12+ Sweet Pics That Are Oh-So-Satisfying

Diply 29 Jun 2018

For something to be satisfying, it doesn't need to be fancy. It could be that first cup of coffee in the morning, finishing a long project, or finally taking off your bra after a long day of work (amirite, ladies?).

But, since we can't have coffee or finish projects every day — and sadly, bras are still a thing — here are some pics to help feel that satisfying feeling.

1. When your cookie perfectly fits your mug. 

Reddit | trznx

Does this make dunking easier? Nope. Probably harder. But that doesn't mean you can't appreciate when a cookie and a mug were meant to be together.

Really, perfectly round cookies are always satisfying. And now I'm craving cookies.

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2. Dandelions are the bane of lawns everywhere, but they sure are pretty just before the seeds scatter.

Reddit | fanzel71

They're just these perfect little puffballs filled with children's wishes, and I love them.

I just also prefer that the seeds don't land on my lawn.

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3. Perfect packing is always satisfying.

Reddit | InsomniacFeverDreams

Especially when what's packed is a bunch of nicely rolled quarters. I always used to love rolling coins as a kid, and I'm not sure what that says about me.

If my math is correct, that's $400 in quarters.

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4. How this lenticular cloud makes it look like Mt. Fuji is wearing a straw hat.

Reddit | Blackjack667

Lenticular clouds are cool on their own, but something about how the smooth oval cloud is perched so perfectly over the mountaintop is also really satisfying.

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5. Just some cute, perfect bubbles of condensation on the underside of a pot lid.

Reddit | grillorafael

This is a perfect example of how you can find a little bit of satisfaction even while doing mundane things, like cooking dinner. It's the little things.

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6. The gradient on this rainbow house is gorgeous.

Reddit | julieeea

The slope tells me this is likely San Francisco, which wouldn't surprise me. I just love how wonderfully the colors fade into one another.

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7. This pleasingly symmetrical flower is a hoya pubicalyx, or waxplant. 

Reddit | wadeybb

Unlike most flowers, the petals of the waxplant are thick and waxy-feeling. But, they sure are pretty all bunched together like that.

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8. I'm not sure I could have managed this gummy bear display without eating them all.

Reddit | awalme

The resulting spectrum swirl is really satisfying, though, even as I'm imagining stuffing my face with gummies.

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9. This cable organization makes me afraid to glance under my desk.

Reddit | phenomoo7

At the same time, it gives me some motivation to crawl under and deal with the wire rat king that's hiding under there.

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10. How the chairs perfectly fit into this table is so satisfying.

Reddit | JohnDaneOfficial

It would also be awesome for a small space, since I know I was always walking into our dining chairs when we were still in our small apartment.

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11. Sometimes, you just need to stop and appreciate when a nut splits perfectly.

Reddit | Ananai77

Does a symmetrical break make any difference once you're snacking? Nope, but it's still satisfying.

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12. Not only does this slipping slope curl so nicely, it's often a sign of coming spring. Aw yiss!

Reddit | i_drink_vino

This sort of thing happens when the snow warms just enough to start slowly sliding during the day, but then refreezes overnight.

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13. This looks like a very satisfying glitch that would happen in The Matrix. 

Reddit | tisconnor

But, it's actually just a well-designed set of stacking chairs. Admittedly, I kind of want to keep on stacking them to see how long until they fall forward.

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14. These spheres are actually bubbled cream on top of coffee.

Reddit | Chromedragon79

It looks really neat and satisfying, though! It happened because it's bulletproof coffee with MCT oil added to it. When the cold, high-fat, heavy cream was added, it bubbled up. They popped as the cream warmed up, though.

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15. The ridges on the placemat are helping balance this phone, but it's still satisfying.

Reddit | jeep_effort

You know you've spent random times of boredom trying to balance things that you shouldn't. That's why successes always feel good.

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16. Just the satisfaction of peeling away the tape to reveal perfectly painted edges.


It's the best reward for all the hard work of putting up the tape and painting the room in the first place.

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