'Spider-Man' On PS4 Finally Throws Back To What We Want

Diply 5 Sep 2018

This morning, my boss comes in and says those five words every employee has always wanted to hear, "BRING ME PICTURES OF SPIDER-MAN!"

Of course, I happily obliged, considering I'm so hyped for the release of Spidey's newest game from Insomniac on September 7!

Well, the reviews are in, true-believers, and it's looking good. While it might not be the most ambitious video game title out there, it delivers everything that makes a Spider-Man game good.

For a lot of us, Spider-Man games were part of the very, very few that broke the mold of "crappy movie tie-in games."

Reddit | tonyboy516

From a video game designer's standpoint, superhero games are tough to make feel genuine — especially in the days before the amazing abilities of our modern-day consoles — but Spider-Man developers found a way to make it work.

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Remember Activision's Spider-Man 2 from 2004? This is where it really took flight.

Reddit | TheAwesomeSneeze

Yeah, there were some really good Spidey titles before this — Neversoft's 2000 game comes to mind — but Spider-Man 2 was the first time we got to actually feel like a true web-slinger.

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Not only did Spider-Man 2 have Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst actually voicing their characters from the films, but the incomparable Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead) was there leading you through the tutorials and hints.

Reddit | Knatterpeter

Which, by the way, were always funny and worth listening to for his various improvisations.

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My point is that the fun and the feel of being Spider-Man have to go hand in hand to make the game work.


More recent Spider-Man titles, such as The Amazing Spider-Man andShattered Dimensions,left fans with a lackluster response. The games wereokayyyyy, but they were missing that special something that opened our eyes to the possibilities of these games all those years ago.

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So, needless to say, the 2017 E3 announcement of a new game received a lot of hype.

Reddit | BruteSentiment

This is what Sony Headquarters currently looks like, and I think it's safe to say they're pretty darn proud of this one.

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Of course, die-hard fans of both gaming and the character were a bit skeptical nearing the game's release. 

Reddit | Ghulam_Jewel

This infamous comparison shot shook the internet about a month ago, spawning memes and criticism from all over.

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This scene in particular got gamers questioning if this will be just another No Man's Sky-style let down. 

Twitter | @spiydaman

"The puddles!" They shouted, "Where are the puddles, Insomniac Games?!" — 'cause you know how the internet gets.

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But, Insomniac responded in a chill, explanatory manner.

Twitter | @insomniacgames

And for what might be the first time ever in the history of social media, they simply thanked them for the clarification and moved on with their lives? I know, I can barely believe it myself.

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Insomniac also went on to say that there are "plenty of other places with tons of puddles," in case people were still out here thirsty for those dang splashy bois.

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Puddles and expectations aside, the reviews are in — and Spider-Man for PS4 is an overwhelming hit! 

Twitter | @LegacyKillaHD

There are a ton more scores you can check out, but the general sentiment from critics right now is that Spider-Man is back!!!

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Nothing's perfect, of course, but it's good to know that it feels fluid and fun to play.

Twitter | @schillingc

Controls are so, so important — and if that means a bit of repetitive gameplay here and there, then send me in circles, buddy, 'cause at least I'll be swingin' in them swiftly!

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Honestly, I think some game developers forget how much we actually crave a good story!

Twitter | @AshleyEsqueda

Sure, the game from Neversoft back in 2000 wasn't open-world, but man if it didn't have a good story. Spoiler alert for an 18-year-old game, but Carnage + Doc Oc = holy balls!

I cannot wait to see what they bring to the table with this comic-oriented tale.

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Immersion is key.

Twitter | @DanCasey

We've dealt with some pretty clunky swinging mechanics in the past — as much as I love Activision's Spider-Man 2, bumping into walls was just embarrassing rage-fuel — but now the movements are swifter than ever!

Bumping into things is no longer a problem since Spidey will automatically wall-run or perform some other fluid move to keep things rollin'.

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The game guides you into actually thinking like Spider-Man.

Twitter | @Kotaku

This tweet contains a very brief review, but the long and short of it is that from combat to web-slinging, this game makes you aware of your environment and its advantages.

It's easy enough to pick up and play, but you'll have to be clever, fast, and cool-headed to master it.

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Alex Fitzpatrick of Time Magazine gave it a pretty glowing review, moreso than his tweet might suggest.

Twitter | @AlexJamesFitz

As an internet writer, I gotta give props to the "this good, you buy" approach here. You can check out his full, in-depth review here!

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So, rejoice, true believers! It looks like Insomniac has brought the superhero genre out of its slump in gaming, for now. 

Instagram | @wuffles

We can only hope more superhero games will take some notes from the things we loved and continue to love about them.

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Fluid controls, fun gameplay, and a story that keeps us going!


Of course, some games are going to nail that a bit better than others.Happy gaming, web-slingers — excelsior!

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