This Thanos Scene Was Cut 'Cause It Was 'Too Dark' — So, That Ending Was The Happy One?

Diply 22 Aug 2018

Like the majority of movies set in the MCU, Avengers: Infinity War had a lot of well-placed humor, but for the most part, it was a more sober and serious story amidst the action and adventure.

I mean, I guess it's hard to keep up the comedy when half your cast crumbles in the last five minutes like that packet of month-old saltines you found at the bottom of your bag. There are laughs, but Infinity War focuses on Thanos aka the Mad Titan aka the purple man with a groovy chin and a depopulation complex.

As you might expect, Big T doesn't crack a ton of jokes. Instead, he pulls moons from the sky and tussles with the Avengers.

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And I'm guessing he spends the rest of the time in and out of pharmacies looking for purple Band-Aids.

So, during a SlashFilm interview with Digital Domain (who did the visual effects for His Mad Titan-ness), when they described a sequence in the film that they cut because it was "too dark," it definitely raised our eyebrows.

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First of all, Infinity War is duper well-paced, so maybe it just didn't have a place in the final cut.


But also, are we really going to lighten upon a guy who just killed trillions?And yeah, that's right. I say "duper" instead of "super" now. I don't think it's necessary to explain why, so let's just move past it.

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Anyways, we know that Gamora (or at least a vision of her little self) is waiting for Thanos inside the Soul Stone(?) after he does the Snap.

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It's a touching scene, especially after seeing how she and Thanos first bonded earlier in the film.

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For all his cruelty and evil masterminding, Thanos legit cared about Gamora, which made sacrificing her to gain the Soul Stone the hardest thing he had to do to achieve his goal.

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Besides (and I'm just guessing here) brushing his teeth with fingers the size of kielbasa sausages.

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But this touching scene was originally a bit more...erm, visceral. Like, quite literally. 

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That liquid that makes up the "ground" in the realm of the Soul Stone?

Originally, that was going to be blood. As in, Thanos was going to wake up in and then slog through some The Shining elevator-esque blood ocean to speak with Gamora. It would've represented that he killed most of the universe.

(It's only "most" of the universe if you round up from 50%. Don't blame me — blame math teachers everywhere.)

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Part of what made Thanos such a great villain in Infinity War and a cut above most of the MCU's villain range — can you say "I'm basically the hero but bigger and stronger?" — was his vulnerability.

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There were moments in the film when Thanos is on the ropes, about to be defeated or really hurting, where you can't help but feel empathy for the big mauve monster.

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I dunno if the blood ocean would've ruined the Soul Stone scene with Gamora, but it definitely could've altered it on a fundamental level. 

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Maybe the change would've killed (ugh, sorry about that pun) the specific vibe that wound up in the final cut of the film. But would it have been worse? Or less emotional?

Personally, I think that Thanos was well-written and acted to the point that a relatively cosmetic change like the one described above wouldn't have jinxed the tone of Infinity War. I'd even be curious to see the original scene!

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Also, I just found out that when you search for Thanos gifs, you get a lot of "thank you" gifs because of how close the "k" and "o" are on the keyboard, leading to inevitable typos.


So...happy ending?

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