8 Things That Are Surprisingly Awesome And 8 That Are Super Sketchy

Diply 15 May 2018

Internet memes are a lot like boyfriends: some are clear winners and some you probably should have run from on first sight!

When we're browsing, we usually get a mixture of winners and losers: some are downright awesome and some are just sketchy as heck.

Don't know what we're talking about? Just keep scrolling in order to find out!

1. Can you build with all the colors of the rainbow?

Reddit | ethan_kahn

This is the Lotus Building in China, and it basically puts all other buildings to shame! Probably only a matter of time before Tom Cruise tries to climb it for another movie, though.

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2. Should have used the time machine, dudes

Reddit | Jooseee

If you're wondering where they got Bill and Ted cereal from, this was based off their cartoon from thirty years ago. Whoever donated to this food pantry must have thought it would age as well as Keanu Reeves!

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3. Today, we learned that there are silencers for tanks

Reddit | j_curic_5

You should really think about that the next time your annoying roommate refuses to turn the damn TV volume down even a little!

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4. The perfect accessory for those who hate having guests

Reddit | thegameplayerguy

Look, Walmart, we all know that you're a lawless land, but we're pretty sure you're not allowed to just taxidermy Dr. Seuss creatures and display them like this!

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5. Better than anything in Pirates of the Caribbean

Reddit | outrider567

We know it's really creepy, but this thing is so beautiful that it needs to be in our home yesterday. Quick, be honest with us: how old is too old to go goth?

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6. Images like this are why we keep buying moisturizer

Reddit | dc5iceman

Part of the fun of going to the thrift shop is that you never know what you could find. However, if that includes what is obviously a cursed mask from hell, you may want to find another shop!

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7. Car from a galaxy far, far away...

Reddit | vionesies

Honestly, we would absolutely love to drive a Star Wars car around town. We could even get the droid to look into the check engine light instead of ignoring it again!

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8. Store security: you're not yourself when you're hungry

Reddit | JPaych

While it's bad enough that security didn't realize you can just take the wrapper off, you should probably just get out of the store that thinks every candy bar is expensive merchandise!

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9. Quick, how many fingers are we holding up?

Reddit | alstraka

Sometimes, we wish we had mad artistic skills like this. We should probably master painting our real nails before we paint entire fake fingers, though!

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10. When bad design meets good advice

Reddit | Orange-Crocs

While this sign makes a great point, it's still not a good idea to show it to everyone with big families at your high school reunion!

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11. How to be "so hot" and "so cool" at the same time!

Reddit | ivonapkin

This is what happens when hot tea is thrown in Arctic temperatures. Probably the most beautiful waste of tea since the Boston Tea Party!

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12. You guys have to hide the evidence a little better

Reddit | 1Darkest_Knight1

This is your daily reminder that the wrong choice for an undercoat color means everyone who sees you will think you've been disposing of bodies!

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13. Read, or read not: there is no try

Reddit | GallowBoob

While not everyone is comfortable letting their geek flag fly, we think every home would be a lot cooler if Master Yoda was on the bookshelf!

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14. Taking that fear of vampires a little too far

Reddit | 88outtatime

We actually like it when companies think outside the box, but this is the shampoo you use when you literally hate everyone in your life!

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15. What happens in the bathroom stays in the bathroom

Reddit | deisee

Over the years, we've had to hold our friends' hair in the bathroom several times. However, anyone caught in this situation has bigger problems on their hands!

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16. Germany really can make anything look awesome

Reddit | julieeea

One look at this cool German manhole cover and we were completely ready to go on an adventure with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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