13+ Strange Solutions That Only Creative Minds Could Have Thought Of

Diply 27 Jul 2018

Sometimes, you have to fall back on rudimentary, desperate, college student-level engineering just to get through the day. Don't I know it. Why suffer a broken shoelace when you can zip-tie your sneakers up for the rest of the day?

And we sure do hope that most of these solutions were of the temporary sort. Because as permanent fixes, they tend to leave much to be desired. But you can't say they're not creative!

1. Forks are always the first piece of cutlery to go in the break room.

Reddit | ciaran_palmer

So, good news, now you know what to do the next time you're left without a fork at lunchtime!

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2. You don't have to remove the stain from the carpet if you just remove the carpet.

Reddit | gnerdalot

How much carpet you remove is 100% up to you. Bonus: You don't have to use harsh cleaning chemicals, so you have that going for you.

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3. Most people would just open up a window or two if their cooking kept setting off their smoke detector.

Reddit | JoeySalamander

Or, you know, stop cooking. But, I guess propping up a plastic bowl over the thing works as well.

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4. High fives to this guy, who won't let a rundown phone battery stop him from listening to his tunes while he waits for his train.

Reddit | BMWBeme

Let his determination be an inspiration to us all.

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5. Although they serve the same general purpose, ladders are not stairs.

Reddit | thefoodieat

In a pinch, they can do the same job, it's true. But it's going to be a pain to bring the groceries inside using this setup.

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6. So, what kind of shape must this car be in right now?

Reddit | BMWBeme

I mean, it's kind of an incredible way to move a car, but the driver's side mirror must be crushed, at the least. And the ratchet straps are holding on for dear life.

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7. I suppose you could bend the pole back straight or even replace it, but removing the bottom bolt does make the sign straight again.

Reddit | leviwhite9

That's just working smarter, not harder.

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8. Further evidence that duct tape can fix anything.

Reddit | ICantTyping

I mean, that chunk of curb isn't going anywhere, is it? If only the public works folks had figured this out a long time ago.

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9. You have to commend these painters for thinking outside the box. 

Reddit | Michaukso

Yes, paint will absolutely drip down, and that is easier than actually painting. Doesn't have quite the same results, however.

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10. If a woodpecker has nested in a tree that then gets chopped down, can you just tape its nest to a new tree?

Reddit | GallowBoob

The answer is yes, as it turns out. It worked! The mother came back!

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11. The interesting thing about how these power lines cut through this house is that it looks like more work than it would have been to just run them around the house.

Reddit | TakeruDavis

So, it's dangerous and inefficient!

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12. As far as fixes for broken side mirrors go, this certainly qualifies as one.

Reddit | white_privlage

And it looks like a nice mirror! Might turn out to be a bit of a nuisance in parking lots, though.

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13. I don't know if this is toddler-proofing or just waste reduction in general, but I'm pretty sure stashing the TP under the cabinetry will get old quickly.

Reddit | IAMmojo

Not to mention having to open the door into your leg.

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14. You know what? Using a water jug as an umbrella stand in the pool is actually a half-decent idea.

Reddit | Jfreed7

It's waterproof and heavy enough to do the job until a gust of wind comes along.

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15. Protip: Packing tape is all you need to turn an old tube TV into a mount for a flat-screen.

Reddit | jaakobola

And if anything goes wrong with the flat-screen, you have a backup. Win-win!

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16. Nuts and bolts aren't the fanciest cuff links around, but they're sturdy and reliable, and they're sure to start up a conversation or two.

Reddit | xsited1

Also much, much less expensive than the traditional variety.

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17. When a car window refuses to stay up, this person has a surefire way to turn its attitude around.

Reddit | emilk10

Wire and Command Hooks — not pretty, but it definitely does the job.

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18. Just about anything of sufficient length can act as a car door handle, including, but not limited to, hair extensions.

Reddit | wrapityup

As a bonus, I don't think anybody would want to touch that.

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19. An alternate solution to a missing door handle: just make one out of duct tape.

Reddit | death_noodle_

It's what I like to call a technically-acceptable, if not time-consuming, temporary fix. At least, I hope it's temporary.

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20. Going to remember this genius tip for the future — when the hinges on your laptop break, just tape a picture frame to it.

Reddit | hecklingheck

They come with built-in props to hold your screen up. Brilliant!

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21. Okay, it's not exactly a big leap to put a bucket underneath a malfunctioning urinal.

Reddit | pm_mi_your_pm

But then, this deserves better than a Band-Aid fix. It needs to be shut down altogether and fixed for real.

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22. You have to admit, a lot of work went into replacing this car's rear window with a sheet of plexiglass.

Reddit | walrustoothbrush

It's both drilled into the car and sealed with so much spray foam that the trunk can feel it.

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23. If your bed takes up too much real estate, you can either move the painting behind it or cut the painting to fit.

Reddit | illGATESmusic

And you can see which way this hotel went.

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24. When the hand soap dispenser isn't working, it's actually not that big of a deal.

Reddit | thegregtastic

It's not hard to find a replacement. Drilling a hole in the top for it is the hard part, really.

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