Get By A Li'l Easier With These 15+ Soda Can Hacks

Diply 15 Oct 2018

Soda cans truly are a modern marvel: they keep beverages sealed and fresh, they're super inexpensive, they're durable, and when you're done with them, they're recyclable.

So, think twice before tossing your empty cans in the blue box. These simple pieces of aluminum have a wide range of alternative uses, ranging from fun crafts to full-on survival tools.

1. Create a lamp (with shade!).

YouTube | Creative Useful

There are all sorts of ways to combine soda cans with tea lights or candles, but this is one of the more attractive hacks out there. YouTuber Creative Useful shared full instructions. The cutting is a little in-depth, but the end result would look perfect on a back deck or patio.

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2. Craft a survival fish hook.

Instructables | McNoodle

If you have the tab from a soda can, along with a file and some pliers, you've got everything you need to make an effective fish hook. This could come in handy in a survival situation, so it's probably worth tossing a few tabs in your tackle box for next time. Thanks to Instructables user McNoodle for this clever hack.

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3. Create a simple popcorn maker.

YouTube | Household Hacker

This might seem like some next-level stuff, but it's actually pretty straightforward. Household Hacker has full instructions on YouTube, but this one's as simple as cutting and shaping two soda cans and using a candle for heat. Add kernels and you're ready to go!

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4. Hack into old combination locks.

YouTube | Brianna Renee

When you've lost the code for a combination lock, don't pull out the bolt cutters just yet. YouTuber Brianna Renee shows how cutting a simple "key" out of a soda can's flexible aluminum cladding makes it easy to jimmy open a lock.

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5. Pump up the volume.

Instructables | jsincn

Most phone speakers aren't great, but sometimes they're all you've got. You can give your tunes a bit of a boost by using a soda can as an amplifier. This hack from Instructables user jsincn incorporates actual sound equipment, along with an empty pop can, to create a speaker.

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6. Grate cheese in a pinch.

YouTube | Household Hacker

If you've got a cheese grater, great! But if you don't and you have cheese that needs grating, all is not lost. This tip from Household Hacker shows that punching holes in a soda can will turn that can into a serviceable cheese grater.

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7. Give your seedlings a place to grow.

Instructables |

Seedling containers don't need to be pretty. But, depending on the size of your project, you might need a lot of them. Solution, courtesy of Instructions user just use the bottom half of empty soda cans. Dead simple.

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8. Give your wifi a boost.

Instructables | Timothee Gillier

Getting perfect wifi is an inexact science, since the signal bleeds inconsistently. You can corral it with this idea from Timothee Gillier of Instructables. The reflector nudges the signal away from areas it isn't needed and pushes it into the needed area. It's a simple trick with big results!

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9. Behold: the ultimate camp stove.

Instructables | AndrewW1977

There are tons of ways to exploit the heat-resistant nature of these cans and turn them into stoves. The best one I've seen, courtesy of Instructables contributor AndrewW1977, is this one. It's so well-made you can barely tell it was ever a soda can. The instructions are a bit in-depth, so make sure to check them out.

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10. Create a stealthy stash spot.

YouTube | CrazyRussianHacker

If you want an out-of-the-way place to stash your valuables — or you just like clever knickknacks — try this one from CrazyRussianHacker. By carefully cutting off the bottom of the can, adding some weight to the empty can, and putting an appropriately-sized container inside, you've got a stealthy safe spot.

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11. Make a survival whistle.

Reddit | BlackScoutSurvival

The flexible aluminum from soda cans is actually super useful in a survival context. Yes, you can use it as a signal mirror, but you can also make it into a functioning whistle. BlackScoutSurvival demonstrates the specific cuts and folds you'll need to make. All of this can be done with a Swiss Army knife or multi-tool as well.

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12. Don't be afraid to bust out the can opener.

Reddit | JohnsonArms

You might not think to use a can opener on a soda can, but why not? Cutting off the top turns a can into a smooth-edged cup to drink from. Alternatively, cutting the top off an empty can gives a great receptacle to drain kitchen grease into. This one comes from Redditor JohnsonArms.

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13. Give your phone a suit of armor.

YouTube | Creative Etc.

If you're the type who wants a thin skin, as opposed to a clunky case, on your phone, check this out. Creative Etc. shared instructions for turning a soda can into a slim profile phone case. It all comes down to careful measurements and careful cutting with a craft knife.

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14. Hack together a hot glue gun.

Facebook | 5-Minute Crafts

All you really need to make a hot glue gun is heat and glue, right? 5-Minute Crafts shared this ingenious hack on Facebook. A funnel made of a soda can with a glue stick inside is heated up by an attached lighter, making for a simple alternative to the standard glue gun.

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15. Make a simple egg separator.

YouTube | TuahRaja

This tutorial from YouTuber TuahRaja uses a super easy kitchen hack to separate the yolk from the white. It's as easy as cutting off the top of the can, flipping it over, then drilling some holes into the other end. Crack an egg on top, and let gravity do its work.

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16. No steel wool? No problem.

YouTube | TuahRaja

Another one from TuahRaja, this hack demonstrates how shredded-up soda cans can be an effective substitute for steel wool. Just cut a can into thin strips, then use their abrasive action to scour those hard-to-clean pots and pans. Maybe wear some protective gloves for this one, though.

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