15+ Signs That We Should Start The Day Over

Diply 16 Aug 2018

There have been a lot of times in my life where I've wished I could go back in time. Even if the rules stated that I could only go back to times and places I actually lived in, there are still a lot of hassles I could go back and avoid.

Like, imagine having the power to know exactly which days would be the worst and planning all your days off around it. It's like a cheat code to life.

And it's exactly the cheat code that these people really could've used.

1. If there's one day this guy probably wishes he could redo, it's the one when bae first discovered that holding hands perspective shot on Instagram. 

Reddit | arctic_byte

Nobody should have to decide whether they like hair pulling or nasal fish-hooking better. It's gonna be a looooong vacation.

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2. Well, at least whoever did this can say the sign is telling the truth. 

Reddit | svenson_26

I doubt that line of argument did them too many favors when their boss kept screaming about the jewel heist of the century, though.

Sorry, buddy. You followed directions a little too closely.

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3. Welp, I now understand why some people inspect everything at the grocery store so closely.

Reddit | Kyledren

I've never noticed if glue has an expiration date, but if it does, I'm afraid that can no longer be your refuge.

This risk of this happening again is too great.

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4. Yeah, I don't think this cheese-flavored piece of wood really belongs in the Munchies mix.

Reddit | milkMike94

I mean, how are they gonna pair giants like Doritos and Cheetos with Cheesy Trees, their second-worst product.

Funyuns are still at the bottom, though.

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5. Yeah, when you end up getting this lost, it's probably time to stop trusting your GPS.

Reddit | swedenjpg

And as if the driver's situation didn't suck enough, that cop is just looking the other way and thinking, "Not today, Satan."

You're on your own, buddy.

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6. I'm not saying that it has to look exactly like the picture on the box, but can we just not package the ones made right after they told somebody they're fired?

Reddit | AwaitingRagnarok

If I open another pair from this box, will I see a light blue middle finger made of icing?

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7. If this is how these pliers are gonna act, this person might as well yank whatever they're working on themselves.

Reddit | yettimurder

I didn't know they made tools with a marshmallow center, but I can't really see that bold, new product idea taking off.

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8. Oof, any day hot enough to make bathing in a dumpster seem like an attractive option should be made illegal.

Reddit | sabocano

Unfortunately, we still haven't thought of a fitting punishment for the sun, so we end up confining ourselves in an air-conditioned room.

But just you wait, you cocky, celestial rascal!

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9. I'm not entirely sure what's going on here, but it certainly doesn't look easy on whoever's inside that hatch.

Reddit | ayowagwan11

I'd put my truck keys on a chain like they're the one ring of power just to avoid fishing for them like this again...if that is the problem.

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10. Well, if there's any bright side to using the bathroom in this cell, it's that the worst thing anyone sees is a piece of leg.

Reddit | InvisiSpy

But I don't think that really makes up for either the space issues or the weird draft you must get here.

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11. Yeah, that's really not a combination of words you want to surround with quotes. 

Reddit | pandasinpartyhats

Even the best-case scenarios for turning this into a clever euphemism really aren't something I'd want at a grocery store.

And there are a lot of worst-case scenarios.

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12. It's a long story, but I've actually smelled the inside of a tennis ball once.

Reddit | IBegYouToStop

And let me tell you that seasoning food with that distinctive musk is a surefire way to ensure I never eat it.

So if that's the plan, mission accomplished.

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13. You know, I've heard of enough people being kinda scared of their basements before, and they didn't even combine theirs with the eerie atmosphere of a swamp.

Reddit | TheResort

So unless Shrek wades out of this and asks me what I'm doing his swamp, I'm calling this whole basement cursed.

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14. I'm not sure how this cat is even seeing this bird, but I'll bet it's really wishing it hadn't right now.

Reddit | alessandreene

I'd like it even better if the bird was aware the cat was there but just keeps chilling in its nest to taunt it.

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15. Unless she happened to get this call mid selfie, I think there comes a time where the stick is more of a harm than a help. 

Reddit | norad_jr

If nothing else, I suppose it gives people a good reason not to walk too close behind you.

Hmm, maybe's she's right.

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16. If there wasn't enough reason not to leave the scene of an accident, sometimes the car itself snitches the driver out.

Twitter | @scixpmas

Although, I suppose that's about as much respect as it should give the type of person who does this.

Especially since they've got me condoning snitching.

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