16 Stunning Creations That Need To Catch On

Diply 3 Jul 2018

Have you ever come across some kind of gadget or invention and wondered why this wasn't a thing sooner? Like, for example, imagine what going to the washroom would be like if the paper towels didn't automatically dispense the paper.

What did we do before that? Take it ourselves?! Please.

1. This train has its track over some grass! 

Reddit | crazycockerels

I think that's too cool. It gives everyone a nice view, and there was also probably a lot less damage to the environment when it was created. Why doesn't every city have one of these?

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2. This old cardboard was used as package cushioning instead of bubble wrap! 

Reddit | bunzler

What a brilliant idea! That way, we are recycling and making the best out of the resources we already have instead of manufacturing more plastic.

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3. Why don't all washrooms have this?

Reddit | Cordsofmemory

A drain for those who have terrible aim? This is actually genius! I can't imagine why all bathrooms are not designed like this. It just seems better for everyone, and easy enough to clean.

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4. This plastic fork comes with a side that doubles as a knife...

Reddit | gravityandgrrace

My mind is blown. Honestly, this is one of the greatest things to ever happen, especially when it comes to eating cheesecake. Anything that makes eating cheesecake easier is fine by me.

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5. All dogs deserve the chance to look at the world outside their own backyards.

Reddit | rubyxzoisite

These people sure know how to give a dog a good home — I totally support this.

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6. Parking is such a hassle, made worse when you have to do it in a parking garage.

Reddit | chefpower

These genius people have put lights over parking spots so you know if they are taken or not.

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7. This bathroom has a one-stop shop after you're finished with your business.

Reddit | MLJBKHN

You've got the water, the soap, and then the hand dryer that is just right there. No more walking around with drippy hands!

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8. I feel as though wet floor signs are so ordinary that they just blend into the world around them.

Reddit | THECapedCaper

Not only is this banana sign noticeable, it's hilarious — and I'm probably more inclined to pay attention to it.

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9. So, this restaurant has cards on the table with questions and conversation starters for those who are on a date!

Reddit | liasantos

This is brilliant! First dates are the worst, it's hard to get to know a person sometimes.

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10. I didn't even realize that this was a problem until I saw this.

Reddit | Allformygain

You can totally smell the soap on your hands while you're eating after you wash your hands! It definitely alters the flavor of your meal, so unscented options are genius!

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11. Not that I really need a reminder to buy more cheese, I know there are people in the world who don't pay as close attention to these things.

Reddit | humble_in_humboldt

Gotta love a heads up that you are gonna run out of cheese! You better get some before you need some.

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12. So, this toilet paper comes with a travel roll in the middle of it.

Reddit | scd22

Toilet paper shortages are a real problem in the world. How often do you go to use a public restroom and the toilet paper is literally trash? Problem solved.

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13. Well, now I have officially seen it all! 

Reddit | Happy_Harry

This restaurant has a mouth wash stand. I love this! Sometimes gum just doesn't cut it after a hearty meal, and also sometimes you don't even have gum.

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14. A test plug?! YES!

Reddit | tinylions23

Having to return electronics that don't work is such a hassle. Now when you buy something secondhand from this store, you can be certain it works. Brilliant!

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15. This mirror has a heated section so that when you are in the shower, the whole mirror doesn't fog up.

Reddit | mdengler10

Having a foggy mirror post-shower was just something I thought I was going to have to deal with all my life.

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16. This is a three-tiered water fountain.

Reddit | gzillan

There is one for grown-ups, one for children, and one for thirsty pets! Animals are important, and we gotta look after them. This concept needs to catch on.

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