11+ Smart Tinfoil Hacks That You'll Wish You'd Been Using All Along

Diply 23 Aug 2018

I think some of the best hacks come from looking around your house and finding something that'll help solve whatever problem you've got. I think that's pretty darn great! If you take a look around your home, I bet you'll find some super useful things, including tinfoil.

Sure, you might not think, "Hey, tinfoil is going to solve all my problems!", but if you take a minute to think about all it can do, you might surprise yourself. Luckily for you, I can get you started! A roll of tinfoil is going to get you pretty darn far in helping with life's everyday problems.

1. You can use tinfoil to make your own custom cookie-cutters instead of paying a ridiculous amount for fancy shapes.

Wikihow | Wikihow

You can make any shape you want out of tinfoil, so why would you bother buying them?! I am definitely going to give this hack a try next time I make cookies.

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2. You can use tinfoil to soften rock-hard brown sugar.

Wikihow | Wikihow

Did your roommate forget to close the bag of sugar properly? Well, you can still soften that stuff using tinfoil and an oven. Wrap it up and toss it in the oven at 300ºF for five minutes.

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3. And then next time you need to seal that bag of sugar for optimal freshness, you can use tinfoil and an iron!

Instructables | Kaleena101

Use the tinfoil as a barrier between the plastic and the iron to give it the perfect seal.

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4. Only have AAA batteries but really need AA?

Pinterest | Sara Linna

Well, you can use tinfoil to help you out while you wait to get some new ones. Just remember to put the tinfoil on the "+" side of the batteries, and don't wait too long to get AA ones, okay?!

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5. Keep your oven clear of drips and drops by lining the bottom with tinfoil.

Instructables | wilgubeast

This way you won't have to clean your oven as often! Sounds pretty darn genius to me.

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6. I actually had this problem this weekend and could have totally used this hack.

Sew So Easy | Sew So Easy

I couldn't find a sharp pair of scissors to save my life! All you need to do is cut a few strips of foil to get them good as new.

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7. A piece of tinfoil and some tape can help you keep fixtures and knobs free of paint next time you're giving your doors an overhaul.

Hometalk | Kara S

A pretty simple way to avoid extra cleanup later!

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8. I absolutely hate it when you pull clothes out of the laundry and they've clung together.

Pinterest | 1000 Life Hacks

If you toss a few balls of tinfoil in with your load, it'll help ward the static off!

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9. Need a funnel, but don't have one available?

Lifehacker | Shep McAllister

You can use tinfoil to create the perfect funnel shape. It's sturdy enough to support all kinds of liquids!

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10. According to Easy Homemade Beauty, you can help your dry skin by applying a bunch of lotion to your feet and covering with tinfoil.

Healthy Food Style | Healthy Food Style

This will help your dry feet get lots of moisture and won't get lotion all over your house.

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11. According to Clark, hackers can read the signal from your car fob to access your car.

Clark | Clark

Um...NOPE. They also say if you wrap your fob in tinfoil you can potentially save it from these hackers.

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12. You can also use tinfoil to make sure you never have gaping pants ever again.

KB Stitch Designs | KB Stitch Designs

Basically, you use it to measure your "crotch curve" and turn the shape into a pattern to adjust your pants so they fit perfectly. More details are over on KB Stitch Designs.

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13. Wanna burn incense but don't have a tray to burn it on?

Instructables | OrusA

Tinfoil is a great hack to catch all those burning embers you don't want falling on your wooden shelves or floor.

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14. I am the worst for picking at my gel polish when it's been on too long, which is so bad for your nails!

Living My Lovely Life | Living My Lovely Life

If you want to do it properly, Living My Lovely Life says to use acetone on cotton balls and then cover in tinfoil to help them come off safely.

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15. If you love photography but want to take your portraits to the next level, use tinfoil to help you bounce light onto your subject.

PetaPixel | PetaPixel

It'll make a huge difference in your end result, according to PetaPixel.

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16. Tinfoil is great for scrubbing dishes, glass, and other surfaces.

Wonder Mom Wannabe | Wonder Mom Wannabe

I think this would be a great item to bring with you when camping for easy and effective cleaning without all the supplies! Wonder Mom Wannabe is brilliant for sharing this idea.

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