14+ Thanksgiving DIYs To Impress Your Dinner Guests

Diply 4 Oct 2018

Thanksgiving is fast approaching! Are you as excited as I am?

While some may say their favorite part of the holiday is stuffing their belly with food, mine is all about setting that warm and cozy Thanksgiving mood!

To prepare for the festivities, I like to make sure my home is full of proper Thanksgiving decor. And instead of spending a fortune, I like to get crafty.

Here are a few DIY ideas that I'll be trying at home — they're sure to get put your guests in a festive mood!

1. Maybe you're super glam. That's totally fine! Make sure your decor matches your vibe. 

See Vanessa Craft | See Vanessa Craft

See Vanessa Craft used gold tape and glitter to decorate pumpkins and candles. This is just the right amount of glitter needed to impress your glamorous guests.

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2. You can never have enough treats for your guests on Thanksgiving. Here's an adorable idea! 

YouTube | @Kenmore

When it comes to this holiday, turkeys are meant to be everywhere. Kenmore shows us how you can turn pretzel sticks into cute turkey snacks. This is the perfect treat!

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3. Thanksgiving is all about pie. So, in addition to traditional pumpkin and apple, serve up a pie garland for dinner! 

Martha Stewart | Martha Stewart

This would look great anywhere, and it's simple to do. Martha Stewart just used string, glue, construction paper, and pom poms. Who's ready for pie?!

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4. These leafy tea lights are the perfect way to set the mood for your family gathering. 

Instagram | @craftydiys_kh

Instagrammer @craftydiys_kh used Mod Podge to stick the leaves onto the mason jar. This is the best way to bring nature indoors!

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5. Make sure you're serving your food the Thanksgiving way. By this I mean on top of a pumpkin, obviously. 

Val Event Gal | Val Event Gal

For this simple DIY, just grab a plastic pumpkin and glue a plastic plate on top. You could even paint the pumpkin if you want, just like Val Event Gal. This DIY will cost you less than five dollars!

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6. This is the most autumn-inspired way to serve drinks at your dinner party. 

Instagram | @khoh1

Who would have thought to carve out a pumpkin for an ice bucket? Instagrammer @khoh1did! Whether it's a bottle of wine or water, this will serve your guests in style.

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7. To really bring fall into your home, create a garland with some leaves to hang from your light fixture! 

YouTube | Amanda Nicole DIY

Amanda Nicole just used fake leafs and string to do this. It's super simple and inexpensive!

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8. Thanksgiving with the fam just wouldn't be right without a good ol' cocktail. 

YouTube | Katie Bookser

YouTuber Katie Bookser created this Sparkling Cinnamon Cider with apple cider, champagne, cinnamon, and sugar! Want to really wow your guests? Definitely try this.

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9. These rice crispy square pumpkins are literally the cutest one-bite snack you could have. 

Instagram | @craftydiys_kh

Instagrammer @craftydiys_kh tried this, and they turned out great! Just add red food coloring, roll your rice crispies into a ball, and add a piece of Rolo chocolate on top. Yum!

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10. Serve up sweet potatoes for dinner in more than one way. 

Inhabitat | Inhabitat

Inhabitat shows us how make stamps with veggies and a li'l paint. Carved into a leaf, a sweet potato makes beautiful prints for table runners and napkins.

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11. If you have a big family, name tags are almost essential. Here's one way to do it!

Instagram | @eyecandycreativestudio

Mini pumpkins are adorable as is, but this is a great way to put them to use! All that Instagrammer @eyecandycreativestudio did was paint names on them. Cute and festive!

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12. Plain Oreos aren't as fun as turkey Oreos, and you know it! 


To make this turkey snack, you just need Oreo cookies, some candy, and icing! YouTuber The Acne Channel created these. This snack would be such a fun activity for kiddos!

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13. Make sure that your guests have a beautiful fall wreath to greet them at your door! 

YouTube | Do It On A Dime

A fall wreath is so festive — your guests will adore it and it's easy to create! With the help of YouTuber Do It On A Dime, you can have one, too.

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14. Another awesome way to create a turkey for Thanksgiving is to use chocolates and pipe cleaners! 

Instagram | @amelia_diy_polish

Instagrammer @amelia_diy_polish combined Ferrero Rochers and Reese's cups for these adorable treats. Use them as place settings or party favors!

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15. Set your utensils up in ultimate Thanksgiving style! 

Instagram | @sweatycheese

Anything burlap fits the fall theme perfectly. So, like Instagrammer @sweatycheese, use burlap to make a holder to display your dinner utensils! Leaves and flowers add a nice pop of color.

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16. You know you're going to have a lot of food at your dinner, so create some fun trivets to serve hot plates on. 

YouTube | Primrose

Primrose used a wood stump to paint into a pumpkin. With a thankful message, this would be great on the dinner table!

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