Survive The School Year With These 11+ Hacks From Actual School Teachers

Diply 21 Aug 2018

I'm not sure why I never realized this, but if I had known that being a teacher involved so much DIYing, I'd probably have chosen a different career. I might have changed my mind after dealing with all the kids, but I'd probably get over it with all the crafting I could do.

With back-to-school around the corner, teachers are getting ready for another year of fun DIYs but are also thinking of hacks that'll save time and energy. And if there's a solution for a classroom problem, you can bet a teacher's found a hack.

1. Use stickers on desks to form groups.

Owl-Ways Be Inspired | Owl-Ways Be Inspired

Instead of numbering students off to form groups, place a colored sticker on their desks. This way, all the yellows, greens, pinks, and oranges will know to form a group themselves. Owl-Ways Be Inspired shared this smart hack!

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2. This is a great hack for teachers and crafters alike.

What The Teacher Wants | What The Teacher Wants

Use vegetable oil to help get the glue gunk out of the lids of your glue bottles. You won't have to pick and peel off glue — just run them under the water instead. What The Teacher Wants knows what's up!

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3. I wouldn't have thought to use a bedsheet in the classroom, but it's kind of genius.

Mandy's Tips For Teachers | Mandy's Tips For Teachers

Instead of putting up piece after piece of construction paper to cover a large surface of bulletin board, just staple a bed sheet to it instead.

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It certainly covers a whole lot more surface, and it really makes a huge difference.

Mandy's Tips For Teachers | Mandy's Tips For Teachers

Mandy's Tips For Teachers hack is definitely going to save some time. Alternatively, you could use a cheap tablecloth, too!

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4. Add a pom-pom to the end of a dry erase marker.

Fifth Grade Frenzy | Fifth Grade Frenzy

Pom-poms are great for erasing the marker of a whiteboard! Now, each marker will have its own eraser, and no one will need to fight over it. Thanks to Fifth Grade Frenzy for saving some teacher's butts with this one.

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5. Are some of the kids constantly forgetting to put their name on assignments?

3rd Grade Thoughts | 3rd Grade Thoughts

3rd Grade Thoughts suggests having a place for "no name" assignments to live so students can claim them.

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6. Starbucks cups make for great no-mess painting palettes.

Be Brave Keep Going | Be Brave Keep Going

If the cup gets knocked over, there's no need to fret over cleaning it up! This is such a smart hack from Be Brave Keep Going — I think I might even try it for my own painting.

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7. It seems like every teacher is looking for the best whiteboard eraser.

Instagram | @teaching_with_miss_h

Some teachers swear by sponges, but @teaching_with_miss_h says cheap pieces of felt are the way to go.

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8. Don't want to make marks on the wall? 

Instagram | @thekindergartenpress

Use painter's tape and glue to put things up. Instagrammer @thekindergartenpress says this is a great way to put up classroom posters like birthday calendars.

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9. Looking for an easy way to clean your tables?

Instagram | @mrswoolerys_kinders

We all know kids tend to get markers and paint all over everything — heck, even I tend to get markers and paint all over everything. According to @mrswoolerys_kinders, shaving cream is the trick!

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10. Teachers often go all-out with decor, including making new calendars every single year.

Instagram | @teach.create.collaborate

But @teach.create.collaborate suggests using dry erase boards and wiping it clean with hand sanitizer at the end of the year.

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11. Looking for a fun, cheap, and easy science project for your class?

Instagram | @learningwithmrsa

Show them how to make an egg shell disappear using vinegar! You can compare it to what happens in water like @learningswithmrsa did.

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12. Worried not all your students are grasping your material?

Love Teach Inspire | Love Teach Inspire

Give them a "red, green, yellow" system. Love Teach Inspire encourages students to put each colored note on their desk depending on how confident they are with the lesson.

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13. Are your glue bottles leaking everywhere?

KTeacherTiff | KTeacherTiff

Glue bottles can be tough for little hands to grasp, and that's why KTeacherTiff uses glue sponges instead! Basically, just coat them in glue within a plastic container so they're easy to use but contained.

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14. Another use for a plastic container is for dice games!

Cardigans and Curriculums | Cardigans and Curriculums

You can still see through the container, but the dice won't go rolling around the classroom. I bet this one has saved Cardigans and Curriculums a few times!

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15. Paper towel dispensers always have a garbage can under them, but why not tissue boxes?

Instagram | @mrsjessicacumming

No one wants to pick up little snot towels, so use command hooks to hang a box with the paper towel dispenser like @mrsjessicacumming did.

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