Taylor Swift Fans Are Spamming Kim K's Latest Instagram Post, And It's Kind Of Scary

Diply 5 Dec 2017

If there's one group of people you don't want to mess with, it's Taylor Swift fans.

Just ask electronic producer Diplo. He's had more than his share of unfortunate run-ins with the Swiftie clan. Of course, the most famous T-Swift feud (and therefore Swiftie feud) is with Kimye.

Recently, Taylor and her fans have been out for blood.

Swifites have been spamming Kim's latest Instagram post with rat emojis.

Instagram | @kimkardashian

Last night, Kim posted a throwback photo of her on the set of Kanye's 2016 music video, "Famous."

Both the song and video take obvious jabs at Taylor, qualifying Kim's post as lowkey shade and possibly a response to Taylor's album, Reputation, which is full of Kanye disses.

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Kim also famously called Taylor a snake, which prompted Taylor's fans to choose the rat emoji. 

Perez Hilton | Perez Hilton

The reason? Snakes eat rats.

If you scroll through the commenters on Kim's photo, they're almost all Taylor fans, either trolling her with emojis or negative remarks ("Srsly? What a childish act kim") for rehashing the controversial video.

Keep in mind that Kim has over one hundred million followers, so it takes A LOT of people to overwhelm the comments section like that.

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Some people thought the trolling was a form of karma for Kim.

Instagram | @kimkardashian

Frankly, spamming the comments section is closer to cyberbullying than anything.

It's one thing for artists to @ each other in their music — rappers have been doing this for eons — but when social media creates a mob mentality, things can go too far.

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We can probably just add this to the list of reasons we wouldn't ever mess with Taylor Swift fans.


We aren't sure whether we approve of the Swifties' methods here, but we do know that the T-Swift fan base is a little terrifying and we'd like to stay far, far away from their bad side.Actually, what we'd really love to do is ignore all this Taylor/Kim/Kanye drama, but we just can't seem to put our popcorn down.

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