Someone Proposed To Minnie Mouse, And Mickey Had No Chill

Diply 7 Aug 2018

As much as Disney World is fun for all ages, it can get a little less magical as you grow up. When I was a kid, having a full pizza and mac-and-cheese buffet while hanging out with my favorite Winnie the Pooh characters was basically paradise, but I shudder to think about how much that probably cost my parents.

We've really started to notice the way the happiest place on earth makes more than just the wallet miserable. Hang around at Disney World enough and you learn that all these magical characters can't keep a healthy relationship to save their lives.

Ah, to be young again. Seeing this sight for the first time was basically crossing something off the bucket list before we even knew what a bucket list was.

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If you didn't have to deal with the lines because you went in the off-season, nothing stopped your enjoyment.

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But lurking beneath the image of these characters living happily ever after are some dark flames of forbidden passion.

Reddit | WorkFriendlyAcct

This is just a dragon catching on fire during one of the big Main Street parades, but it's a good metaphor for what we're about to uncover.

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Believe it or not, our time-wasting two-timer isn't Gaston.

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For one thing, he's supposed to be a meathead who pretty much wants to date himself.

And it's pretty hard to weave a web of romantic deceit when this is how the ladies react to you.

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No, it turns out that our dear, sweet Minnie Mouse is actually harboring some scandalous secrets. |

At least, they were secrets until somebody tried to take things to the next level. If Mickey thinks he feels betrayed now...oh, boy.

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That's right. Some brazen soul got down on one knee and just straight-up popped the question!

Twitter | @NairobySandoval

And what's more, it seems like Minnie was so taken aback by this that she actually said, "Yes!" With the smooth way he laid this down, I'm not surprised.

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Oh, but Mickey certainly was! He saw the whole thing go down, and this time, Minnie couldn't deny it.

Twitter | @EricGelbNYC

They had just patched things up after the whole Goofy incident, but there's no way he can deal now that she's doing this so openly.

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And how do I know he can't deal? Because the rest of us couldn't either!

Giphy | Giphy

Those of us who feel like our lives are becoming a bad soap opera can at least say we know how Mickey feels.

Since when was a cartoon mouse so relatable?

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But if you're just shrugging and saying, "Buzz Lightyear and Jessie were the real relationship goals anyway," then I have some bad news for you.

Twitter | @valerie_HL

I'd love to see what kind of mode setting Buzz tries to blame this on. Jessie's not falling for it, homie.

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But how heartbreaking, right? Mickey puts the whole Disney company on his back only for Minnie to do him dirty like this!

Twitter | @BlackmagicLloyd

Well, don't feel too sorry for Mickey yet because it turns out he's been a sneaky little devil, too.

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Dude may be smart enough not to do this at Disney World, but he still didn't hide it from Minnie.

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And he even took his head off, too! That's just unacceptable. I guess Mickey only does this to hurt her the way she hurt him.

It's complicated.

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Look, I'm just saying that you never see Daisy or Donald Duck pulling this kind of mess.

Instagram | @kalesalad

Donald may have some problems with calming it down sometimes, but he's loyal, at least. I think that's the kind of excellence we can expect from the noble duck.

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But I digress. The point is that y'all Disney folks need some couples therapy or a cold shower or something.


I do not wantto take a perfectly innocent picture with Minnie only to hear "Keep walking, pal!" in a really high voice.

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