11+ Situations That Can Only Be Described As Beauty Miracles

Diply 26 Sep 2018

Beauty miracles are the best kind of miracles — don't @ me on this.

When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you can take on the world. See the natural correlation? Some people may only see a queen with a flawless foundation match. I see the future president of the United States.

1. Okay, but how is this possible? What kind of parallel universe is this? I have yet to even see the bottom of any lip balm until this moment. 

Instagram | @branteruk

I can't even keep track of my LIFE, let alone a tiny Vaseline pot!!!

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2. This is the epitome of dream #Romance for any #VIB or #VIBRouge member. We can't achieve such greatness alone!

Twitter | @alsotobfrank

Also, finding a man that uses face wash — especially from Sephora — sounds like a lie. Every guy I've dated washes their face with hand soap.

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3. Now, this is a much more accurate depiction of all MY relationships. 

Twitter | @katxenos

Look, honey, if I don't spend my full paycheck at Sephora, consider me an angel. A miracle. A prayer. A heaven-sent goddess. The physical embodiment of self-control.

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4. WOW! Y'all, we really need to stop creating these #Unrealistic beauty expectations for our men!

Twitter | @iRamini89

I wish I could apply my $70 Marc Jacobs foundation and transform into Kylie Jenner, but guess what? Life doesn't work that way, because LIFE ISN'T FAIR!

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5. This is something I have only seen in my flawless, foundation filled dreams. I am quaking! 

Twitter | @thejessvolumes

I could never find such a perfect match in my foundation...or in my life!

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6. Eating a gorgeous salad and managing to not get lipstick all over your chin is nothing short of a miracle.

Twitter | @breconk

Do I look like I'm in severe pain while doing so? YA, but it's worth it!

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I mean, I don't actually eat salad, but I do eat burritos, and lemme tell ya, it's not any easier!

Twitter | @britttdavisss

If you can get through eating anything with lipstick on and have it not look like this, issa miracle.

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7. Can this be...true? 

Twitter | @paigelambermont

Do you hear that, folks? Those are angels singing because this is a straight-up miracle sent from the beauty GAWDS. Lipgloss intact and clean clothes? Amen, sis.

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8. Airport security gives me such anxiety! But this? This has inspired me to stay calm and glam on. 

Twitter | @loinzilla

You'll have to pry the Urban Decay setting spray and Tarte Shape Tape out of my clammy hands — I'm getting on that plane!!!!

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9. It's all about the angles, honey! Angles are a girl's best friend.

Instagram | @krobb1990

You ever take 200 pics of yourself and realize you look like 34 different people? Good times.

Catfish for LYFE!

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10. Tbh, finding true waterproof makeup is, in fact, comparable to creating life, okay? ALL makeup lovers know it's true!

Twitter | @_awwtumn

If I can bathe in a bath, or in butter, and my makeup is still there? WE GUCCI FOR LIFE!

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I'm just trying to keep my foundation from melting off in the HEAT of a summer's day.


Just because it feels like I'm in a headlock between Satans thighs, it doesn't mean I wanna look like it.

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11. My heart breaks every time I lose one of my eyelashes. 

Twitter | @Kam_Seiser

Those things ain't cheap! Okay, well, maybe sometimes they are, but NAWT when you have to replace them every weekend.

This lint roller just saved me $6!

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12. Why is the best DIY hack I've ever seen?

Twitter | @jescraven

Some may say it's trashy. Some may ask where the toilet lid is. All I have to say is, YOU'RE DOING GREAT, SWEETIE!

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13. BRB, going to buy all the Neutrogena bar soap. Just out here trying to become a millionaire real quick!

Twitter | @whippinmy_Lexus

Clear skin and a credit card payment? GIRL, BYE. I'm crying literal tears.

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14. Why is this bringing a tear to my eye, too?

Twitter | @BeautyByBetty

Such a miracle only happens a few times in one's life. Cherish the memories. Let the perfect winged liner inspire you the next time it takes you eight tries. You got this.

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