11+ Solutions That Might Be Too Creative For Their Own Good

Diply 20 Aug 2018

You have to give credit to those who refuse to let a setback prevent them from moving forward. They don't let little things like broken locks and cords that don't reach get them down. They find solutions.

Mind you, their solutions are often, and, shall we say, unorthodox. Unusual. Strange, even. Possibly dangerous. But definitely creative! You can't say they aren't creative. And honestly, we hope it all worked out in the end.

1. Bed frame level: broke college student.

Reddit | stussll

That takes me back. I guess buckets work about as well as milk crates, but for some reason I wouldn't trust the sturdiness of this setup.

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2. Okay, this car is locked, no doubt about that. 

Reddit | tootallforpants805

As a bonus, it probably also prevents thieves from even wanting to steal it. I just hope that length of chain is secured when he's out on the highway.

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3. Screwing directly into a power line is not the sort of thing you see every day.

Reddit | gooshavn

I mean, I hope you don't, because that looks like it wants to start a fire, and soon.

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4. You know someone's had their gas siphoned off one too many times when they've padlocked their gas cap.

Reddit | gioacostaaa

I mean, it works, but it must also add a different kind of pain at the pump.

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5. You can't rag too much on something that works, like replacing a filing cabinet's handle with zip ties.

Reddit | SugarBearnTear

That'll do the trick and keep costs down. Just snip the ends and you're good to go.

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6. Duct taping a bolt in place to serve as a new button seems at least minimally acceptable. 

Reddit | Reddit

Oh wait, that's not even duct tape holding it there. It's just paper. Yikes.

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7. If nothing else, you have to give these guys props for teamwork.

Reddit | Sio30

They have a system figured out and it's working for them. At least until that board breaks, and it will break.

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8. I guess you can use expanding foam as mortar for your garden wall, as long as you don't want the wall to last very long.

Reddit | shtuffit

Sunlight has a nasty habit of turning expanding foam into corn flakes.

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9. Trees are nature's lampposts, apparently.

Reddit | tschatz1010

Well, with the help of an unnecessarily large amount of the handyman's secret weapon, of course. Nothing like a little mood lighting to set the scene!

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10. I don't know exactly what this guy is trying to accomplish, but that's not the way to do it.

Reddit | readball

Unless he really wants a trip to the emergency room and possibly a lengthy recovery.

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11. Even in purely aesthetic terms, I'm not sure this fire escape gets a pass.

Reddit | ghatroad

And as for functionality, it looks marinally more inviting than just braving the fire or leaping onto those power lines and hoping for the best.

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12. This guy has seen monsoon rains once or twice in his lifetime, and he's clearly learned how to keep his feet dry.

Reddit | HoneyNutMyCheerios

Footstools, flip-flops, and zip ties are the recipe, for anybody wondering.

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13. You have to wonder what the point of duct taping a water bottle to a side mirror could be.

Reddit | Reddit

Maybe it's holding the mirror up straight? Pretty odd spacer, but it is doing the job.

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14. When the hose won't quite reach where it needs to, well, hammering a hole in the glass does solve that problem.

Reddit | FalconTurbo

Kind of creates another problem at the same time, however.

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15. As far emergency shutoffs go, this one seems a bit extreme.

Reddit | IronMew

Effective? Absolutely. Possible to nudge accidentally or back into it? Absolutely. So, maybe adopt this one at your own risk.

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16. So, if you're ever in a situation where you need to skim a pool but the skimmer net is broken, here's your solution.

Reddit | potatocat

That's pantyhose wrapped around a clothes hanger, attached with silly bands, taped to the skimmer rod. Actually looks pretty decent, all things considered.

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17. I guess you can give this driver some points for sort of matching the color of the car with cardboard.

Reddit | Reddit

Here's hoping the cardboard is only covering damage, not replacing whole sections of the car's body.

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18. You know, you can do many wonderful things with zip ties, but I don't think connecting wires should be one of them.

Reddit | Stormseeker71

Call me old-fashioned, but I believe in not tempting fate.

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19. Does anybody else think that this driver is asking a lot of that dolly?

Reddit | Thumbs0fDestiny

It's not the weight that concerns me so much as those tiny wheels with their tiny bearings trying to keep up with traffic.

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20. I'm sure this is a temporary repair for this bridge, but I'd still drive a couple of counties over to avoid crossing it.

Reddit | SoundOfTheBIade

And if there's a troll living under it, it should move.

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21. This Dunkin' Donuts found a pretty effective fix for a broken speaker in the drive-thru by mounting a baby monitor in a traffic cone.

Reddit | Limit760

Can't let a little broken speaker keep drivers from their morning coffee!

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22. I suppose that, in a pinch, you could use your engine block to heat up a frozen pie.

Reddit | Anime_Connoisseur98

But would it be worth it, eating a perfectly good pie that has been exposed to all those fumes?

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23. I don't know when I would have access to razor blades and not a razor handle, but this wouldn't be my solution.

Reddit | Reddit

Nope, this is a recipe for a beard, right here.

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24. Not the first driver to mount a mattress on the roof of a van, but definitely the first I've seen tying it down to their arm.

Reddit | TetraNomic

Which is a poor idea for so many reasons. Please, don't ever do this.

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