We're here for a good time, remember, not a long time.

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4. This is what Chewbacca might look like if he suffered from male pattern baldness

Reddit | JoeinJapan

If he shaved his head like most guys do to reclaim some control over their receding hairlines, he'd look like this palooka. Imagine the anguished Wookiee cries we'd hear then.

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5. This sign is pretty clear about what you're not supposed to do, but the punishment seems a little vague and ominous

Reddit | Dont-Stop-Believin1

Are they seriously threatening to trim your testicles if you can't hold it in? That seems a little nuts!

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6. It takes guts to build an exploding rubber band ball like this 

Reddit | Let_Me_Pop_A_Quick_H

And loads of patience and time and thousands upon thousands of elastic bands. That colorful orb must have been vibrating from the accumulated tension shortly before she blew. Impressive.

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7. It's not just where you live. Spring is MIA across the planet

Reddit | fish_ticks

You might as well embrace the new reality like this guy and just pretend that it's warm and sunny outside. Sometimes you've got to fake it to make it. Brrrrr.

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8. If you think a deer can cause damage to your car, wait until you broadside a bison

Reddit | outrider567

This hulking beast was snapped by an alert driver in Yellowstone National Park. These creatures are particularly hard to spot and avoid because their eyes don't reflect headlights like deer.

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9. "Shhh, ain't nobody here but us construction cones"

Reddit | flipperpancake

It's a great costume and he blends right in, but someone needs to tell him pylons don't have big, buggy eyes or pointy noses.

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10. Finally! A toilet that doubles as a tub!

Reddit | TaoTeChing81

This bathroom pic confuses and confounds us. Why is that toilet so long? What is its purpose? Who uses it and what do they look like?

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11. The fish tank for folks who like to live on the edge

Reddit | chilejon

While it likely won't fall on its own, this precariously placed tank juts out and is just begging to be bumped into. Ideal for people who care more about style than the life of their fish.

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12. This parking garage looks like an M.C. Escher print

Reddit | iikun

Roads to nowhere. The ramps in this parking garage lead to non-existent upper levels. Great for skateboarding, but parking? Not so much.

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13. The "Morning Glory Pool" thermal hot spring in Yellowstone looks like a portal to the Earth's core 

Reddit | julieeea

It's definitely too hot to take a dip at a blistering 157.6°F (the average hot tub is 100-102°F). Plus the unique coloring is from bacteria in the water.

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14. This bear looks like he's caught in a tractor beam

Reddit | S-WordoftheMorning

He doesn't look like he's falling or even bouncing off that safety net. Nope. He looks like he's suspended in mid-air by some mysterious force.

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15. This giraffe made out of driftwood has a head that looks like ALF

Reddit | dittidot

The rest of him looks like it belongs in that Body Worlds exhibit, which peels back the skin to display the inner workings of the human body.

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16. Why pay for expensive art when you can just cut a hole in the wall and slap on some window trim?

Reddit | PifflesTheGreat

You won't get idyllic pastures and alpine mountain scenes if you live in a slum, but you'll still save money on art.

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