12 Game-Changing Creations Everyone Should Know About

Diply 17 Apr 2018

You know what I really take for granted? Air conditioning. I love it so much because I hate the heat. But you know what's really crazy? The fact that there was a time when it didn't exist. I know that it still doesn't for some people and that makes me feel super grateful for what I do have. Honestly, although my air conditioner sucks, I'm glad that I can access cool air when I really need it.

What do you think it would have felt like to be one of the first people to try one? Pretty life-changing, I bet.

1. This is genius, now children and grown-ups can have fun at the park together.

Reddit | bluecarpets

Also, I feel like it will be some pretty cute bonding time to share the swing together, don't you think? Although I would probably go way too high and ruin all the fun.

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2. Well, well, well. It's about time that we had a deck of cards with female kings. 

Reddit | morbidlyatease

I wonder what the queens look like, probably just as regal and important and powerful. I'm really into this.

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3. How was this not a thing sooner?

Reddit | Scoudz

Now with the urinals in the corner there will be no more awkward eye contact or worrying about whether or not someone has to use the middle urinal. Hopefully there is no awkward contact when someone backs up.

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4. Anything that is going to encourage an animal gathering is super necessary in my books. 

Reddit | mababe

This is so cute and so smart. Now no little ones will get left behind and everyone can enjoy a quick paddle through the fountain together.

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5. One of the most uncomfortable things about public washrooms is walking to the hand dryer with your soaking wet hands.

Reddit | TheLazarbeam

The water is dripping down your sleeve, the floor is soaked...but not anymore! You can dry your hands right at the sink now.

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6. These chains have a small fan or light on the bottom to let you know which part of the lamp the chain controls.

Reddit | Seamonkeyknifefight

Man, that is some next-level genius. I swear that no two geniuses are the same.

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7. Apparently these bike tires have holes in them, which means that they're not going to go flat. 

Reddit | dagfar69

That is a pretty hefty claim, but I hope it's true. This would revolutionize the biking industry.

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8. I love these unique picture frames, I think they're such a neat idea.

Reddit | patholio

Plus, these could come in handy if you don't have that much space to begin with.

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9. Where has this been all my life?

Reddit | Hakuna_Ratata

The showerhead and the tap are on opposite sides of the shower so you can adjust the temperature without ruining your life. What a game changer.

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10. This security camera is created to look just like the lights so it's more hidden.

Reddit | JamesMakesFilms

Now you'll really be able to catch people who are up to no good.

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11. This lighter uses electricity to light your cigarettes. 

Reddit | PaperPlait

I want to believe that this is more environmentally friendly, so here's hoping. If nothing else, it looks pretty cool.

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12. Getting the wifi password at a cafe or restaurant is the worst.

Davetheminion101 | Davetheminion101

It always turns into a whole thing with spelling and not hearing correctly. This place has it printed right on the bottom of the receipt. Genius.

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