13+ Teachers Tell Reddit About Their Worst Homework Fails

Diply 19 Sep 2018

We've covered some pretty horrifying Reddit threads in the past, like when people asked Reddit about the dumbest things they believed as kids, or about the worst tattoos that artists have ever given out. But this one has the potential to be even more embarrassing than either of those.

User ReneAnd invited teachers to share some stories they probably don't get to very often, asking "What's the weirdest thing a student has accidentally [sent] instead of/with his/her homework/assignment?" and we've got some of the funniest and most uncomfortable answers* collected here.

*Some user-generated quotes may have been censored or lightly copyedited for clarity.

1. "I once received a submission from a student that had another student's name on it from the year before." —thaimin

Getty Images | Vicky Kasala

Some people don't even bother to follow the "change it a bit so it doesn't even look like I copied" rule. They just straight up stole the other kid's identity while they were stealing their homework.

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2. "I used to teach German. A lot of students don't understand how obvious it is when they use Google Translate. But this one submission really stood out." —barelyaboveaverag3

Google | Google

"I started reading this one kid's submission and pretty quickly realized that he had written everything in Google Translate...and translated it into Dutch. Not Deutsch. The kid turned in an assignment in the completely wrong language."

I'm not going to pretend that I would have been smart enough to know the difference between Deutch and Dutch, but I'm also not taking a German class.

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3. Sometimes it was the students themselves who submitted their own nightmare scenarios.

Getty Images | Steve Debenport

"In college, I left a paper I had finished writing open on my laptop and went out for the night," wrote moosedownjacket.

"Next morning before class I printed the paper and handed it in. Got it back a couple weeks later covered in red pen with stuff like '[expletive] my [expletive],' 'butts,' and 'penis' circled throughout the paper and my prof had written 'roommates got to this?' at the top of the first page."

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4. "Had a student plug in their USB drive to pull up a presentation. The guy opened the wrong folder and dozens of [adult] video icons were suddenly projected on the screen for the whole class to see." —bryan_sensei

Reddit | Triomat

Thankfully, there's a way to avoid that moving forward. "Now I cover the LCD until I can see what is going to be projected," they explained.

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5. "I had a student turn in a paper that was almost 100% plagiarized. It was just an obvious Ctrl+C Ctrl+V job. I confronted her about it and she claimed she had no idea it was plagiarized. I said 'Really?! You didn't know it was plagiarized?!'" —Netflix_and_backrubs

Getty Images | Fuse

"She said 'Well, I mean, it's not like I plagiarized it myself...' She had had a friend write her paper and her friend screwed her over."

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6. "I once had a student send me a screenshot of LazyTown [adult material] with a caption that just said 'Love you!'"  —roughhewnends

Know Your Meme | Know Your Meme

Apparently, the teacher's email address started with similar letters to whoever the intended recipient was. Which begs the question, who is emailing that sort of thing to their friends instead of any other way of communicating?

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7. "A friend in college changed every instance of the word 'man' into 'Batman' in one of my papers. I noticed, and did a find and replace for every instance of 'Batman.' I didn't anticipate there being 'Batmen' as well." —Quaznarg

Comic Vine | Comic Vine

If you thought Gotham City was well protected with just one Batman, imagine how safe the streets would be with a whole cadre of Batmen.

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8. "A friend of mine accidentally put his electric bill in the middle of a long political science paper in college. The professor simply wrote 'I hope you paid this on time' with a couple question marks on it." —Cubs1081744

Getty Images | MartinPrescott

I wish I could provide some great commentary for this one, but I think Reddit user theoriginalstarwars beat me to the best possible answer when they wrote, "That's not what I intended when I told him to put a $100 bill with the paper to ensure a good grade."

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9. "I once sent in my Spanish HW to my history class by accident. I got it back saying 'Muy Mal. —Señor Bob.'" —TheCakeIsALie0

Getty Images | Terry Vine

I wonder if there's any way to salvage things at that point. Maybe you could just sort of pray that your history teacher thought you were writing about the Spanish Inquisition in first-person?

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10. "The teacher I was the TA for once told me that instead of a social essay a person sent in their triple X-rated fanfiction." —Gflsfcm8516


It seems to me that these people all need to figure out better storage solutions for their explicit fiction.

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11. "My college roommate wrote poetry. Her assignment started with a B but she sent her poem titled "backseat love" to her professor on accident. Very erotic poem." —anywherebutarizona

Getty Images | LWA

Thankfully, this one has a happy-ish ending — she "noticed immediately and frantically ran to his office and supposedly caught him before he opened it. Made him delete it. She was a mess for a week after that though."

And yes, I realize that's probably not what they mean by "backseat."

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12. "Last year I had a couple [homework fails submitted], one was a Garfield meme and the other was a photoshopped picture of Theresa May wearing a snapback. Pretty sure they were both intentional though." —dheeroyjenkins

Imgflip | Imgflip

I'm not going to tell you how long I spent looking for a picture of Theresa May in a snapback. It's...it's a lot.

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13. "One time, my college professor kept me after lecture because he thought I was getting bullied, I was instantly confused and chuckled and asked him why. He showed me the assignment that I handed in and the heading read '(my name) has a tiny [penis].'" —struggling20somethin

Getty Images | Image Source

You know what? I'm actually really impressed with how this teacher handled things. Instead of just laughing it off or telling Reddit about it, they put embarrassment aside enough to try to reach out. That's a classy move.

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14. "I worked as a graduate assistant for a university for their history department. I was basically a glorified paper grader, but I enjoyed it and it paid pretty well. Students had to write a 2–3 page paper on the code of Hammurabi. One person wrote a paper on Harambe." —notseansaccount

History of Hammurabi | History of Hammurabi

Just when you thought that whole meme was over, here we are talking about Harambe all over again. Pour one out again, I guess?

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15. "I was texting my friend about the weird fact that I sneeze constantly when aroused. I hit the wrong chat box, and actually texted it to my online physics teacher. To this day, I'm mortified." —PractisingPoetry

Getty Images | Colin Hawkins

I cannot imagine the restraint it would have taken for that teacher to never, ever mention it. I realize that's the bare minimum of professional courtesy in this situation, but come on.

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16. "A student had her water break on her assignment. Turned it in. Did not touch it gave 100% credit." —LPGeoteacher

Getty Images | Westend61

As far as push presents go, it's hard to beat a perfect score on an assignment.

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