16 Easter Pinterest Fails That Will Fuel Every Parent's Nightmares

Diply 14 Feb 2018

Easter seems like it's the perfect holiday to get a little bit creative. After all, spring is in the air, Pinterest is open on your phone, and you're feeling inspired.

A couple of hours later, your kitchen is covered in pastel food coloring and you're wondering where you went wrong.

Don't worry. At least you're not the only one.

1. These eggs need a rebrand.

Instagram | @amyisaac.mua

Yeah, they totally whiffed on the pretty pastel front. But if you were hosting some kind of swamp monster-themed party for some reason, these would be perfect.

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2. Trippy, man.

Instagram | @meganyebba

Yes, the end result looks absolutely nothing like what she was going for. But take these psychedelic cookies on their own merit, and they're actually pretty cool. It's like a '60s Volkswagen van, all wrapped up in cookie form.

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3. That poor bunny.

Instagram | @brittanyteel

What hath this baker wrought? If this horribly disfigured bunny cake could speak, it would say, "Please...just...eat...me..."

I know they tried (well, I think they tried). But I've gotta come down hard on this one. It's an insult to bunnydom.

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4. I don't even know where to begin.

Instagram | @tammysabel

Like, I see what's going on in the before picture. But the after picture could be a pile of pulled pork for all I know.

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5. Pro-tip: Pinterest with kids never, ever works.

Instagram | @mandily_24

It's good to have fun projects to do with your kids and all, but you'll never recreate the beauty of Pinterest when you've got toddlers running around your kitchen.

Some projects claim to be kid-friendly. They're all lying.

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6. This lamb's looking a little ruff.

Instagram | @elaineascencio

Honestly, look on the bright side: If this baker was trying to create a bug-eyed brown dog that's surrounded by Easter eggs, they absolutely nailed it.

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7. Those baskets never work.

Instagram | @kimberlyrose_xo

Do it, they said.

It'll be fun and easy, they said.

Then the threads stick to the balloon, everything collapses under its own weight, and you vow to get off Pinterest for good.

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8. Peeps sushi is just as disgusting as it sounds.

Instagram | @lonecedarfarm

Y'know, between the excesses of St. Patrick's Day and the sugar overload of Easter, I think pretty much every spring holiday ultimately results in vomit that's been dyed by food coloring.

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9. I don't know who looks sadder here.

Instagram | @sophansee

At least this lamb is lamb-colored, but that's the only positive here. I'd be bummed out to be photographed with this monstrosity, too.

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10. The worst part of waking up.

Instagram | @carlacantsleep

We're all fragile early in the morning. So these bunny crumpets might have seemed like a good idea, but in reality, they're just helping someone get started on a truly unsettling day.

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11. Most of my cookies look like this.

Instagram | @fozzielove

Sometimes you start with a great idea, but your batter is too liquidy. You go with it anyway and wind up with these horrifying bunny puddles.

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12. Oh come on now.

Instagram | @bethzas

I've seen a few deviled eggs fails in my time, but this is the worst one yet. Like, I don't see any evidence that they even tried to replicate Pinterest.

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13. It's still good.

Instagram | @clarkeallenevents

These pretty marshmallow things wound up as big abstract piles of pastel nothing, but I'd probably still destroy a plate of them. Better than deviled eggs, at any rate.

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14. Structural integrity compromised.

Instagram | @christniina

I would criticize this, but those who can't build a graham cracker house shouldn't cast the first stone, or something like that. Good effort, terribly unfortunate execution.

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15. Good hair artists do not equal good egg artists.

Instagram | @deannahenninghair

Deanna probably thought that since she knows her way around hair fashion, she could make some fashionable Easter eggs. Sorry, Deanna.

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16. My best cake ever looks like this.

Instagram | @paulamariezichichi

Honestly, by the time I'm done bludgeoning the batter together and clumsily applying frosting and candy, most of my cakes probably look even worse.

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