Shawn Mendes Just Released A Spicy New Music Video, And Twitter Needs Some Air

Diply 12 Jun 2018

In a lot of ways, Shawn Mendes is the new Justin Bieber. You know, before the run-ins with the law and the full-body tattoos. Anyways, Shawn Mendes is an up-and-coming star with pipes that make jaws drop, and his catchy songs are literally everywhere right now.

Well, the 19-year-old just released a new music video for his song "Nervous," and people do not know how to handle it. The video is EXTREMELY spicy, and Twitter is not calm. I repeat: Twitter is not calm.

In the "Nervous" video, we see Shawn playing his guitar and singing. This is mixed in with other shots of Shawn fighting off and caressing another set of hands. 

YouTube | Shawn Mendes

And in case you were wondering, the hands belong to Lilliya Scarlett, girlfriend of Eli Russell Linnetz aka the guy who directed the music video.

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Anyways, the mystery pair of hands basically feels Shawn up for the entire music video while he playfully pushes them away and grabs them back. 

YouTube | Gene Yuko

So it probably won't come as a surprise that people on Twitter are losing ALL control over the fact that someone was paid real money to touch Shawn Mendes.

I volunteer as tribute.

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Twitter is having all sorts of feelings about the music video, and it honestly sounds like everyone may need to open a window and sit down for a minute. 

Twitter | @RM_Lav15

Regardless of your opinion about Shawn, there's simply no denying that the music video is all kinds of sultry.

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Why, Shawn? Why do this to us?


We have jobs! We have families! We have boyfriends (who now don't come even close to measuring up to you)! *sigh*Be sure to SHARE these thirsty Twitter reactions with your friends, and click here to watch the full "Nervous" music video!

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