How many times in the last week have I mentioned I'm moving? I know it's gotta be a lot. 

You may have seen some of the moving hacks I found online, but now I'm sharing some renter-friendly DIYs that you might want to think about doing in your new home.

Even though moving sucks and packing is a chore, I'm really excited about the opportunity to decorate and try something new! 


1. I love adding wreaths throughout the year as a way of celebrating each season!

Wreaths are easy to make, and they're easy enough to hang on your door. There are tons of great ways to put them on doors without putting holes in them.

I love this chunky (and funky) yarn wreath that was created by Lovely Indeed.

Realistically, you could have this up in your home all year 'round! And how great does it look against the bright yellow? I'm obsessed!


2. In my new place, I really want to make something using industrial pipes and wood.

I think both are a cost-effective way to create furniture that will make an impact, especially if you can't put anything on your walls or update the existing furniture.

Making Home Base created this entrance unit that I would die to have in my home!

This would certainly make a huge splash when you first walk into your place. I'd love to have a practical unit like this at my front door!


3. So, most renters can't paint their walls.

Which is obviously a bit of a bummer if you want to try something new! I love how A Subtle Revelry used stickers to create a focal point instead.

This constellation is absolutely adorable, and perfect for any free-spirited home.

I love how it works with minimalist design elements and utilizes a ton of wall space! I bet this wouldn't take too long to do, either.


4. With boring white walls, I definitely love adding some bright colors and patterns wherever I can.

One of the ways I've done that now is through pillows! This fun project by A Kailo Chic Life is perfect for that.

Both the watercolor technique and the ink blots are super fun and funky.

There are so many possibilities with colors and patterns. You'll probably want to change them up all the time!


5. Do the doors in your home look a little something like this?

5. Do the doors in your home look a little something like this?
Hometalk |  Meredith Greenberg

Don't worry, mine do too! Luckily, Meredith found a pretty sweet way to give her doors the update they deserve.

Washi tape is definitely a renter's best friend because it's so versatile!

Washi tape is definitely a renter's best friend because it's so versatile!
Hometalk |  Meredith Greenberg

I love how these doors got an instant upgrade with just a little bit of tape. They certainly look a lot more bougie now!


6. So you can't put much on the walls, which means you're going to have to get creative.

I'm in love with how Honey Bear Lane added some bright pink to her rental home!

All you need is some paint to give your old or thrifted furniture a bit of an overhaul.

And now look how great they look in the kitchen nook! 


7. My landlord isn't down for contact paper on appliances, but if yours is cool with it, try this!

How amazing is this wrapped fridge that Aunt Peaches added to her kitchen?

After washi tape, contact paper is probably another item you're going to want to pick up if you're renting.

There are so many ways you can use it in your home! What are you waiting for?


8. If there is one thing I'd love to have in my home, it's a beautiful headboard in my bedroom.

I've been keeping my eyes on beds without a headboard so I can create my own!

The Weathered Door made this stunning wooden one with an even more stunning pattern.

And the pattern is actually kind of easy! I'll be giving this a try for sure.


9. Don't have a ton of storage in your bathroom, but you're looking for something renter-friendly?

Try adding a little bit of paint to some boring plastic bins! I know you're going to love them.

Tell Love And Party did such a great job turning some plain bins into something adorable.

This is definitely the perfect place to keep fresh rolls of toilet paper!


10. While I can knit, I'm not a huge fan of it.

BUT I absolutely love using yarn in all sorts of other crafts, kind of like this one by Paper And Stitch.

I'm also in love with woven baskets, so this combines two things I love a lot.

This is such a funky way to add a little extra storage without having to put up shelves or storage units in your home.


11. Looking for a way to add something cool to your walls without putting up adhesives or painting?

Club Crafted created an adorable garland with foam eggs and felt, and you're gonna wanna give it a try!

How cute are these pinecones?

I think they would look fabulous hanging across a wall. Who needs paint when you've got something as cute as these hanging around! Not me.


12. Concrete and dip-dyeing are definitely super popular right now.

So I'm not surprised that Plaid put them together to create these simple and pretty ring holders!

You can even use wooden cones instead of concrete ones.

Sign me up, these things are absolutely adorable.

And trust me, once you start dip-dyeing, you aren't going to want to stop.