24 Things That Are Honestly Pretty Damn Genius

Diply 3 Jul 2018

I don't know for sure how well these folks did in school, but judging by how clever these ideas are, I'm assuming they got straight A's.

I'm just left wondering how these people were so freaking clever and why I didn't come up with these ideas first, because damn, y'all are geniuses!

1. The best thing to happen to grilled cheese.

Twitter | @nothinbutlag

I just wish I could take back all the precious moments I wasted making grilled cheese the slow and less cool way!!!

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2. Honestly, a fool-proof solution to a very real problem. 

Twitter | @CalcaterraRay

The thing that's genius about this is that everyone will secretly be wondering why you're carrying a loaf of bread, and they'll silently appreciate the fashion decision.

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3. Eating Tide Pods is sooooo early 2018.

Twitter | @ChrisKlemens

Chris is obviously a trendsetter over here, because he just started something genius to one-up all the Tide Pod-eaters out there. Like, get with it.

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4. I'll take one of each. 

  | Imgur

I don't know if whoever came up with this knows that they're genuinely a national treasure, having saved millions the agony of losing their spot and having to awkwardly ask for it back. We are truly not worthy!

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5. Because plain water is BASIC!!!

Twitter | @Knifti

This just upped everyone's water game to a whole new level. Gone are the days of drinking boring plain water — it's time to get hella bougie.

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6. Now THIS is how to give someone your number. 

Twitter | @marissuh_x

This is how you truly impress someone at the bar and make a lasting impression. BRB, gonna make one of these.

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Twitter | @goatsasf

No back yard? No amenities at your building? NO PROBLEM. This kid is a freaking genius, and I expect great things from him in the future.

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8. This is how to eat cereal the right way.

Tumblr | shitmemesforshitteens

No one ever eats one bowl of cereal, so let's not kid ourselves here. The only way to eat cereal is by eating way too much of it, and this is basically what we all need to start doing.

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9. Honestly, we don't use our toilet seats for enough things.

Twitter | @Jausepher

Thank you, sir, for showing everyone how truly versatile and under-utilized our toilet seats are. A true visionary of our parents' generation.

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10. Hold up, you win. 

Twitter | @Matt_Villarrea1

No Bluetooth? No problem. And even if you could turn on speakerphone and hear your friend just fine, why waste an opportunity to be a trendsetter?

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11. BRB, gonna by myself a scooter.

Twitter | @Evedangelion

Riding the subway as an adult is boring AF. There's only so much music you can listen to before you get bored, so dangling off a scooter is the next best thing to improve everyone's commute.

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12. The only way to drink the juice you love.

Twitter | @BradHomeyer

Sometimes waiting for juice to come out of the little straw doesn't quench one's thirst quite enough, so spraying it all over you is the genius solution everyone needs.

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13. Selfie sticks are literally so last year. 

Pleated-Jeans | Pleated-Jeans

A shoe that doubles as a selfie stick — so you get a workout while you take a selfie — is truly the wardrobe addition everyone needs in their life.

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14. Chores really can be relaxing!

Dopl3r | Dopl3r

You know when you have so much to do but you also wanna live the comfortable life? This is how you kill two birds with one stone, and I need to take notes.

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15. I wish I thought of this when I was a kid.

Twitter | @badgalrhyy

All these years I was foolishly having to pick just one kind of cereal when I could've been living this luxurious life I truly deserve :(

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Twitter | @GlamourGoaIs

Who needs to spend more money on waterproof mascara when you can just do this? This girl isn't the hero we need, but the hero we all deserve.

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17. Nothing but respect for MY president. 

Dopl3r | Dopl3r

If you've burned your tongue way too many times because you have no patience for your food to cool down, then you understand how life-changing and necessary this is.

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18. Y'all are inventing new spices now and I am here for it.

Imgur | Imgur

Like, you can't tell me this isn't the smartest thing to do to up your cooking game and make your dinners 10 times better!

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Ebaum's World | Ebaum's World

I just called over my coworker to help me out and we concluded that some F6, followed by H10, and a little bit of A2 would be a heavenly combination.

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20. Is it acceptable to be a man and have one of these?

Twitter | @angelabrisk

Because I don't care, and I've genuinely never wanted something more my whole life. A true game changer for movie nights.

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21. Makes one for every family occasion

Twitter | @robertclarke98

We all dread coming home for the holidays and having to answer way too many uncomfortable questions, SO WHY HASN'T THIS BEEN A THING?!

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22. The solution to being forever alone.

Imgur | Imgur

Everyone wants a relationship but isn't prepared to put in that work, so a robot girlfriend seems like the genius solution every person needs!

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23. No childhood? No problem!

Instagram | @no.body_special

I personally never had a trampoline growing up, so I feel like I need one of these to cheer me up for all the precious moments I missed out on.

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24. This is how to truly beat the system.

Instagram | @douch.e

Apple keeps doing all sorts of funky things to each iPhone upgrade, and sometimes these "upgrades" are truly silly. So, this a genius solution for the times when Apple was, well, not genius.

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