'Spider-Man' On PS4 Is Already Spinning Tons Of Tasty Spider-Memes

Diply 11 Sep 2018

It's great when a new game comes out and immediately captures the imagination of pretty much everybody. It's pretty easy to tell when this happens since the internet gets choked with memes until it's all anyone can see when they check their social media.

I mean, we all remember when Fortnite hit and every gif for two weeks was characters doing the floss dance, right?

Well, Spider-Man for PS4 is barely into its first week — and the meme wave is upon us.

Whether it's people glitching out the game by falling through the ground into the bottomless sky, taking in-game selfies — or both — there's something for everybody. 

Reddit | FaceFullOfMace
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Or maybe it's hunting down that perfect shot of the obligatory Stan Lee cameo. I can't imagine it was too hard to find, but dang does Stan the Man ever look good.

Instagram | @doughboys_inc
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The in-game selfie feature is pretty neat and totally in-character for Spidey. It allowed the dev team at Insomniac Games to include a lot of nice details.

Twitter | @Matthew_OW

Like these rainbow flags that appear throughout the game!

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In fact, the LGBTQ+ support and inclusivity demonstrated by the team has really struck a chord on Twitter and resulted in some of the best in-game pics we've seen so far. 

Twitter | @saladinahmed

Seriously, check out that lighting.

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Honestly, there's enough in-game photography going on that pretty soon there's gonna have to be in-game Instagram accounts.

Reddit | probablyjimmylam
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I'm pretty sure its just a matter of time before this whole picture ecosystem really starts to get weird.


Let's enjoy it while we can.

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Another great source of meme fodder for new games is finding glitches and blind spots that the developers missed.

Twitter | @Thundershot75

I can't be the only one who would 100% turn out to watch a Spider-Man pirate movie, right?

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Unfortunately, all this goodness is exclusive to the PS4. 

Twitter | @LeanandCuisine

This is obviously rubbing some other console devotees the wrong way.

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I mean, some of them are more bitter than others. At least a couple of Nintendo fans are doing the best with what they have.

Twitter | @sevengranddad92

It's a-me, optimism!

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Who knows how much further this game has to go? Adding features could get out of control — I doubt we'll ever see real multiplayer, but it'd be worth it just for the memes.

Reddit | faultytailight
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I mean, with so many Spideys running around, you'll have to set yourself apart by showing that you got the legit superhero moves.


Ah, yeah. That's the stuff.

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One thing that's stood out to me is the distinct lack of old-school Spider-Man memery that has yet to emerge. 

Reddit | hurcor

Unless I just haven't seen it yet. It wouldn't be the first time I didn't notice a spider until it was too late.

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The micro-culture surrounding this awesome and super-immersive new game will continue to evolve as we move past week one of its release. And it's already getting weird.

Reddit | Gambion

Bruh. Personal space. Come on.

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And when I say it's getting weird, well...when something starts generating memes this quickly, you know some of them are gonna be savage.

Instagram | @obnoxious_stone_10
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I wonder how long it's gloing to take until Spider-Man is basically just a jerk swinging around town trying to offend as many people as possible.

Reddit | ploeosn

You know, like Twitter, but for webs.

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Let's enjoy it while we can — even the weird stuff. One day this game will be gone, and only the memes will be left.


Or it'll just be really, really boring DLC expansions. Pizza time!

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