13+ Situations That Def Didn't Go As Planned

Diply 18 Oct 2018

Planning is one of the best things that you can do. If you're worried or anxious about an outcome, you can do the due diligence of preparing for every possible outcome to help yourself. Even still, the best laid plans can go wonky, and when that happens, we just have to be grateful that someone was around to document the calamity.

1. "I ordered two of these because I thought 'hot dog' was a safe option." —staggernaut

Reddit | staggernaut

What in tarnation is happening with this hot dog? Why is there...I don't even know what that is? Like, a shredded garden salad from a pizza place?

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2. Someone absolutely missed out on the opportunity to do a real-world jigsaw puzzle here.

Reddit | corkypig

Either that or they really just hate everyone around them and want us to feel the way we're all feeling right now. At least, I hope I'm not the only one feeling this way.

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3. This is honestly so weird I almost didn't include it, but it's really tickling me.

Reddit | onettfunk

What's really boggling my mind is that if you're good enough at photoshop to have your fork look like that, why not make it look like an actual fork?

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4. Something going exactly how you plan means someone else's plans are gonna get rekt.

Reddit | dillonwithab

Just like most problems in life, this person was able to fix all of theirs by stealing a bike. Try it out for yourself.

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5. You thought a mere fence could stop me?

Reddit | Tempest-Frost

Obviously, everybody in this picture is getting exactly what they want out of it. I'm also choosing to believe that the human here spent a long time whittling away at the fence until they could get to the dog.

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6. Somebody clearly didn't think this through.


Or they just really don't care about security. Which I get. That's how pretty much all of us are with our private information on the internet.

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7. Want to take a guess at what this was supposed to be?

Reddit | shrillcoolman33

If you kind of squint and shake your head around a bunch, then you might be able tell that it's supposed to be a mug.

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8. Sometimes, a wrong answer is way better than a right answer would ever be.

Reddit | TheImpundulu

I'm ignorant enough that I couldn't even tell you what kind of class would ask you to "motivate" anything. So, I'm not about to judge this person in the slightest.

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9. Eventually, we all learn a very valuable lesson about what you should and shouldn't put on social media.

Twitter | @carleysholl

For many of us, it was just people bagging on us for terrible Facebook photos, but, yeah, some consequences are way worse.

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10. I think we've all spent at least one night on our kitchen floor with this exact look on our faces.

Reddit | VigilantLance

That is the look of someone who is questioning pretty much every decision that led them to this point.

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11. I couldn't even tell you what the plan was, but I am positive this wasn't part of it.

Reddit | _Gus

But hey, at least they're sitting on a quack, amirite? Yep, that was just as bad as I thought it was.

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12. This feels like a trick.

Reddit | Tamz_z

Like one of those tests your teacher would give you that was actually super easy, but you ended up tricking yourself into thinking it was way harder than it actually was. Did everyone else's teacher do that?

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13. When it's all for show.

Reddit | Ascic

I guarantee that these balconies just get abused by birds or something. I honestly would have never thought I'd see a balcony just for aesthetics before, but here we are.

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14. The good news is, I finally found that missing tape measure.

Reddit | Reddit

The bad news is, it's now a load-bearing tape measure. Which isn't a phrase I thought I'd be typing when I started my day, but here we are.

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15. I like salt as much as the next guy, but even this is a bit much for me.

Reddit | jjlew080

Also, considering how bad road salt is for your car, I've got to imagine that these vehicles are going to struggle for the foreseeable future.

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16. That's a really good question.

Reddit | Nica-sauce-rex

If I go to an IHOP swimming pool, I had better be swimming in maple syrup, not water. That's all I've got to say about that.

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