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24 Things That Are Only True If You're Obsessed With Sephora

Diply 6 Mar 2018

You know that stereotypical "I've got butterflies in my stomach from meeting my soulmate" feeling? Well, I get that every time I spot the black and white lines on either side of that neon Sephora sign.

If you spend every moment thinking about Sephora, or being in Sephora, or spending your money at Sephora, then you're in a relationship with Sephora.

1. Who actually walks into Sephora without leaving the store with a new product?

Twitter | @iHazatulnisa

Listen, you can't just go to Sephora with a measly $30 since you know everything good costs at least $50 plus tax!

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2. When the only thing you want more in life than money is a gift card to Sephora.

Instagram | @beautymemes

Gift card to anywhere else and that's not okay. And you better hope that gift card can at least afford you a mascara!

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3. When you have to act like you don't know anything about a makeup product in front of a sales associate just so they can say, "Oh, well I could give you a sample to try it out!"

Instagram | @makeup_memes

This meme is also me when I go to Costco.

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4. Underneath this greasy hair, oily skin, and eye bags is someone who happens to know how to do winged eyeliner, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Twitter | @__heykels

But really, why do I have to go in with a full face of makeup to be taken seriously?

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5. When you realize that there's no point in saving your points because all the items are doll size.

Twitter | @JelianMercado

I'm sorry, is that liquid lipstick supposed to last me more than one application?!

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6. When you walk into Sephora, you aren't just looking for a product to highlight your facial features. No, you're looking for things that will change your life.

Instagram | @glamntrashy_xo

Yeah, I'll need that mascara too, thanks.

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7. It's not a productive trip to Sephora unless you walk out of there with swatches all over your body.

Twitter | @MorgWhorg

You gotta swatch for the color, the formula, and the consistency. Duh!

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8. When people ask if you've been good at adulting by keeping a savings account, and all you have to show is your makeup collection.

Instagram | Instagram

That's where I keep all my money!

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9. When you think you're just going to buy some makeup products and end up doing a whole darn makeover for yourself.

Twitter | @KarenKilgar

Yes, I did need to try on three different lipsticks for the perfect color!

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10. When your S.O. knows that it's not just a monogamous relationship. They know that they have to welcome Sephora into the relationship too.

Pinterest | Pinterest

It's you, me, and that wonderful company that owns me because I am a slave to a good highlighter.

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11. But it's a lot worse when your S.O. tries to interfere with your relationship with Sephora.

Instagram | @snoop

Don't tell me that I don't need another foundation. Just because I have 15 doesn't mean I don't need another backup bottle for emergencies!

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12. When you're only a Beauty Insider or VIB, so you have to wait 7–10 business days for your package like a peasant. |

I'm looking at you lucky people who are VIB Rouge.

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13. When you think you've done a great job at only picking up two items, and then your total comes up to your whole life savings.

Instagram | @glamntrashy_xo

But all I wanted was a concealer and a primer!

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14. When people question your love for Sephora and if it's worth it to spend all that money on makeup.

Instagram | @girlwithnojob

Uh, like, yes, it is worth it. LOOK AT HOW AMAZING I LOOK WITH THIS CONTOUR!

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15. Any and all fights with your S.O. can be solved with a simple Sephora-related question.

Twitter | @GlamourGoaIs

And if he really wants to get out of something, all he has to do is follow up the question with two magical words: "My treat."

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16. Of course, once you actually get him into the store, he acts as if it's a hostage situation.

Twitter | @gIowlife

Luckily, you've learned to ignore this behavior because not even the most bored of facial expressions will get in between you and your Sephora time.

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17. One traditional dollar is equal to at least 10 Sephora dollars.

Instagram | @emilycolleens

Spending just $20 at Sephora (although highly unlikely) makes you feel lucky. But spend $20 anywhere else, and you feel like you've just been robbed.

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18. The moment when you realize that several of your beauty products are all about to be empty at once.

Twitter | @laurenwelcome

And you have to decide between wearing highlighter that month or paying your rent on time.

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19. A $40 foundation seems reasonable at Sephora, while a $3 bus ride is absolute thievery in your eyes.

Twitter | @not_taryn

But Rihanna deserves my coins. Does the public transit system give me a beautiful matte complexion? I think not.

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20. When you reminisce on your drugstore makeup days, the ones before you graduated to Sephora:


While I am here for all those drugstore dupes, it's truly amazing to see how much I've grown.

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21. You can relate on a deep level to this photo.

Twitter | @zacharymua

Few things are as exciting as bringing home one of these little plastic containers filled with the most expensive foundations Sephora has to offer.

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22. Even when you're not thinking about Sephora, you're still thinking about Sephora.

Twitter | @yooonglees

Much like breathing, my brain is always thinking about Sephora whether I'm fully conscious of it or not.

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23. When you realize you can't just walk into Sephora to buy one product because it takes at least six products to highlight each facial feature.

Twitter | @gossipgrill

You really think one product can create perfect brows? Please.

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24. It's not a good trip to Sephora unless I've spent so much money that my wallet is like, "What are you doing? You literally don't have that money to spend." |
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