14+ Solutions That Just Ain't Gonna Work

Diply 29 Jun 2018

Not everyone is a born handyman — God knows I'm not.

But that doesn't stop people from thinking they can just rig themselves a solution to a problem in a way that won't hurt the wallet.

The problem is, these solutions are either short-sighted, or just flawed to begin with. We'll let you decide which of these is which.

1. Steel-toed shoes are important in any dangerous setting, and kudos to this person for making an effort. 

Reddit | GenY_vs_Millenials

Still, it's hard to protect your toes when something can just take your entire foot off because you're wearing flip-flops.

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2. I don't know if Satan is real or not, but if he was, this would be one of the first things he would try to sell in an Etsy shop.

Reddit | spanglesandbambi

Who would else would put that much glitter near a kid's mouth?

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3. Well, it might work for something really heavy, but otherwise, you're going to be scrambling to pull over as soon as you hit a bump, and then walking 500 feet to pick up what you lost.

Reddit | beepboopbopbeepbeep

Then again, if that's Johnny Knoxville driving in the front, I'd understand.

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4. I've heard of making coffee ice cubes, but whoever did this just wants to see the world burn.

Reddit | lifesmell

Like, you couldn't even put it in spaghetti, because you'd want it to be hot, not cold. This person just has weird, cold tomato noodle water.

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5. Well, that's certainly one way to make sure your bike isn't stolen if you don't have a lock.

Reddit | basshead

I'm sure it's worth the half hour (and entire roll of tape) it takes to remove every day.

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6. Is your car's AC broken? No problem! 

Reddit | sonya74

Just get some duct tape, another AC unit, pray that you never have to make a sharp right-handed turn, and you're all set!

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7. "With this one simple trick, this guy got infinite electricity! Hydro companies hate him!"

Reddit | GoobyGubbi

So much, in fact, that Big Hydro started an electrical fire in his house, at this specific outlet.

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8. Well, that's one way to get two rooms cooled at once.

Reddit | rubicondroid

It would be a pain to have to walk into the other room just to change the settings, though.

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9. Man, I can't believe anyone would let him use that as a welding mask. Everyone knows that it's the comics section that's the most heat resistant!

Reddit | Jimply12

If Garfield can last 40 years, it can last through a bit of spot welding.

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10. While it's good that they're making an accessible solution, I can't say the same for the actual intent.

Reddit | unicornman5d

There's a decent chance that whoever built this came up with the idea after seeing the bottom of one too many bottles.

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11. When you have a choice between a packing tape flip-flop and walking barefoot on a college dorm floor, you'd be looking for bubble wrap too.

Reddit | considerthedog
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12. I don't think the problem is the crack so much as the amount of air rapidly leaving the tire, buddy.

Reddit | rjscherwin

You can't fix everything with zip ties. Most things, yes, but not this.

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13. Unless the burglar is lactose intolerant, I'm going to go out on a limb and say this is not an effective door lock.

Reddit | kt000545

Especially if the person trying to break in is a bipedal sunglasses-wearing cheetah.

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14. Man, bachelor apartments are really pulling out all the stops these days for the sake of space.

Reddit | fosh1zzle

Great layout for hangovers, absolutely terrible for literally every other part of living.

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15. This must be from Dracula's college days, when the dorm refused to let him install a bedside table in the ceiling.

Reddit | JohnnyJVL

What's the time zone conversion for 9E:02 in EST?

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16. That is the hardest working piece of metal in the world, bar none. 

Reddit | [deleted]

If so much as a bird landed on the crack, this looks like the whole thing would come down.

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17. When you move from the tropics to the Midwest and just have to have a touch of home, you improvise, I guess.

Reddit | effervescent-bubbles

I love that they're sitting on top of other overturned flower pots, like they're doing anything.

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18. Or you could always just trim one of the local trees to look like a palm tree, right?

Reddit | lemminman

It's definitely another way to go, and without the danger of falling coconuts.

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19. When you want that genuine, no-doors Jeep look, but you bought the wrong kind of Jeep.

Reddit | yourenomargaretchan

You still get the authentic wind whipping through your hair, with bonus authentic screams of terror whipping down the highway.

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20. There must be a point when you've bought the wrong kind of sink for your counter that you just shrug and cut up the counter top.

Reddit | M4xw3llEqw4ls

I've never reached it myself, but clearly it happens.

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21. With merely a garbage can and some Bondo, you too can have a genuine hot rod.

Reddit | Nizidramaniiyt

I wonder how many rpms and horsepowers the typical bathroom garbage can adds? Maybe plug a few good speed holes into that hood while you're at it.

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22. If it's good enough for your front lawn, isn't it good enough for your ride, too?

Reddit | ciaran_palmer

I'll say this for the pink flamingo hood ornament: You'd never have trouble telling your car from someone else's in a parking lot.

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23. You couldn't successfully dare me to try shaving with a razor improvised from a plastic fork no matter how many dogs you added to it.

Reddit | ciaran_palmer

Nor would I gamble on it for fear of losing that bet. No, thank you.

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24. There's dreaming big, and then there's fooling yourself. 

Reddit | SpaceyNotKevin

Hey, I wanted to be Arnold Schwarzenegger when I grew up, but it wasn't going to happen. Ditto for this motorbike wannabe.

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