16 Mistakes Only A Special Person Could Make

Diply 13 Apr 2018

Who doesn't make mistakes? It's all part of human nature. We either learn from them, or they keep us up one night, 10 years after the fact. Feel free to compare notes and laugh at the things you haven't done yet.

1. I can't look

Twitter | @_esys

My heart is hurting for one of my all-time favorite delicacies. Who could mess things up so badly? If you can't treat chicken fingers right, you don't deserve to enjoy them. Where is Gordon Ramsay when you need him?

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2. I would have been in heaven

Reddit | Reddit

I wish I had size on my side to pull that off. Personally, I would have taken all of my favorite toys before being rescued.

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3. Never bite off more than you can chew

Reddit | ComplimentShark

I feel his pain. However, sometimes in life, we have to break things up into chunks so we can manage them better. Yes, even sandwiches. What an unnecessary waste. Rest in peace.

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4. Cake is cake

Twitter | @elijahdaniel @elijahdaniel

I don't know about you, but I would be more upset if somebody got me the wrong flavor of cake. I mean, they mess up names at Starbucks all the time. It could be a lot worse.

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5. When was this a good idea?

Reddit | SwirlStick

This isn't Thelma and Louise, okay? Bad things can actually happen when you are a reckless driver. I imagine the cost to fix that damage was painful.

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6. I can't see this ending well

Reddit | ShetlandJames

That's not exactly the smartest arrest story ever, and I doubt it will earn him any street cred. He definitely won't be smiling for long.

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7. Oof! I can only imagine 

Reddit | white_picket_fencer

This is exactly why an organized bathroom is key. Not to say that I have one. However, I've never mixed things up this badly.

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8. Oh my

Reddit | Reddit

I know people are big on protein these days, but I don't think they mean this. I really hope these unfortunate folks squeezed some freebies out of this.

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9. Not a horrible place to be locked

Twitter | @unbothered__g

I mean, at least you can eat and shop around. If I had to choose, I'd want to be stuck in a bookstore.

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10. I'm jealous of this one

Imgur | thesilverfalcon

How do I go about making the same mistake? It's like having your own personal fort and my inner child is demanding one. Like, now!

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11. It's not milk

Reddit | Monster-_-

This is right up there with drinking straight from the milk jug. They have lids for a reason. If you can't manage, stick to juice boxes.

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12. That's gonna be a long wait

DumpaDay | DumpaDay

Well, this guy has done himself in. He should have set it up like a checkerboard to make some wiggle room.

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13. Who needs eyes?

Reddit | antani2

This woman looks like she could poke out a whole slew of eyes if she's not careful. This is the weirdest use of a selfie stick, ever.

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14. At least he can blame the CD player

Reddit | lakesleeds

At the ripe old age of 27, I feel like my brain is always on shuffle. It skips things too!

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15. That compass won't help

Reddit | eant1994

If you really wanted to know the way, looking at a real compass might have helped. Not all who wander are lost, but you will be.

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16. Time for takeout

GigGag | GigGag

I don't think any of this is salvageable. It's also giving off a scary movie vibe. Pizza looks better than this disaster. Don't forget the breadsticks.

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