12+ Space-Saving Hacks For People With Too Much Stuff

Diply 16 Oct 2018

If you've got too much stuff for your space, there are a couple of straightforward solutions: find a bigger space, or start getting rid of your stuff.

Yeah, I know. Rent's expensive, moving is a pain, and nobody wants to part with their stuff. With this in mind, there are ways that you truly can have it all. You'll just need to get creative with the space that you have.

1. Utilize doors.

Reddit | Foople85

There are all sorts of ways you can mount extra storage onto doors in your house. Back-of-door organizers like these are usually intended for shoes or clothes, but you can stash just about anything in them. If you've got a bunch of random electronics and cords lying around, stash them in your closets like this. Thanks to Redditor Foople85 for this tip.

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2. An oldie but a goodie.

Reddit | Reddit

In cramped kitchens where counter space is at a premium, try this one on for size. A cutting board doesn't necessarily need to sit on a counter when it can sit on top of a drawer instead. This isn't just handy for cutting, either — you can use the extra space however you like.

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3. Sort smart.

Instructables | Lineakat

Laundry areas can become messy nightmares if you don't have a proper organization system. Instructables user Lineakat demonstrates a good way to keep things organized while minimizing floor space with a clever wall-mounted laundry system.

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4. Bento boxes are awesome.

Reddit | Reddit

Bento boxes — those adorable, space-saving compartments that fit so well together — are usually used for lunches. But one Redditor found an alternative use: rather than lugging around multiple bulky containers of supplement powder, you can simply portion it out into bento boxes instead.

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5. Socks: the ultimate packing accessory.

Reddit | Itsascrnnam

Everyone knows that, when traveling, the most efficient way to pack clothes is to roll them up. Still, even when you roll them, they're not as small as they can be. Redditor Itsascrnnam shows us that rolled-up clothes can be compacted even further when you stash them in single socks.

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6. Make a space-saving shoe rack out of cardboard.

A Piece of Rainbow | A Piece of Rainbow

Cardboard is super strong if you give it the proper structure. This hack from DIYer Ananda of A Piece of Rainbow utilizes heavy cardboard and tape, laid out in a geometric pattern, to create an ingenious shoe rack.

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7. Magnets + fridge = space.

Reddit | phi303

Having a couple of strong magnets on your fridge always comes in handy. Case in point: this simple hack from Redditor phi303 puts magnets inside boxes of Ziploc bags in order to attach them to the fridge. This is a great way to make things convenient while saving on drawer space.

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8. Once again, vertical space to the rescue.

Reddit | TheOnlyRealTGS

Like the above hack, this one utilizes vertical areas to save space on horizontal shelves or in drawers. Lots of light food items come with holes for hanging — why not hang them at home as well? Redditor TheOnlyRealTGS shows how a few tacks can save on pantry space.

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9. Cable conundrum? Try this.

Reddit | aboustayyef

Charging cables have a way of a) monopolizing tabletop space, b) forming disorganized cable clumps on the floor, or both.

Try using a hair clip, as demonstrated by Redditor aboustayyef. It'll keep cables from falling to the floor, and it makes it easy to push them to the side when they're not in use.

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10. For a more permanent solution to cable woes...

Instructables | laxap

If the hair clip method just isn't enough, try this one: Instructables contributor laxap used a mounted CD rack, along with strategically placed power outlets, to create an all-in-one power center. It takes up almost no room and keeps everything handy.

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11. One hanger, many garments.

Reddit | cyriouslyslick

This won't work as well for bulkier clothing, but for small, light stuff — ties, tank tops, scarves, that sort of thing — you can hang a whole bunch on one hanger by adding shower curtain rings. Thanks to Redditor cyriouslyslick for this one!

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12. Maximize fridge space with chopsticks.

Reddit | thriftyaf

There never seems to be enough room in the fridge, especially when you're storing big bowls and containers. They usually won't fit next to each other, so why not try stacking them? Reddit user thriftyaf demonstrates how a couple of chopsticks can form a rack, allowing you to double things up.

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13. Vertical space is your friend.

Reddit | gheeboy

Once again, vertical space comes to the rescue. Towel racks and S-hooks are ideal for storing clunky kitchen stuff like pot lids. This example from Redditor gheeboy appears to be mounted on a wall, but you can also mount them on the inside of cupboard doors for maximum efficiency.

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14. Cover that radiator.

Christina's Adventures | Christina's Adventures

If you've got one of those old-school radiators on your wall, you know it's a dead space. You can't put stuff on it, and it can get super hot. For the handy types out there, Christina's Adventures has directions for rigging up an attractive, heat-proof cover for your old radiator. Now you can store stuff on top!

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15. Make sense of your meds.

Reddit | Nickness123

Medicine boxes are flimsy and full of empty space. They have a way of turning your medicine cabinet into a disorganized mess, full of crushed cardboard and wasted space. Redditor Nickness123 suggests cutting out the instructions, then stashing them along with the meds in ziplock bags to keep things organized and save space.

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16. This small idea saves a big amount of space! 

Dreams Crumb True | Dreams Crumb True

If you like cooking and you like flavor, you absolutely need a spice rack. But in small apartments, clunky jars of oregano and cayenne can take up too much space. This DIY from Ashley Adams of Dreams Crumb True wastes no space with its interlocking design, and magnetic lids make access a breeze.

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