12+ Struggles That Are All Too Real

Diply 19 Oct 2018

While I don't exactly think that "ugh" is a word, a true word, it does a great job of summarizing my mood and life overall. And it describes all these photos so perfectly that I could just caption them all with it and call it a day.

But I'll dig a little deeper, the struggles are worth it.

1. Ordering something breakable online is always a gamble. 

Reddit | Reddit

A gamble that I'm almost always willing to take, but this person ended up with a perfect disaster. What are the chances, you ask? I'm not sure because I'm bad at stats, but not high.

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2. You have that one chance to grab a family photo on vacation...and this happens. 

Reddit | michaelpeachey

This was surely before the times of everyone having a phone in their pocket, as photo mishaps don't really happen much anymore.

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3. Perhaps the worst handle to break off on you. 

Reddit | zebraturret

I'm not saying any breaking handle is good, but of all the handles to break, this seems like the most crappy. You just have to hope that it happens when you're at home, and not on a first date.

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4. And this is how you ruin my night in a few minutes. 

Reddit | peskipiksi76

When you've had a long day and want a glass (or bottle, no judging here), the last thing you need is for it to just break down on you.

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5. So close and yet so far. 

Reddit | PurpleZeppelin

Claw machines are the source of all evil and bad memories I have as a child. I swear, they KNOW when you're super close, and then they make sure you lose. Horribly.

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6. What's worse than being thirsty? Being even more thirsty. 

Reddit | Sumababy

And being so cursed that you lose three bottles to the vending machine gods all at once. Is it even worth trying to save them?!

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7. When you're half asleep, a lot of bad things can happen...to both you and your food. 

Reddit | thisisnatedean

Cereal seems like the easiest breakfast out there, but trust me, that isn't always the case.

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8. A pumpkin that haunts us all with the biggest struggle of all.

Twitter | @SaintRPh

I know, #FirstWorldProblems but STILL, it's a problem! Especially when you're out and about in a new city...and yes, I'm speaking from experience.

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9. Mixing up reverse and drive doesn't always end this dramatically. 

Reddit | bobbyflorentine

But when it does, make sure to get it on camera for all to see. And hopefully to learn from.

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10. Having a dog is amazing, having a dog that always ruins your stuff? Not quite as amazing. 

Reddit | HDFreeman

They bought this ball to catch up on some soccer playing, but a doggo had an entirely different idea.

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11. Okay, I lied, maybe this is the worst handle to break. Especially if you're in a rush. 

Reddit | kassidillaz

Like, on the way to work? Or on the way to school? You don't need this to happen anytime.

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12. I get the love behind wanting to give this special treat to someone, but when chocolate is involved ...the struggle is too real. 

Reddit | pin2004

Started as a frog and now we're here.

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13. Cooking can be tough, especially when plastic is involved. 

Reddit | kmkrebs213

My fellow cooks, never ever leave the plastic by any of the hot bits. I assure you, the cleaning isn't worth it.

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14. The worst thing to happen on your birthday, probably. 

Reddit | CritLuck

This was how the cake was delivered, and that is not okay with me. Sure, it still tastes good, but it's not the same.

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15. This poor, poor man. 

Reddit | danielandastro

You know, I've been there. Just the sleeping part — not the fallen pizza...thankfully. Sometimes you're too tired to keep your eyes open and that's okay.

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16. You wanted chips, and you got them...kind of. 

Reddit | dnarwhal27

The worst part about craving chips is knowing that you'll never get a full bag to satisfy you. True story.

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