12 Things That Look Totally Wild From The Inside

Diply 10 Apr 2018

I know this is going to sound ridiculous, but sometimes I forget that literally everything is made from something. Bear with me, okay? I know that matter is science and all things are made of something, but what I mean is that I had no idea that the inside of a fire alarm was just a switch, or that there even was an inside of a debit card!

1. The inside of this golf ball looks like raw chicken.

Reddit | guntycankles

Like, I can't tell if it's appetizing or not. You know what, I'm gonna say no. Either way, isn't it so strange?!

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2. Okay, see what I mean? This is a debit card! 

Reddit | ---__--

I'm not sure what I thought went on in a debit card, but I actually just thought it was a small sheet of plastic. Mind = blown.

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3. So, this boccie ball is just full of other, smaller balls.

Imgur | bookfancier69

Do all balls come from the same factory and they just mix and match at their leisure? I'm pretty okay with that, tbh.

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4. Fire alarms are so serious, I would have thought there was a lot of mysterious science going on in one of these.

Reddit | Silentwisdom91

I think I am a little disappointed, tbh.

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5. I had no idea that this is what the inside of a tomato looks like. 

Reddit | CroixBeans

It looks like a strawberry! Like, I am actually so shook, I feel like everything I know is a lie.

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6. Again, I'm not sure what I thought the inside of a gas pump would look like, but I wasn't expecting something this complicated.

Reddit | LoIIip0p

It's kind of neat, though. And it makes sense when I remember the screens and everything.

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7. How am I supposed to tell my fortune with just this part of an 8 Ball?

Reddit | MC_USS_Valdez

Also, I don't know about you, but I don't remember having that many options when I had one of these as a kid.

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8. The inside of this guitar looks like a really expensive apartment or a restaurant that is way too good for me. 

Reddit | VarneyKing

Oh well, add it to the list of luxuries I'll never be able to afford.

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9. I don't hate this. It means that this old toothpaste box has been reused! 

Reddit | Theultravisitor

I love that. I really don't know how well it would protect my phone, though, so maybe it defeats the purpose.

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10. This is kind of neat! And more simple than I would have guessed.

Reddit | Reddit

I thought the whole thing would've been the pipe, but I guess not. Seems like a tiny pipe for that high water pressure.

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11. This is the inside of an air mattress!

Reddi | mdgholson

I thought this was the close-up of some weird organism or even an alien planet. I did not see the air mattress thing coming. Not at all.

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12. So, I guess this is what it looks like from the mind of the Statue of Liberty.

Reddit | marcia724

Very cool, right? I didn't realize that it would be hallow, but it makes sense! It was probably lighter to transport.

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