19+ Smile-Worthy Pics That Are Sunshine For The Soul

Diply 5 Oct 2018

Nobody wants to live in a world where smiles are in short supply, but they sure do seem to be tougher to come by these days, don't they? Well, ignore the headlines, folks, because there are plenty of good people in the world.

Maybe we just didn't realize how many were out there before social media. Or maybe social media is all clogged up with the wrong things. Either way, it's heartening to know that people do so many wonderful things for each other every day. And they all deserve a little recognition, right?

1. "This gentleman picked up this pigeon just so he could untangle the string around its feet," wrote Reddit user punxerchick. 

Reddit | punxerchick

"I've never seen someone do that and I feel like he deserved some recognition."

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2. This pigeon was in trouble in the water until some kindly kayakers happened along and pulled it to safety.

Reddit | damn_whitecoats

The grateful pigeon decided to hand around for a little while on the front of the kayak, too.

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3. This guy was mistaken for a worker at a tech store and just went with it, sharing his expertise with three different people with tech problems.

Reddit | arryripper

Wish there were more helpful guys who just love tech around!

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4. Before this neurosurgeon operated on a young patient, the boy asked if he could fix his teddy bear as well, and he happily obliged.

Twitter | @pdmcneely

Both procedures were complete successes, with the bear's operation providing a much needed boost to the young patient.

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5. When a Maryland Zoo worker found an injured box turtle in a local park, they took it back to the zoo for some expert veterinary care.

Facebook | The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

At the zoo, the veterinary team fixed the turtle's broken shell, and to help it get around, they built it a custom wheelchair out of Lego.

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6. This person found a hummingbird on a sidewalk, unable to fly, so he picked the bird up and took it to a park and just sat with it for a while.

Reddit | JoeyHeinz

Eventually, the hummingbird recovered enough to fly off on its own.

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7. This wildlife preserve reminds its guests that seemingly innocuous things can put the animals there at risk.

Reddit | MattCloudy

And what a tragedy it would be for a rhino to get poached over a photo!

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8. "Every morning my dad wakes up early, just so he can fall asleep in his recliner holding my sisters dog," wrote Reddit user bristripp. 

Reddit | bristripp

"He always holds her up in his left arm and if I sit quietly while I drink my morning coffee I can hear both of their little snores. It makes my heart smile!"

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9. "My boyfriend’s birthday is in a few days, and I got him Red Dead Redemption 2!" wrote Reddit user kellychristine. 

Reddit | kellychristine

"I wanted him to have something to open even though it hasn’t been released yet, so I drew the cover." Honestly, I'd keep that over the real deal — it's made with love!

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10. "In the aftermath of Hurricane Florence in coastal NC, I watched this postal worker take an additional five minutes with this elderly customer explaining how to find Samaritan’s Purse," wrote Reddit user mrbelvedere2017. 

Reddit | mrbelvedere2017

A little extra time meant the world and allowed her to get her property cleared after the hurricane.

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11. This guy spent his summer gathering donations and then dressing up as a pizza-based superhero to deliver free pizza meals to families.

Reddit | CarbonCarlos

You have to love that Captain America-inspired pizza shield.

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12. Most profs know that college students have little time and money to go around for meals, and this one went the distance for her class, serving up a full breakfast for them.

Reddit | XCrowGaming

You can't learn well on an empty stomach!

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13. Likewise, another prof started the day with their class with granola bars and hot chocolate. 

Reddit | Psychokinetic_Rocky

Sure, it's not a full breakfast, but it's still a great gesture that will make a difference to the class.

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14. This school shows its support and care for students' well being in another way, by printing the number for a crisis line on the back of all student ID cards.

Reddit | Reddit

That's a critical resource that could save some lives.

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15. At a war memorial in Australia, somebody left a bunch of carrots and a note dedicated to all the horses that served in WWI and never came home.

Reddit | 93million_miles_away

What a touching tribute!

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16. And at this college, a take-one, leave-one basket of emergency toiletries has clearly helped out many people in need.

Reddit | 11Zahl42

And the best part is the offer to help out those in need beyond an immediate emergency.

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17. Before a flight, a passenger caught a glimpse of the pilots in the cockpit dumping out a bag of candy and splitting it up into their favorites.

Reddit | Proof70

Like two best friends after Halloween — love the camaraderie!

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18. This is the look of pure, wholesome joy when an 81-year-old woman visits Walt Disney World for the first time.

Reddit | jillybean7

Is there anything better than seeing such a look of wonder and happiness?

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19. Quite possibly the best assignment for a school photographer ever: taking a picture of a service dog on picture day.

Twitter | @JillEngel_

And the dog is wearing a bow tie for the occasion! How can this not put a smile on your face?

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20. This is the look of raw emotion after a guy who walked five miles every day just to get casual work on a job site found out he'd be getting full-time work.

Twitter | @RabGorbals

In explaining his gesture, the tweeter said "Sometimes it's just nice to be nice."

Worth noting, this tweet also inspired a work wear company to offer the guy a full kit, including boots, gloves, and a jacket.

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21. These protesters in Japan didn't let a little rain silence them — and they showed their essential decency, too, sharing their umbrellas with the police lined up against them.

Reddit | fioriX

It's a small thing, but powerful in its own way — and not the sort of thing you'd expect to see in North America.

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22. "A homeless man in Nashville drew this skyline on card board. I paid him $100 for it," wrote Reddit user lionhart44.

Reddit | lionhart44

And, honestly, such an awesome drawing on cardboard looks well worth the investment.

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23. "After bad storms, this retired old man goes around our neighborhood and cleans the debris out of yards and catch basins," wrote Reddit user HERMANNATOR85. 


"When I asked him why he said 'because I am retired and have the time to help.'" Every neighborhood needs at least one!

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24. This guy, Mamoudou Gassama, risked his life scaling the outside of a building in Paris to save the life of a boy dangling from a balcony four floors up.

Facebook | Emmanuel Macron

To reward his bravery, the French government fast-tracked Mamoudou — a Malian migrant living in France illegally — for French citizenship and offered him a job in the fire service.

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